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In college, I had a pov gifs. As soon as the girls saw me, they cracked up and said, "Our pimp!!! anal sex gifs" Immediately assuming the role, I said, "You bitches makin' me any money tonight?" Having a very large time, the three of us stuck together as we walked/stumbled from one party to the next. Never breaking character, I'd walk up to other male partiers and offer them a hundred-dollar date as the girls posed, squeezing their boobs together and, occasionally, each others' ass cheeks. Quite unbelievably, no one took up the offers, even in jest. Marilyn and Jane, commensurate with their increasing inebriation, became ever bolder, offering menage a trois to numerous men. We were playing our parts so well that I believe people thought we were the real thing and were kind of scared off. It got really late, and we decided to ricochet on over to my apartment to knock back a few schnapps and do a few bongs. Already pooty-faced, we got even sillier there. In no time, Jane said she had to come out of her three-sizes-too-small panty hose, anal fuck gifs she proceeded to peel them off in one deft motion—inadvertently taking her panties off as she did so. I really don't think she realized what she was doing at first, but we all fell out laughing and laughed even harder as she kicked them into the top of my potted ficus tree across the room. As Marilyn inhaled a big lung full of funny smoke, she exclaimed that her push-up bra was cutting into her, so she promptly unsnapped the front closure, and out popped her big ol' titties, cumshots gifs tipped with tiny pink inverted nips, jiggling in time to her hysterical laughter. My own Britannia jeans were the very pair I'd actually worn as a teenager, and they were extra-tight back then, and with my rising erection, they became even more uncomfortably tight. So tight, in sex gif, that Jane commented it was obvious that I was circumcised. More laughter creampie gifs. Sitting there on the low couch in them, they honestly were cutting off my circulation, so I tried to slip them off, to no avail. To get them on earlier that evening, I had to lie down on the floor and struggle to wiggle myself into them, finally able to do so only by starting over without any underwear. I lay back on the couch to extricate myself, but was still unable to get out of them, so Marilyn pulled down with her fingers in the pockets while Jane tugged on the cuffs. This technique worked, and out sprung my hard dick as the girls fell backward onto each other into a pile on the floor. "Boing!" I uttered, to the roars of the girls. I then stepped out of the jeans and tossed my loud shirt into the tree with the hose, leaving me with nothing on but a bike chain and the bushy afro wig. Talk about stupid looking! I knelt down on the floor and, with Jane lesbian gifs on one side of Marilyn and I on the other, we pulled off Marilyn's fishnet panty hose, which left a provocative iteration of diamond patterns over her thighs all the way up to her glistening blonde bush. As we did so, Marilyn unsnapped Jane's sexy little demi-bra which had been hiding the bottom halves of her perfectly shaped medium boobs and now visible nipples, delightfully large and erect. To my gleeful amazement, Marilyn began massaging the feeling back into Jane's released tits as Jane returned the favor to Marilyn. "Damn, Mare, I wish my boobs were as big as yours all nsfw gif." "And I'd love to have your pencil-eraser nipples, Jane," as Marilyn tweaked them between her thumbs and forefingers. Now, mind you, these best friends were not lesbians; they were simply curious and uninhibited, given their wasted states of mind. I'd bet good money that neither of them had ever touched another woman's tits before. Naturally, I was extremely turned on, sporting a full erection, which did not go unnoticed big tits gifs. "Well, well, what have we here?" asked Jane bdsm gifs. "A big hard dick," answered Marilyn. "Not THAT big," giggled Jane bdsm gifs. "Plenty big enough," said Mare, "and let me tell you from first-hand experience, he knows how to use it." "Are you gals going to chatter all night or suck me?" I asserted, thrusting my rod towards their faces. Without hesitation, Mare gulped me down her throat while Jane stood up and began expertly French-kissing me, her crotch poised just above the head of the kneeling Mare's bobbing head. Tongues intertwined, I was thoroughly enjoying Jane's soft full lips as I simultaneously squeezed her nice firm tits with their big hard nipples tickling against my chest. "Man, I must be dreaming!" I exclaimed threesome gif. In answer, Mare bit my dick head medium hard and said, "No, dude, you're fucked up but wide awake." I could see that Mare was staring up at Jane's pussy as she sucked me and was rubbing her own clit, so I reached down to plunge my middle finger into Jane's hole and dragged some moisture up onto her clit to gently massage it. "Mmmmmmmm, xxx gifs for" mumbled Jane as she continued to deep-kiss me. Mare said, "Your vagina is so different from mine Jane. It's dark red, almost brown, and your lips and clitoris are so puffy and large. "Lesbo!" Jane teased. "Shut up, Jane; it's just that I've never seen another girl's thingy before. Mine is bright pink, and my labia and clitoris, though very sensitive, are much smaller. One thing's the same though—we're both dripping wet." I was very familiar with Marilyn's pussy, having bedded her scores of times. She was exactly right in describing herself to Jane, and she was the most sensitive girl I'd ever experienced. Whether fingering, licking, or fucking her, it was so easy to make her come—over and over and over. Her description of Jane had piqued my interest that I just had to have a look and a lick right then and there. So I broke our long kiss off and sat down on the couch behind me as she continued to stand and Mare continued her excellent blowjob. A bar of light shown through the window from the street light outside right on to Jane's pussy creampie gifs, and my oh my, was it gorgeous—big, rubbery, and hanging lips topped of with a rigid love button. I licked and sucked and three-fingered it as she ground its sopping wetness right back into my face. Finally, I heard Jane whisper, barely audibly, "I'm cumming," as her whole body vibrated in ecstasy for what must have been a good three minutes. As her orgasm wound down, I got up my nerve and took Mare's hand to place it upwards against Jane's drenched pussy. "Feel different, too, Mare?" I probed. "VERY different," she replied, somewhat reluctantly and very briefly feeling Jane's outer pussy. "Yeah, like a totally different person," cracked Jane sexual gifs. Sensing a moment of awkwardness, I decided it was time for a position switch, so I steered Jane onto the floor between the couch and coffee table where Mare had been sitting previously for Jane's turn to blow me while I stood Mare up to stand where Jane had been, only this time with the girl facing away from me—toward Jane. Then I sat back down on the couch, bent Mare over at the waist and began eating her super wet, bright pink pussy. Conveniently, Marilyn was able to support her upper torso in a stiff-arm position, palms against the top of the low coffee table. This placed Mare's big ass gifs hanging down around Jane's head, which knocked them around as she loudly slurped my cock blowjob gifs. By positioning my hips just so and reaching around Mare's hips to grasp her breasts from the outside, I was able to rub Mare's boobs against Jane's soft little ears and smooth forehead. Knowing how much she admired Mare's big titties, I was hoping Jane would maybe "take the bait" and suck on them a bit. Well, within a few minutes, my wish came true, as Jane alternately swirled her agile tongue around and then flicked her long eyelashes against Mare's little pink inverted nip on one boob while fondling her other boob with one hand and stroking my saliva-soaked dick with her other hand. I already knew Jane to be a superb athlete who could hum a baseball or play ultimate Frisbee better than most guys, so I guess I should not have been surprised at her present feats of sexual multi-tasking handjob gifs. All this, of course, was a huge turn on, and the view could not have been better from where I sat looking between the standing Mare's thighs: Not only did this position afford me the opportunity to lick, suck, and finger her pussy, sink my fingers into her large meaty butt cheeks, and fondle her boobs, but I could also lean back away from her bottom just a bit to see her dangling tits and occasionally her pretty face. And from this position I could also see Jane blowing me, playing with Mare's tits, and even her luscious wet pussy, spread wide from her Indian-style sitting position there on the carpet. With my long arms, I could also reach between Mare's legs to twiddle Jane's big erect nipples (occasionally with a little help from Marilyn) and caress her face and busy lips. Wanting to get Jane's twat somehow involved, I realized my feet weren't doing anything productive, so I wiggled my toes against her prominent clit and labia, eventually inching a couple of toes as far as they would go into Jane's sloppy wet vagina. As I did this, Jane let go my dick and went full-tilt boogie with Mare's mammaries, pushing them together, and sucking first one and then the other into fully "extroverted" mode, lick between her considerable cleavage, and generally getting them really wet all over. As she did so, I increased the pace of my lick-sucking of Mare's pussy and managed to wiggle the big and middle toes of BOTH my feet as deep as possible into Jane's love hole. They were moaning so loud that I knew my neighbors could hear through the thin apartment walls. Mare came so hard that babes actually told me to stop, so I milfs gifs leaned way back against the back couch cushion, which brought my shaft right between her wet tits. Seizing the moment, Jane squeezed Mare's boobs firmly around my raging erection as I rocked my hips to titty-fuck her while Jane licked and sucked my balls to my utter delight. With my thrusting hard between her magnificent tits, Mare lost her balance and fell back onto my chest but immediately began to suck me with gusto as Jane continued her magic on my balls. Although I could not see their faces from this new position, I could certainly FEEL what was going on as my dick popped out of Mare's mouth when she rared back, grasped my dick hard at its base to point it straight up and let Jane take over the sucking. Perfectly coordinating their movements, Mare would follow her choking fist around my shaft against Jane's lips as she sucked up and down and up and down. On the brink of cumming and fully aware that neither of them had yet had a dicking, I knew it was time to break this position and fuck these girls. A typical guy, I wanted to first fuck the girl I hadn't screwed before, and that would be Jane, so I pushed Marilyn's butt upwards off of me so that she sat, legs spread wide, on the top of the back of the couch. Then I stood up, pushed the coffee table further away from the couch and maneuvered Jane into a doggy-style position so that her knees were on the carpet and her elbows were propped on the couch's seat cushions—placing her face about six inches from Mare's spread pussy, which I hoped she would explore blowjob gifs. "How'd you know this is my favorite position?" queried Jane. "I'm your pimp, remember cumshots gifs." We all laughed heartily. That same bar of street light now shown brightly onto Marilyn's face down between her breasts across her naval and wet pussy squirting gifs and right on across the back of Jane's head down the middle of her back and finally her crack—perfectly illuminating her little pucker-hole and meaty pussy. I had to first have another taste of Jane's bottom, so I knelt down behind her and swept my tongue from her clit up through her labia and on across her ass hole, doing this up and down several times and covering my face with her voluminous love juices. Always assertive, Jane said, "All that licking feels great, but there's only one hole for your pee-pee, and it's NOT my butt hole!" "Oh, he's banged me plenty of times," chimed in Mare, "but he's never tried to screw my poop-shoot ." At that moment, I noticed that not only did Mare have two of her fingers inside her pussy creampie gifs as she worked the thumb of the same hand against her clit, but that she also had the tip of the index finger from her other hand just barely in her little pink butt hole. Mare had never liked any kind of ass play before, now this masturbation gifs. "My finger feels pretty good in there, Jane, but I dunno about his big ol' schlong either; I guess it's possible. I dunno" I filed this information away and plunged my rod deep into Jane's cunt, she at first gasping then cooing with each stroke. I loved the way Jane would rock her hips back on my in-stroke and then rock forward on my out-stroke in perfect time to my motions, making for full penetrations and nearly complete withdrawals as I watched her big pussy lips disappear and then reappear over and over. All the while, Jane was staring intently at Mare's crotch as Mare watched us and stimulated herself to several orgasms. Then Jane's coos became louder moans and eventually a crescendo of incomprehensible climactic gobbledygook that quite obviously signaled her orgasm, yet we continued to fuck, though at a much slower pace. After a long period of near silence, Jane finally said, " That's neat the way you play with yourself, Mare, really different from the way I do it rough gifs." "Really, how do you do it, Jane?" "Well, he's doing too good of a job fucking me right now for me to demonstrate on myself, but—as long as y'all won't think I'm a lesbian—can I show you?" Withdrawing her hands from her crotch and spreading her legs extra wide, Mare said, "Of course we like men, Jane; we're heterosexuals to the max. Now you've got me really curious. Go ahead." So Jane reached up with her left hand to part Mare's little pink pussy lips between middle and index fingers and she took blowjob gifs the very tip of her right index finger and vibrated it ultra-fast across Mare's tiny hard clit. "That's what I like to do to myself, whether or not I've got a boyfriend, hee-hee." In no time, Mare's eyes were rolling back and she was cumming yet again, uttering a staccato, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…." Mare's gangbang gif pussy juice was so abundant that it had not only covered her little butt hole, but was also running down the back cushion of my ugly naugahyde couch. (Lots of little naugas gave their lives for that couch.) Jane's technique was making Mare's orgasm last an eternity, so I decided the time was right to make a bold move myself. Leaning as far forward as possible (which made my dick bottom out in Jane's pussy), I plunged my right index finger and thumb, respectively, right into Mare's pussy and asshole. Her eyes got big, but she simultaneously smiled, so I wiggled them in a little further and began to vibrate my hand, just like Jane was doing with her finger on Mare's clit. I could feel Jane's pussy twitch, just like it did before she came the last time, around my buried dick, so I really got daring: I wet my left thumb real good with Mare's fisting gifs pussy juice flowing down the couch, AND WIGGLED IT RIGHT IN TO JANE'S BUTT HOLE, just as she started to climax. Her vagina contracting hard around my dick and asshole clenching even harder around my big thumb, Jane literally screamed out with pleasure, "Stay still, don't move, stay still, don't move, stay still, don't move!!!" Then Marilyn, really cumming hard now, added to the cacophony with her own unintelligible orgasmic utterances. I'm sure they could have been heard a block away in these early morning hours creampie gifs. I basically was trapped, my penis and fingers and thumbs of both hands locked in various female orifi, until they finally released me and collapsed into a heap of gorgeous, panting young women juxtaposed on the burnt orange couch so hideously ugly that the previous tenants simply left it behind. Yet with a large store of semen, I had not yet begun to fuck, to paraphrase a Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale. No more subtle sexual suggestions now. Time to take complete control. As they slouched side by side on the couch semi-exhausted with that now-what-are-you-going-to-do look, I fired up a big doobie of sensimilla, took a deep hit, passed it over to Jane, and exhaled it lip-locked into Mare's lungs as I bent her legs back to her ears and impaled her red pussy with my throbbing sword, fucking her fast and furious. Jane lazily drew on the funny cigarette, passed it to Mare, and I took a big hit straight from the fifth of schnapps, never missing a stroke before handing it off to Jane. So we're fuckin' and drinkin' and smokin'. Hell yeah! "Come here and suck my balls, Jane." She moved slowly porn gifs. "Do it now!" She moved quickly to the task, vigorously sucking and licking my scrotum for the next ten minutes as I thrust in and out of Mare. "Jane, lick her ass hole," and Jane reluctantly began. "I want to see your tongue deep in Mare's butt hole, Jane, and I want to see you do it now." And she did as ordered, and Mare liked it—a lot—as I continued to ram her gash without mercy, precipitating her umpteenth orgasm. Since we had continued to pass around the doob and bottle, now in Jane's hands, I told her to put it on the floor and lower her pussy onto its neck double penetration gifs. "Fuck that bottle but good, Jane, while you stick two fingers in Mare's butt and eat out my ass hole, and don't spill a drop of that schnapps." Without hesitation, she obeyed. This went on for quite some time all sex gifs, they moaning loudly all the while. These normally independent girls, extremely inebriated, stoned, and sex-crazy, were liking my domination. Without ever withdrawing from her, I aggressively pulled Mare off the couch onto the floor into a classic spread eagle position, took the bottle from Jane, and poured a good cup down Mare's throat. "Jane, face me, squat over Mare's face and grind your pussy and ass hole into her mouth. Marilyn, you lick and suck Jane's pussy gifs and ass, and when I tell you to, insert both your thumbs in her butt hole." Mare started, "But I don't think Jane likes stuff in her…" "Shut up," I cut her off. "I know what she and you, for that matter, like, so do as I say and you'll both be glad you did." After a few minutes of Mare lick-sucking Jane, I told Jane to bend forward and suck Mare's clit. teen porn gifs hesitated, so I took her firmly by her big brown nipples and put her properly in place, mouth on her clit. Rotating Mare's legs into the air, I withdrew my dick from her pussy, took the last hit from the bottle, and jammed the neck into her pussy. Then I inserted first one, then two, then three fingers into Mare's sopping wet butt hole. She did not voice any objections. Cursing under her breath, struggling with the lock until she managed to get the key to turn and the door to open, Ashley let herself inside her boyfriend Josh's apartment. She knew that he wasn't home yet, but she wasn't there for him. It was Nick, Josh's roommate, that Ashley needed to talk to. Giving the stupid lock one last withering glance, Ashley closed rough gifs the door and turned around. It seemed like the apartment was empty, which it shouldn't be. She was about to call out for Nick when she heard a deep moan coming from down the hallway. Another unmistakable sound followed, that of flesh slapping rhythmically against naked flesh. "Of course…" Ashley sighed, rolling her eyes in resignation and running her slender fingers through her honey blonde hair, messing up her pixie cut. "I should have known they'd be at it, as usual." While the sounds of unrestrained humping got louder, Ashley walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Crossing her arms under her perky tits, she slumped back and grumbled: "I guess I'll just have to wait until Nick is done fucking Mia in the ass…" In the last few months, after she got together with Josh, Ashley had come to know pov porn gifs her boyfriend's roommate pretty well. From the moment she first saw him, Nick had struck her as very weird, but in a good way. Bookish, tall and lanky, with his mop of unruly brown hair and his thick nerdy glasses, Nick was the very opposite of her athletic, trendy, perfectly groomed Josh. Still, Nick had grown on her, without much trying on his part either. That was what struck Ashley the most about him: Nick was a total loner, so quiet and unassuming, still he left a strong, lingering impression. Beside being very smart, Nick was gifted with a disarming sense of humor that never failed to make Ashley smile. He was doing a PhD in Philosophy of all things, which baffled an Econ major like Ashley no end. Still, Nick was surprisingly down-to-earth, eerily perceptive and refreshingly open-minded in ways that, she had to admit, Josh could never be. Nick's intriguing vibe was further amplified by the handjob gifs fact that he had a steady fuck buddy, his buxom raven-haired friend Mia. Ashley was struck dumb when Nick told her in passing that the main event of his encounters with Mia was anal sex. Nick and Mia had met during their freshman year, when they 'sort of dated' for a while, as they put it, before Mia started to explore her lesbian dispositions. That didn't prevent them from staying good friends though, bound by ties of true affection as they were. Besides, although Mia was into girls, as she herself told Ashley, she was unable to give up the one thing she absolutely loved about sex with guys: assfucking. Mia's passion for sodomy and Nick's willingness to fulfill her anal needs led to their agreement, which lasted for years and was still working as intended, to their mutual satisfaction. And yet, despite the matter-of-fact way in which Nick and Mia described it to her, Ashley soon realized that their ongoing relationship was far from being just about sex. Ashley had learned all of this on the very first day she met Nick, when he introduced Mia as his 'incomparable buttfuck buddy, among other things' as if it was the most natural thing in the world. A sultry, snickering Mia immediately confirmed what Ashley had assumed was a joke on Nick's part, leaving the blonde mind-blown. In time, Ashley's initial shock faded and she accepted the situation as a particularly weird side of Nick's general weirdness. She also became good friends with Mia. The voluptuous brunette's flirtatious attitude embarrassed Ashley at today porn gifs, but she couldn't deny that it was flattering to be the object of Mia's attentions and frequent compliments. In truth, beside the undeniable thrill she felt coursing through her slim body whenever Mia's pale blue gaze lingered on her, Ashley genuinely liked Mia. She admired the brunette's confidence, actually envying the carefree way in which Mia expressed her sexuality and enjoyed it without hypocrisy nor guilt. As far as Ashley was concerned, the only relatively bad thing about Nick's buttfuck buddy was the fact that Josh drooled over her large tits and bouncy ass all the time, but that was Josh's fault entirely. As she sat on the couch, her ears echoing with Mia's and Nick's lustful groans, Ashley couldn't help but grin. It was ironic that she should have come to talk to Nick about something that his assfucking sessions with Mia had inspired in the first place. According to Mia, there was nothing like the unique feel of a big hard cock thrusting into her anus, stretching and filling her asshole with its meaty thickness and finally pumping her rectum full of cum, all of which, Mia insisted, no dildo in the world could ever replace. Ashley listened to Mia and Nick discussing the joys of fisting sex countless times, as did Josh, who had been pestering Ashley about letting him fuck her in the ass pretty much non-stop for months. Not a day went by without Josh sulking about the fact that a scrawny nerd like Nick was sodomizing a knockout like Mia on a pussy gifs regular basis without even having to be her boyfriend, therefore getting plenty of ass and none of the hassles of an actual legit relationship. Ashley's sculpted, delicate features were marred by a scowl as she tried to dismiss from her mind the endless arguments that unfailingly originated from Josh's every blunt request for anal sex gifs. "If only he wasn't such a moron about it…" Ashley sighed. The sad thing was that Ashley had become very interested in anal sex too, but she resented the fact that Josh considered it some sort of duty she had to perform in exchange for his putting up with her as her boyfriend. That was so unfair, Ashley thought, feeling insecure and nervous. lesbian sex gifs In her darkest moments, she had even found herself wondering if Josh might be right after all, if she was indeed such a bitch that she had to somehow compensate him by letting him have her ass. That was pretty much how Josh put it anyway. "No," Ashley whispered to herself, shaking her head firmly. "I'm not a bitch. gif porn Nick doesn't think so, and he's way smarter than me and Josh put together. And Mia agrees too." A thin, resigned smile appeared on Ashley's lips and she relaxed, letting out a long sigh. One way or another, the solution to her fights with Josh would come the next day, when she would offer him her virgin asshole as a birthday present. It was a way to bury the hatchet once and for all, Ashley knew, but it was also something that, in all honesty, she desperately wanted to try. She simply couldn't keep denying herself masturbation gifs sex just because Josh was asking for it in the worst possible way. While the lascivious sounds echoing from the hall got even louder, Ashley's mind went back to the last week, which she had spent training her tiny forbidden hole with a buttplug to get herself ready for her anal deflowering. Recalling the many surprisingly intense orgasms she had brought herself to by flicking her clit while carefully sliding the tapered plastic toy into her clingy anus, Ashley found herself rubbing her legs together under her light skirt, a warm wave of arousal radiating from her groin. Her pointy bra-less tits were heaving in time with her labored breath and her nipples were hard and sticking out painfully against her tight cotton top as she relived the details of how wonderfully she had cum each time she touched her clit while the buttplug stretched out her tight, sensitive asshole. Without thinking, Ashley brought her hand between her legs and reached beneath her skirt until her fingertips met her underwear. Her panties were sopping wet and wedged into the smooth cleft of her pussy, the soaked fabric grating teasingly against her puffy labia and stimulating her engorged clit. "Damn it, Nick and Mia…" Ashley murmured as she slowly circled her pussy mound through her panties, trembling under her own touch, biting her lips as she whimpered softly. Then, snickering, she swiftly got up and reasoned: "Well, I guess I might as well have a closer look. Just to learn some moves from a pro blowjob gifs." An impish grin brightened Ashley's face as she padded down the hallway, getting closer to Mia's husky moans and Nick's muffled grunts. Her heart was drumming crazily in her ears and her pussy was on fire as Ashley stopped right outside Nick's bedroom. Hiding in the shadows, she tilted her head to the side and gazed past the half-open door. Even though she knew what was going on in there and she had heard them have anal sex before, cumshots gifs Ashley had never actually seen Nick and Mia assfucking. In fact, she had never seen anyone have sex at all, except in pornos. Still, not even the anal videos she had been watching recently could have prepared her: what Ashley saw took her breath away. With her head thrown back in pleasure and her long black hair flowing wildly across her arched back, Mia was riding Nick's cock cowgirl style, taking him deep in her ass. Sitting on the edge of his bed, his face buried in the soft jiggling valley of Mia's cleavage, Nick was slurping and sucking away at the curvy brunette's puffy nipples while she held his head pressed into her jugs, her fingers tugging at his messy hair. As Mia bounced her round bubble-butt up and down on his thick boner, Nick kneaded her fleshy asscheeks, sinking his fingers avidly in her plump juicy rump. As lost as he seemed in his voracious tit-worship, Nick never missed a bit as he humped his impressive cock up into Mia's stretched-out asshole. The way he kept thrusting into her rectum in perfect sync with her slamming downward plunges proved how practiced Mia and Nick were in the art of sodomy. Ashley's eyes bugged out and she quickly brought a hand to her mouth to silence herself before a gasp of shock betrayed her presence. Her whole svelte frame was shaking with excitement. Nothing had ever looked as insanely hot as the vision of Mia's dilated pink sphincter wrapped tightly around Nick's pistoning shaft. And it must feel incredible too, Ashley realized, judging by the unrestrained groans of pleasure escaping Mia's mouth every time she slid her butt-ring all the way down Nick's pole until her luscious ass clapped against his thighs, over and over again. For a few minutes, Ashley lost track of time. Her senses were overloaded. The smell of sex and the sounds of the rutting couple's lustful sodomy enhanced the mind-blowing visual of Mia impaling her ass on that massive cock while Nick devoured her jutting tits and bucked his girthy boner into her anus with relentless butt-splitting strokes. Aroused beyond description, Ashley reached a hand between her legs and pulled her soaked panties to the side. In a daze, her eyes glued to Mia's cock-stuffed asshole, Ashley started fingering herself. Her mind was empty of all thoughts except the need to give relief to her tingling pussy. Ashley bit her lips as she sawed two then three fingers in and out of her dripping slit, trying to match Mia and Nick's reckless buttfucking tempo. Ashley's hairy pussy gifs was drooling juices all over her crotch when she heard Mia gasp throatily: "I'm close, baby… Uuhh yeah, fuck my ass harder… Oooh I'm cumming, baby! Uuhh fuck fuck fuuuck!" Pressing her thumb to her clit and rubbing away with abandon, Ashley watched slack-jawed as Mia slammed her bouncy dick-crammed ass forcefully blowjob gifs down on Nick's shaft one last time before sitting there, skewered on his pole, shivering all over with his fat cockmeat packed balls-deep inside her anus. Mia's cries of release almost drowned out Nick's tit-muffled grunts. "Mmpfhh Miaaa… You're squeezing me so good, I'm gonna cum! Aaahhh I love your ass!" A hot wave of pleasure crashed over Ashley as she watched Nick's ballsack tightening while Mia's sphincter kept clenching and unclenching around the thick root of his throbbing cock. The thought of Nick's spurting semen filling the depths of Mia's rectum made Ashley's lust-addled mind spin, triggering her climax. Ashley had to fight not to cry out as she came hard, her thumb circling her clit and her fingers buried all the way in her dripping slit. Panting as quietly as possible, Ashley was weak in the knees as she enjoyed her secret orgasm. While her girl-cum gushed on her digits and drenched her crotch, trickling down her shapely thighs, Ashley's hazel eyes stayed focused on Mia and Nick. They were basking in the afterglow, their arms wrapped around each other's sweaty body, their lips locked in a deep, passionate soulkiss. Ashley had to strangle another gasp of shock when Mia lifted her plump bubble-butt and slowly let Nick's twitching boner slip out of her dilated anus with a lewd slurp followed by the wet thwacking sound of Nick's fat cock slapping against his abdomen. Pushing Nick down on his back, Mia smiled and leaned forward. Pressing her heavy tits against his chest, she kissed Nick languidly, resuming their make out session. While they kissed, the buxom brunette reached her hands back to spread her round asscheeks apart. Wiggling her fleshy rump, she positioned her gaping cum-oozing orifice right above Nick's softening but still impressive dick, letting his seed drip directly on his shaft. Watching Nick's thick pearly semen dribble out of Mia's slowly threesome sex gifs shrinking asshole to pool all over his cock was insanely erotic to Ashley, but not as erotic as the sight of Mia suddenly breaking their lip-lock to kneel between Nick's legs, a devilish grin on her pouty lips. Ashley's nectar-slick digits involuntarily resumed diddling her clit as she stared wide-eyed at Mia lapping up a shiny glob of cum from Nick's purple glans before taking his seed-glazed cock between her lips. Humming with joy as she went ass to mouth on him, Mia slurped and sucked on Nick's dickmeat and then licked clean his spunk-splattered abdomen, hungrily retrieving every last trace of sperm she found. It was while the wanton brunette turned her head to scoop up a stray dollop of cum from Nick's low-hanging balls that Mia and Ashley's gazes met. Ashley felt cold all over as she realized that Mia's smoky blue eyes were fixed on her. For a second the slim blonde felt on the verge of panic, ashamed and terrified and unable to think. She definitely didn't expect Mia's surprised stare to turn into a complicit wink as she kept nursing on Nick's slippery shaft with renewed vigor. The image of Mia's cocksucking lips slowly curling up in a dick-stretched smile remained etched in Ashley's mind as she stepped back in the shadows of the hall and silently retreated to the living room. The next twenty minutes felt agonizingly slow to Ashley, who sat on the couch fidgeting while trying to settle her thumping heartbeat and quick breathing. Despite having just cum, or maybe because of the circumstances of her climax, her pussy squrting gifs was still dripping wet and in need of further attention. Ashley fought with her arousal and guilt while in the background she could hear Mia and Nick go through their post-assfuck ritual of cuddling while playing a couple of cheesy pop punk tunes by one of those obscure bands from the nineties that they both liked so much. A shower together followed, as usual, and Ashley sat through it all, nervously twiddling her thumbs. While she waited on the couch, a stinging sense of jealousy emerged from Ashley's emotional turmoil as she realized how intimate and close Mia and Nick were, more so than any formally definable couple she could think of. "More than me and Josh for sure…" she heard herself mumble. The sounds of the bathroom door opening then closing, followed by a girly giggle and some murmuring in the hallway, snapped Ashley out of her bitter reverie and warned her that Mia and Nick were done with their shower. She had regained most of her composure when, a couple of minutes later, Mia made her appearance. "Hey, Ash," Mia greeted her in her lazy, husky voice. Tied back in a ponytail, her long black hair was still shining wet from the shower. Her pale face was glowing and her whole voluptuous body radiated that satisfied, freshly-fucked vibe that she got after her every visit to Nick's bedroom. "Hi, Mia," the slim blonde replied, her cheeks burning under Mia's smirking stare. Ashley felt too embarrassed to meet Mia's eyes, so she lowered her gaze. She regretted it immediately: the sight of her friend's ample cleavage squeezed inside her blue tank top didn't help attenuate Ashley's nervousness at all. She was biting her lips while Mia walked in front of her, her bouncy jeans-clad bubble-butt swaying before Ashley's flushed face as the brunette came to sit right beside her. "So," Mia purred, tilting her head as she patted Ashley's arm and scooted closer to her on the couch, "you look like you enjoyed the show, eh Ash?" "Uhm, yeah about that," Ashley stammered apologetically, "I didn't mean to… Well, I sort of did, in a way, but… Oh my god, that didn't come out right, did it? I'm sorry, it's just… big tits gifs" Nick's deep, calm voice came to her rescue. "Hey Ash! I didn't hear you coming in," he said, stepping inside the room wearing just his glasses, a pair of striped boxers and a faded Dead Kennedys T-shirt. "Didn't Josh tell you? They're having all the interns stay in late today. I assume lesbian gifs one of them will be chosen to be sacrificed to their Evil Lawyer Overlord as soon as darkness falls." "Yeah, he told me," Ashley chuckled, glad to change the subject. "But I actually came to talk to you, Nick, about Josh's birthday tomorrow." "I've said it before and I'll say it again: you're way too good for that jerk, honey," Mia declared, softly caressing her blonde friend's forearm from wrist to elbow one last time before standing up to leave. "Well, time to go. I'll let you guys talk. I gotta swing by my place and I'm already late for class as it is. And I blame you for that, you know!" she finished, pressing herself against Nick and poking her forefinger into his chest. "Oh, really?" Nick grinned, wrapping his long arms around Mia's waist and caressing her plump juicy ass as she hugged him tight and joined her lips with his in a tender parting smooch. "Should I remind you the exact sequence of events that led to your being late double penetration gifs right now?" Laughing throatily at Nick's teasing, reaching her hand low to cup his cock through his boxers, Mia shrugged: "Fine, I guess we could share the blame after all." "That seems fair," Nick nodded, "but if you want we can analyze this more thoroughly later. Around dinner time, big ass gifs maybe?" "Deal. I'll even bring pizza," Mia added, disentangling her curvy frame from Nick's embrace and strutting her way to the door. "See you, guys!" Once they were alone, Nick took Mia's seat by Ashley's side. "So," he said, "what about Josh's party? Any change of plans or are we still going to that ridiculous wine bar he likes?" "No, no change of plans. I just wanted to, uhm, surprise him… I was thinking of waiting for him here when he gets back from work tomorrow, before he's supposed to come pick me up for the party and, well…" she trailed off nervously as she met Nick's penetrating, intense brown eyes. "I kind of need you not to be here when that happens, Nick. I have to be alone when Josh gets here, to give him my, uhm, gift, I guess you could call it, so…" "No problem, I won't be here," Nick replied. "My Ethics professor has organized a conference about Kierkegaard with this Danish writer around that time, and I'm pretty much forced to go. In fact, I might get to the party a bit late but I'll meet you there as soon as possible." "Okay. Thanks a lot, Nick nsfw gifs." He just smiled and nodded, always keeping his scrutinizing gaze on her. Then, as if he was reading Ashley's thoughts through her bright hazel eyes, he added: "So you're letting him fuck you in the ass tomorrow, uh. That's quite the birthday present, Ash."

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