• Important Things to Know about Pallbearers of Funeral Service

Important Things to Know about Pallbearers of Funeral Service

We know it is really not easy to stand strong and start planning the funeral service of your loved one who will never come back. But sometimes, we need to stand strong in that tragic moment for our family members who need our honest support. Making a guest list, purchasing important things for a memorial service, inviting guests and receiving condolence message or cards from the guests are necessary. But choosing appropriate pallbearers to escort the casket of the demised person is the primary task before planning other arrangements.


Who are Pallbearers?

Pallbearers are the honorary people who carry the casket or coffin of the departed individual to the funeral and help to bury the casket under the soil with the name of holy Jesus. As per Christianity, the Pallbearers have other duties related to the burial service. So, it is very important to choose appropriate pallbearers for the funeral service.

Tips to Choose Pallbearers at Burial Service

If you are near and dear ones of the demised person then you are not only responsible to arrange a funeral or write sympathy message for the somber occasion, but you need to play a great role to select 6-8 pallbearers who can honorably carry the casket to the graveyard. If you are confused to make the correct decision to choose pallbearers then you can consider some suggestions as follows:

·         You need 6-8 pallbearers to escort the casket based on the number of the handles, but whether they are men or women they must be strong enough to carry the heavy casket of the demised.

·         Try to choose closed people from the family of the departed person or choose other trustworthy, friends, relatives or neighbors.

·         Remember the pallbearers should be emotionally strong at the moment to carry the coffin because crying or shivering with the casket during that moment can be awful, and the casket may fall down from the hand because of such condition.

·         Always select honorary pallbearers who can respectfully carry the casket with love and care.

·         It is suggested to avoid professional pallbearers because they will never do the noble work with affection and emotion.

·         You need to choose similar height pallbearers if the casket is carried by their shoulder instead of hand.

·         If possible then avoid children to include in the funeral ceremony.

·         Send thank you notes to every pallbearer after the completion of the funeral service.


Major Duties of the Pallbearers

Remember rather than carrying a condolence message or note, flower bouquet or sympathy gifts, it is much honorary task to carry the casket of the departed person to the funeral and praying for the peace of the soul.

Many people feel nervous to do that task because some feel emotionally low and others are physically incapable to do such task. However, if you think that you are strong enough then only take this dignity to hold the casket of the deceased. Have a look at some prime responsibilities of the pallbearers along with the funeral etiquette:

·         Follow the instruction of the funeral director and carry the coffin with respect.

·         It is a somber ceremony, so dark colors like black, olive, grey and other subdued shades should be worn by you while carrying the casket.

·         Try to arrive at the funeral a bit early than the others.

·         Carry the casket of the demised with dignity and care to the graveyard.

·         Don’t talk and laugh loudly while doing that work and maintain silence.

·         Follow the instructions of the head of the funeral.

·         Try to be supportive of the family members of the deceased individual.

·         Place the coffin with regards under the soil and do other works directed to you.

·         Participate in the prayer to the Almighty for the salvation and rebirth of the soul in the right place guided by the guardian angels.

·         Wear flat and comfortable shoes or sandals because you may have to walk along to the funeral and carry the heavy coffin.

It is a respectable honor to carry the coffin on your shoulder and if you are close and affectionate to the demised person then you definitely understand the emotional intensity of the noble task of choosing a proper pallbearer or fulfilling the duties of being a pallbearer at a funeral.


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