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How to Deal With Overdue Recruiting Fees

Posted by Patrick Dan, Monday, 3rd June 2019 @ 9:11pm

  • Before looking for the ways to deal with the issue of overdue recruiting fees, it seems pretty good the clear the basic concept of hiring fees. Most of the employers and applicants as well asked that what is the recruiting fees and why we should pay for it.

    What is recruitment fees?

    When a person got a job through any recruitment agency, he or she has to pay a percentage of his first-month salary to the agency. This fees is known as recruitment fees and is charged for the services of finding a suitable job opportunity for the applicant.

    In the same manner, when an employer hires a candidate via recruiter services, he/she also has to pay the percentage of the basic salary of an employee to the recruiting company. This percentage may vary from company to company or sometimes may be negotiable. 

    What is Overdue Recruitment fees?

    The recruiter, employer and the applicant agree in providing services and receiving fees for it. When the hiring procedure becomes complete, and the contract is finalized between the employer and the applicant, now it is time for paying recruitment fees. Sometimes people do not pay this fees and delay it unnecessarily making lame excuses. This non-paid fee is now converted into the overdue recruitment fees. Recruitment companies make efforts to recover this overdue fees. 

    How to deal with the problem?

    For the recruiting agencies, the issue is severe because it directly affects their finance and future in business. Every problem has its solution so it must also have. Every recruiter can take the following safety measures.

    l  First of all, prepare a well-versed agreement and signed it with your client whether an applicant or an employer.

    l  Mention your fee in the agreement. If there is some negotiation on price, then the settled cost must be written in the contract.

    l  For late payments define a late fee in the agreement.

    l  Send your invoice on time to avoid excuses.

    l  In case of payment date is passed, send a reminder and keep a proper follow up for the payment.

    l  A recruiting agency may encounter a false statement from the client of no hiring. It requires intelligent tracking for recruitment.

    l  If you get no response on the reminders, then send a strict reminder including the notice to bring the matter in the legal department.

    l  If facing any issues in a proper follow up then hire some backdoor hiring experts that can follow the procedure for you and recover your dues. 

Think “Safety First” When it Comes to Motorcycles

Posted by Patrick Dan, Saturday, 25th May 2019 @ 4:33pm

  • Motorcycle enthusiasts in states where the weather is warm for the majority of the year consider themselves lucky to be able to ride as often as they want.  Unfortunately, such riders are at a greater risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident due to the increased amount of ride time.  Motorcyclists have the advantage of experiencing a solo journey and feeling closer to nature, but they are also one of the most vulnerable motorists on the road.

    While motorcycles have been around for well over a century, they still remain one of the most “unseen” vehicles on U.S. roadways.

    According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, 34,000 motorcyclists were killed and 1,222,000 individualstreated for non-fatal motorcycle-related injuries between 2001-2008.  Additionally, 4,502 people were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2010 and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) projected 5,000 motorcycle deaths in 2012.

    How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in California

    Motorcycle accidents have been proven to be dangerous and fatal, but often it’s up to the motorcyclist to stay out of danger and decrease the likelihood of being involved in an accident.  Responsible motorcyclists are willing and able to share the road with other motorists and follow the “rules of the road”.  By making simple adjustments, a motorcyclist can prevent or decrease the chances of being injured or killed in an accident.

    • Safety First:  Whether you are a veteran motorcyclist or are merely considering buying your first motorcycle, motorcycle safety is the first and most important step in preventing an accident.  Helmets and protective gear cannot prevent an accident on their own, but they can prevent an injury if you are involved in an accident.  Too many lives have been lost because a motorcyclist simply didn’t want to wear a helmet.  According to NHTSA706 unhelmeted motorcyclists would have lived had they worn helmets in 2010.
    • Know How to Ride:  Motorcyclists make riding a motorcycle look easy and effortless and many new riders fail to learn everything they need to know.  Enrolling in a motorcycle safety course can teach you everything you need to know including how to ride defensively and prevent accidents.  Motorcycle courses are good for all motorcycle riders, new and experienced.  Additionally, in order to prevent a motorcycle accident, all riders should have a valid motorcycle license.  Knowledgeable riders have a tendency to ride more responsibly.
    • Watch Other Motorists: Drivers tend to pay less attention to the road and fellow motorists than motorcyclists do.  Out of habit, drivers expect to see cars, but not motorcycles.  As a motorcyclist, it’s up to you to be seen.  Wearing brightly colored clothing can be helpful, but it’s usually not enough.  Motorcyclists should ride as if every driver will make a dangerous move at any moment. Ride defensively and make your intentions clear (ie. such as turns and lane merging). Motorcycle accident prevention relies on responsible motorcyclists who know how to navigate and share the road with drivers. If you are involved in a motorcycle or car accident, the next step is to hire an auto accident lawyer.

    Motorcycle accidents may always, unfortunately, remain a prevalent issue on U.S. roadways.  However, if more motorcyclists make a commitment to ride responsibly and legally, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents could decrease dramatically.


Posted by Patrick Dan, Friday, 24th May 2019 @ 9:43pm

  • With headlines reporting attacks against tourists becoming more and more common, vacationers are on the alert. A recent magazine survey discovered that 85% of their readers said these reports have prompted them to be more cautious on while on holiday.

    Don't let a few criminals ruin your vacation. By taking a few precautions and staying alert, you can avoid spending part of your holiday filing a report at an exotic police station.

    BEFORE YOU GO Call ahead. While deadbolts and peepholes are standard in motel rooms these days, safety awareness on the part of hotel management varies widely, so it's worth calling ahead to ask specific questions.

    Look for rooms that open onto an interior hallway, rather than to the outside. While it's easier to unload the car when it's parked right outside the door, a room that opens directly onto parking makes it easier for thieves to monitor your comings and goings, and to get into your room when you drive off for a day at Marineland.

    Look for electronic key cards, instead of regular room keys. The electronic cards are reprogrammed for each new guest.

    Don't pack valuables in baggage you plan to check. Your bags will pass through a lot of unsupervised hands on its cross-country flight, so keep your jewelry, money and travellers checks close at hand in a carry-on bag. And there's always the chance that your baggage may not keep up with you, so pack medications and prescriptions in your carry on bags.

    AIRPORT SAFETY Watch your bags! Baggage theft at airports is on the rise, and half of the bags stolen are those left unattended. Thieves know that carry-on bags are where people carry their valuables and cash. Outside the airport, too, and anywhere on the road, never leave your bags unattended for a second, especially in Europe and Asia. Use teamwork. Have one family member--a teenager or adult--anchor the bags and the younger kids while an adult goes off to get directions or a cab.

    Watch your pockets. People bumping into you could very well be pickpockets, and people asking you questions could be diverting your attention while an accomplice grabs your bag. This advice applies in spades to tourist attractions and public transportation, as well. Consider purchasing a money belt or money bag that you wear inside your clothing, and using it. Carry in your pockets only enough cash for a day, and only one credit card.

    ON THE ROAD WITH YOUR RENTAL CAR When you pick up your car rental, ask which parts of town to stay away from. Staying away from high-crime parts of town could be the most important safeguard you can take. It's all too easy to inadvertently drive into bad neighborhoods when you're in a strange city, but with a little foresight and a decent map, it's just as easy to avoid them.

    Don't look like a tourist. Tuck the Disneyland bags and travel guides discreetly away in the trunk when you're away from your car. It doesn't hurt to leave a local paper in plain sight to further enhance the illusion that you're one of the locals. Leave nothing in sight. Cars have been broken into for jackets and shopping bags.

    Pass up that hot red jeep. Stick to cars that are unobtrusive and blend in. Forget the car wash! A cruise down a dusty road, or through a few mud puddles, will make your rental look lived in!

    LOCALES One of the best things you can do to protect yourself is know where the bad neighborhoods are, and to avoid them. Before you leave your hotel, ask which way to turn when you walk out the door, and which direction to avoid.

    HOTEL SAFETY Know where the emergency exit is in case of fire.

    Show your children how to call the front desk. While they may know how to dial 911 in case of emergency at home, unless you tell them, they won't know to dial 9 for an outside line, or to dial 0 for the hotel receptionist.

    OUT and ABOUT ID your kids. On an index card, write each child's name, your name and hotel address and phone number, as well as the phone number of a close friend or relative back home.

    Always have a recent, clear photo of your child with you. If you do get separated, the authorities will want an up-to-date picture.

    You don't need a wallet full of credit cards when you travel. Bring only what you need--two should be enough--and leave copies of the front and back of each card, and any other important documents you are carrying, with a friend or close relative. If they are lost or stolen, you'll have easy access to the necessary information. Also leave a list of your travelers checks, by number. A member of the party who's not carrying the credit cards and travelers checks should also carry a copy of this list. And consider having Mom carry one credit card, and Dad carry the other.
    For information about passport please visit,

E-commerce Training with an Edge

Posted by Patrick Dan, Sunday, 12th May 2019 @ 5:52pm

  • When I first joined the E-commerce business scene, I was constantly held hostage by the ever changing landscape and a list of unreliable suppliers. I tried everything and consistently brainstormed on various ways to carry on with the business. I tried every solution that you can possibly think of from allowing a third party specialist to run the business to hiring a full time consultant. Nothing seemed to be working. It was like I was trying to change the course of a river without recognizing that It was literally impossible. In the end, I almost gave up. However, all this changed once I attended an E-commerce workshop by Qoo100, Lazada and Carousell. This course literally breathed life and delight into my business.


    Analyzing the Market Place

    So how do i sell on Qoo10? And How do i sell on Lazada?

    Despite the fact that I had been in the E-commerce sector for over a year, I did not seem to understand the market place. This was clear especially from the type of market demands that I addressed to the metrics that I employed in determining how well my business was doing. From the training, I got to learn about ‘website traffic’. This term was really new to me and seemed like the ultimate way to guarantee factual data regarding the number of people who were visiting my business and what exactly they were doing. From the course, I was also introduced to various web tools as used in some of the largest e-Commerce markets to determine different types of data. This was a very important insight for me.

    Choice matters

    While creating a brand in this line of work, it is important to choose wisely when it comes to an E-commerce platform. Although I already knew this, I had not thought that it was vital in determining success of the platform that one chooses. The ecommerce course in Singapore  took on a fact based approach in showing how important this factor is. The higher the traffic flow through a website, the more likely that a single entity can makes sales.

    The competition

    Competition is part and parcel of every business. Learning adaptive methods of dealing with competition plays a great role in ensuring business continuity and survival. The course contains a module that specifically teaches trainees on how to deal with competition. This includes the analysis of product offerings across the market place, checking on seller commissions across the platform and carrying out visitor demographics and traffic comparison. This information ultimately helps one shape their operating strategy and design.

    Final Take 

    The course is organized by a Internet Marketing Singapore Agency.

    The most satisfying part of this course was taking on challenges through actual practice. This part of the training was keenly integrated into different aspects of the program. For me, the best module that took on this approach discussed product research. The market is silently changing and product research has become a must have skill in the market place. In real sense, no one can no longer operate without considering this aspect of E-commerce.

    Be ready to enjoy an interactive course that is guaranteed to leave you feeling very knowledgeable of prevailing E-commerce issues. 

How I Passed the 1Z0-160 Exam

Posted by Patrick Dan, Sunday, 12th May 2019 @ 2:06am

  • Oracle certifications are accustomed certifications. This vendor lets you get the high-paying jobs. Its certifications aren’t limited to a single country. The oracle exams is offered by this vendor. Let me share meticulous details of this exam. You get 70 multiple choice quizzes on this exam. You are given twice of hours for solving the Oracle Database Cloud Service exam. You must obtain 63% score in order to pass this certification. If you want, you can join the Oracle courses for the preparation of this exam.

    You get some questions on creating the database organization during the 1Z0-160 exam. This objective has sub-segments. You should learn about the basic things relevant to the Oracle Database Cloud Service. You’ll be given a question on the steps that are involved in creating the database deployment. Learn the steps before the real exam. The candidates should have knowledge on Multi-Tenant-Advantage. It is also part of this segment.

    How much are you skilled on the database deployment administration? It is another category of this exam. You’ll be asked questions on Database Cloud Console. You should study about it thoroughly before appearing on the exam. Moreover, you should know how to patch your database deployment. It is another topic for this segment. The 1Z0-160 exam has a question on the installment of SSH connections too.

    Acknowledge the database deployment connectivity as well as security for this exam. This unit covers the topics such as how to install the security rules, how to enable access to DBaaS Monitor, conduct Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), and a few more topics. The last segment of this exam is performing and scaling. This segment divides into sub-topics. You should have knowledge of the scaling issues.

    The panacea for saving funds as well as preparing for the 1Z0-160 exam only within some days is the dump. The dump is inexpensive. The qualified IT professionals solve the questions of the dump. And these questions always come on the real exam. The demo file shows the quality and accuracy of the questions and answers. The candidates can prepare from the dump anywhere as the dump is sold in PDF format. Besides this, the support team is always online for your assistance.

    What else do you wish to get by spending the little amount of the money? Purchase the dump and pass the exam on your first attempt. Take advantage of the several features by registration on the website when you place your order.

Clean My Computer PC Easily And Fast

Posted by Patrick Dan, Saturday, 11th May 2019 @ 2:44pm

  • So I was looking for a way that I could clean my computer easily and fast. Previously, I really did not know much about what to do or why I even needed to clean my computer, to be honest. I like to find out as much as I can about something before I make a move, so I sat down and did some research. I really like to clean my PC for good. Here are some things that you should be looking for that may be warning signs that your computer needs to be scanned and have its registry cleaned:

    Slow boot up time. This means that it takes a long time when you first computer on, to get your applications pulled up. It can be a real annoyance.

    Slow moving applications
    . When the programs that you are accustomed to running start slowing down, it can be quite taxing, whether you are running them for work or for personal reasons. They can lock up and things like downloading or uploading files and attachments can become tedious. So, I need something to speed up my pc.

    Error messages that pop up
    . You may or may not be able to close the messages out and continue to run the program that you were working in when this happens. Nine times out of ten, you will not be able to.

    Active X errors may occur that will make it impossible to run the add ons
    . You will not be able to play in the games you normally do and will not be able to use many additional plug ins that you have loaded because of this.

    DLL errors may pop up a lot
    . This is an annoyance more than anything and most of us would really prefer to just get our jobs done than keep closing out and starting over, understandably.

    Once all of the registry errors are cleaned, you will be astonished at how quickly your computer is back up and running. When you run the scan, it instantly detects everything that is out of place within your system. Within two minutes, you can have your entire computer scanned and the errors that are within the registry corrected.

Travelling to Sri Lanka and enjoying the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka

Posted by Patrick Dan, Thursday, 9th May 2019 @ 11:21pm

  • Hi guys! It is time to tell you how my kite trip to Sri Lanka was, a magnificent destination that is becoming very fashionable and that you also must discover.

    Before visiting the island, I recommend that you read some guide on the most important places to visit and especially inform yourself about the weather.

    If what you want is to kite the best months are from May to October and from December to March. I went in August and I was looking daily at what the wind forecast was. It was windy every day, so what I did was to visit the most important cultural places, like Anuradhapura, Sigiriya or Polonnaruwa. The last two weeks of my trip to Sri Lanka I dedicate them exclusively to the practice of kitesurfing, a sport that really fascinates me.

    From the central area of ​​the country I went to Kalpitiya, a village located at the end of a peninsula in the west of the island. I had booked a room at the Margarita Village, a kite camp that is carried by super nice Spanish guys. This kite camp is not located in front of the kite spot although I did not see many other accommodations that were in the lagoon since the beach is quite narrow and I do not think they can build hotels at this point.

    I was navigating almost every day with my 9-meter Nobile kite and the experience was brutal. The wind in the lagoon is a bit gusty although the streak is well supported. They told me that in the winter months the wind comes from the other direction and that when it enters the sea it is perfect.

    Actually, the kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka are some of the best in the world

    I also visited the Vella Island spot with the guys from Margarita Village and I was amazed. Vella island is very long sand island with super flat water. Attention! Do not go to Vella if you are a beginner since the wind is off-shore and you will not be able to return. The boys of the MArgarta Village have a rescue boat in case you must rescue someone.

    Another kite trip I recommend doing in Sri Lanka is the downwind organized by the Margarita Village, from the famous Dream Spot to the island of Ippantivu. It is a downdwind that takes about an hour and the landscape is spectacular. I was lucky enough to be able to kite between super nice islets and without other kiters around. The good thing about Sri Lanka is that it is a country that is still not very exploited and for kitesurfers this is perfect. The day we did the downwind it was quite windy and I had to put all the time of depower. The water was also very choppy, even so this kite trip is one of the best experiences I had in Sri Lanka

    Guys do not doubt it; Sri Lanka is going to be the next reference in the kitesurf trips and you have to visit as soon as possible before the destination becomes massive. Nowadays the kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka are not really crowded but we never know what is going to happen in the future

Air Purifier - Things you need to know about

Posted by Patrick Dan, Thursday, 9th May 2019 @ 12:38am

  • With the increasing pollution in the urban areas, it is essential to have an air purifier at home. Air purifiers work to get rid of the pollutants in the air so that you have clean air to breath at all times of the day. They usually work with a combination of filters and a variety of other materials that trap the particles and sometimes even bacteria and other disease causing organisms.

    Now, there is always the question of whether an air purifier is actually necessary. You might think that you are living in the topmost floor of a building in a clean area but there are still chances of airborne diseases floating around. You have pets in your home and you are worried about the pet especially cat smells. The need for an air purifier might not be as great as for one living in the middle of the city but it is always a good idea to keep one in the room and have it work at a lazy pace. On the other hand, if you are in a dusty area, the air purifier better be running all the time so that clean air is circulated continuously.

    When you are going to pick an air cleaner, there are several factors to look into. The first one is usually the area of the room that you are going to be using it in. Usually air purifiers come with a rating and if your room falls within this area, you can go for it. If it doesn’t, you can still use the air purifier but it will not be as effective and probably consume more power. The next thing to look into is the maintenance cost such as replacing or cleaning filters and even servicing charges. The last aspect is to check the convenience of use such as the inclusion of a remote control and automatic sensor controlled speeds.

    Given the number of air purifiers in the market, it is not easy to identify the best one. That is where the reviews are of great help. All the reviews here are made with great care after due testing and the best ones are recommended without any bias. There are also comparisons between various brands and products to ensure that you can pick the best one for your house. Each review is prepared after standard testing and then consulting several users who currently have the product at home. One of the most important factors when buying the air cleaner is the price and that is taken into account too as the ones with the best value for money are recommended over others.

    On the whole, having an air purifier is critical for your home and this site will help you make the decision regarding the best one for the job. All the brands reviewed here are well-known and established, so you have nothing to worry about. Just read through and make the right choice for your health.

Determining a Fair Babysitting Rate

Posted by Patrick Dan, Saturday, 4th May 2019 @ 10:56pm

  • Babysitting is often a person’s first real job. That is, it’s the first time that they are working for a wage. And since it’s not a job with a company, no rate is set in stone. This means that you need to determine the babysitting rate and how much—or little—you’re willing to work for. But how do you determine a fair babysitting rate? Take these tips to heart when you’re trying to establish your market value.

    Location is (Almost) Everything
    As with most things, where you live will help determine how much you can fairly charge for a babysitting job. For instance, if you live in New York City, where the cost of living is higher than, say, St. Joseph, Missouri, you can easily charge around $10 (or more!). But if you live in a smaller, more rural town, you’ll likely need to adjust your asking price to something more reasonable.

    Numbers Matter
    What babysitting rate you set is often dependent upon how many children you’re caring for. If you have only one child, you’ll not charge as much as if you have five children on your watch. Use your best judgment, though. If you have five children versus just one, you can’t charge five times what you normally would. Be fair to both yourself and the family.

    Do You Have Any Experience?
    In life, the more experience you have, the more value you bring. And it’s no different for babysitting. If this is your first gig, you’ll need to offer a fairly low rate to simply get your foot in the door, so to speak. But if you’ve been sitting since before the dawn of time, you’ve earned your stripes and are more marketable. You have the knowledge and the know-how, and parents are willing to pay more for this experience.

    Ultimately, you are the one who will determine what your time is worth. The key is to be fair to both sides so that each party feels they’re getting a fair value.

    How much do you charge your babysitting families? Share your suggestions for setting a fair price in the comments section.

Online Trading with Forex Sofware

Posted by Patrick Dan, Thursday, 2nd May 2019 @ 3:58am

Where And How To Find The Best Criminal Attorney?

Posted by Patrick Dan, Sunday, 28th April 2019 @ 4:46am

  • If you're curious about how to go about searching for the best criminal attorney in Cleveland then you may want to first have a look at the article below.

    Cleveland is a city located in the state of Ohio and consists of approximately 400,000 residents. The city began growing as a huge manufacturing center, primarily due to its proximity to various canals and railroad stations. The economy of Cleveland is hinged upon a variety of sectors and some examples include the healthcare industry, financial services, biomedical and legal. Lately, there have been a number of local law offices cropping up, but what area do these lawyers specialize in and how to go about selecting the most helpful one. To find the answers to these sorts of questions and more, take a peek at the following sections.

    Fortunately for the residents of Cleveland, there are a number of reputable law firms and clinics that can accommodate virtually any legal concern, however for the sake of this article, we shall steer the focus on one area in particular, and that is with regards to criminal attorneys. Criminal attorney's basic functions are mainly to represent and defend those individuals that are charged with crimes in court; and this goes for both misdemeanors and felonies. The punishments and perhaps repercussions from committing and ultimately getting caught with a misdemeanor or felony can range from a small summons and community service to many years behind bars. Criminal attorneys can provide a really profound impact especially for those who have already been charged. According to the U.S. constitution- all citizens who have been found guilty of committing such crimes are entitled to have representation from an attorney. The reason why they are so vital is because the criminal law system is extremely complex and if the defendant is charged with a crime and is unable to defend themselves properly, they will end up facing the wraths of the legal system. Prison sentences can become quite long and without representation and argument for perhaps a lesser sentence, the guilty party will have no choice but to face the entire sentence. What's more is that they have the ability to persuade the court to drop a couple of charges against you based on 'improper procedure' or maybe even from lack of sufficient evidence. Lastly, criminal attorneys can even help to reduce or perhaps waive the bail fees.

    As we have just discussed, the importance of having a criminal attorney represent you in court can be a life changing experience. But how to choose the best one you wonder. Well, the most effective strategy appears to come from research and testimonial reviews. In spite of the large sums that an attorney may charge, your life is ultimately a lot more precious, so this component shouldn't factor into your decision making. Another way to go about selecting the best criminal attorney would be to look up the locations of some local clinics, and if you have the time go in there and use your free consultations. Odds are that many agencies provide a free 10-15 minutes of legal advice and guidance. And upon completion of this round, whomever you felt the most connected to is ultimately the one that you should go with.

Instagram in Turkish Language

Posted by Patrick Dan, Saturday, 27th April 2019 @ 5:14am

  • Instagram no doubt is a popular social media platform to connect people with each other instantly. What you need is just a good internet connection. Instagram is famous because it is a photo sharing focused site.

    Instagram also launched in the Turkish and that was the article of some of the sites at that time.

    Instagram cep telefonunuzdaki foto?raflarınızı çe?itli filtreler kullanıp güzelle?tirerek sizi takip eden arkada?larınızla payla?manızı sa?layan ayrıca di?er Facebook, Twitter gibi sosyal platformlarda hızlı ve kolay biçimde yollamanızı sa?layan bir uygulamadır. Instagram tamamen ücretsizdir.

     Yeni kullanıcı sözle?mesiyle haftaya gündemini vuran?Instagram, yeni sürümünü yayınladı.?3.4 sürümüyle?uygulama ma?azalarındaki yerini alan foto?raf payla?ım platformuna 25 yeni dil deste?i ve yeni bir filtre geldi.

    Instagram ?? gelen ?25 yeni dil?deste?i içinde?Türkçe??in olması dikkatimizi çeken noktalar arasında yer alıyor. Menü ayarları ve takipçi bilgileri gibi sıkça kullanılan seçenekler ?u anda Türkçe olarak Instagram??n yeni sürümünde yer alıyor. Ancak uygulamanın A??an Z??e Türkçe oldu?unu söyleyemiyoruz. Bazı detaylarda hala İngilizce kelimelerin kullanıldı?ını görüyoruz.

    ?te yandan Instagram?? n yeni sürümünde yeni bir filtre de bulunuyor. ??strong>Mayfair??adındaki yeni filtre, daha önce bulunan filtrelere yeni bir seçenek olu?turaca?a benziyor. Bir hatırlatma yapmak gerekirse Instagram, Willow adındaki yeni bir filtreyi geçen hafta uygulamaya eklemi?ti.-

    That was time when people did not know much about Instagram, so it was necessary to make some tutorials about how to Sign up for Instagram, How to Upload Pictures or How to turn on video sound in Instagram (Turkish - instagram video sesi acma)

    They did their marketing at their best at that time and now you know that how famous is Instagram today especially in Turkey. I had personal experience in 2018 that People in Turkey use more Instagram than any other social media platform.

Amazing Tips from Tulsa Vets

Posted by Patrick Dan, Thursday, 25th April 2019 @ 2:19am

  • Whenever you decide to have a pet, it is essential to get knowledge about pet keeping. Your pet cannot talk like you and also not able to show its emotions and feelings in a way that is familiar to you. This fact makes it more critical for you to know the ways to communicate with your pet so that you can keep your pet good and healthy. The best way for getting this kind of knowledge is by consulting a professional veterinary specialist. Most of the time your good manners of handling your pets keep them healthy and active. But it all can happen when you stay in touch with an experienced professional.

    Cats and dogs are the most favourite animals for being a pet because of their friendly and domestic nature. Here I have collected some essential tips from veterinarian Tulsa for comprehensively guiding the pet owners. I hope these tips will help you a lot for keeping your pet healthy and active.

    Tips for cat Owners

    Having a beautiful cat is always a fantastic feeling but it all ruined when your lovely pet becomes ill, and you do not know what has happened to your cat. If you practice the following points, you can keep your beautiful cat healthier than ever.

    1.  Keep a vigilant eye on your pet and make them comfortable as you can make them.

    2.  Carefully observe your pet behaviour and do not ignore even a minor change. It helps in finding different diseases at early stages and for efficient treatment.

    3.  Get a regular checkup of cat’s faecal material for parasites as they can harm your pet and few of them even can harm you and your other family members.

    4.  Be watchful for the dental and oral health of your cat.

    5.  Get your cat to the veterinarian for a checkup at regular intervals.

    Tips for Dog Owners

    1.  Keep your dog in a hygienic locality and do not allow it to go to filthy places.

    2.  Maintain a private area for your dog where it can do with freedom whatever it wants.

    3.  Do not leave your dog alone at home.

    4.  Keep a watchful eye on the routine of your dog and do not ignore any noticeable change in its behaviour.

    5.  Ensure a regular checkup and vaccination of your dog by a professional vet.  


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