How to increase semen volume?

Decreased semen release during orgasm is a common problem that can cause concern. Especially in those who are trying to conceive with their partner. What many overlook is that there are certain habits and tips that can help increase ejaculate volume.

While this may vary based on hormonal activity and lifestyle, in general there are simple measures that can help improve it. Discover them!

The decrease in semen volume is not uncommon. It is normal to occur at certain times, since there are many factors that determine it. However, if it is observed continuously, it is essential to analyze it with a professional, since it often has medical causes.

A thick and abundant semen is considered a sign of health and virility. This is why, when reduced, the man loses confidence about his ability to perform in the sexual field.

Tips to increase semen volume

Increase water consumption

The semen volume is composed of a little more than 90% water. For this reason, it is essential to consume enough water every day, avoiding falling into dehydration.

Low fluid consumption negatively affects sexual performance , erections and ejaculation.

Ideally, consume 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, alone or with some fruits to diversify its flavor.

Soft drinks, excess coffee and alcoholic beverages should be avoided . All of these can lead to dehydration.

Avoid having sex

The body of man produces a limited amount of sperm every day. If he manages to refrain from having sex, at least 2 or 3 days, the volume will increase considerably in the next relationship.

Of course, it is not about spending too much time without sex or masturbating. The volume stops increasing after a certain time and can reduce its quality.

Take cold showers

Many fail to imagine how beneficial cold water showers are for male sexual health. These increase testosterone and growth hormone that play a major role in libido.

They also help improve circulation to the genital area, helping to boost erections. Therefore, it is a simple and very effective habit.

Manage stress

Poor stress management can interfere in different ways in sexual health . Not only does it reduce the desire to practice sex, but it can alter the activity of hormones.

Continuous exposure to this is related to the low production of testosterone, the sex hormone that participates in sperm production. Therefore, you have to fight stress first.

Improve feeding

The food promises all the functions of our body. For this reason, before any sexual health problem, it is important to review what type of food is being added to the diet.

In this particular case, it is essential to ensure the consumption of some sources of essential nutrients for semen production. In addition, it is convenient to limit certain foods that can reduce their volume and quality.


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