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Zize Bikes has garnered a lot of attention and popularity since their launch because of the variation of bikes for heavy riders that they manufacture. The company’s main aim is to make every person enjoy the joys and fun of biking, irrespective of their size or how much they weigh. This was one of the best selling points because there were not many companies who actually focused on making heavy duty bicycles. Not only do they provide a number of options to choose from, they even provide the guarantee for a durable and strong bike which is definitely the main thing what most of the people look for.

It becomes a lot confusing to choose from all the available options that are found here which is why we have tried to make it easier for you. This specific article is to primarily focus on the best kinds of available bicycles in Zize Bikes. While the bikes for heavy riders are mainly categorised based off on the amount of weight they can sustain, we will try to talk about some of the most popular and featured bikes on the website. It is also going to cover a few of the pros that fall under the category and why this company is probably one of the best, if not the best companies for manufacturing heavy duty bicycles.

The essential categories

Zize Bikes is primarily known for the range of bikes for heavy riders that are found in there but it is best to be clear that the company also manufactures bicycles and bike accessories along with it. Any kind of requirement that comes with bikes, this company manufactures it all. We are primarily here to discuss a little bit about each one of them and focus on all the pros and cons to it to deliver a better idea for the target audience.

The primary categories mainly consist of classic bikes, electric bikes, bicycles and the accessories that come in handy for bikers. The former two categories are probably the most important and the most popular ones.

Both the classic as well as the electrical bikes for heavy riders are further classified into four more categories each depending on the amount of weight of the biker that it can withstand. According to those, they can be classified into:

·         250 pound bikes

·         330 pound bikes

·         450 pound bikes

·         550 pound bikes

It is necessary to understand that these are not how much the bikes for heavy riders weigh but the amount of weight that it can withstand. Each and every type of bike or bicycle is made out from very sturdy and strong metal alloy to give it that long-lasting durability. All the accessories that are installed in the bike, from the seat to the tires are all made up of best quality materials for better comfort and sturdiness.

Classic bikes for heavy riders

The classic bikes for heavy riders have four set subcategories and the bikes under each of these categories are set down primarily based on the height of the individual for better comfort and fun.

·         250-pound capacity

There are three varying options under the 250-pound, for people with a height from 5-5”, 5’6”-6’1” and 6’2”-above respectively. Each of the options that are under these mentioned height frames are very ergonomically friendly making the rider have a comfortable and fun ride. It is necessary to note that the looks of each of these bikes for heavy riders are very different to each other and these are mainly because of the height difference and just to ensure that the rider has a comfortable ride.

·         330-pound capacity and the other ones

Just like the prior one, even the rest of the categories consist of bikes designated according to the height of the rider. It is very important to buy the ones suitable for your height to enjoy the rides better without enduring any kind of dissatisfaction.

Best and the most popular classic bikes

In this section, we’ll try and focus on three of the best classic bikes for heavy riders that people definitely rave a lot about.

·         29-er Max 2.0

This forest green rendition of comfort with style is definitely one of the primary reasons that is going to leave you baffled and wanting for more. The 29-er Max 2.0 is one of the most popular of the category and is often sold out within a record time. Each and every part of this specific bike is something that every biker wishes for.

This giant supports and withstands up to 400 pounds and the most snatching stance of the same is probably the tires which are one and a half times bigger and sturdier than the normal bikes. The entire frame of the bike is made from a sturdy and strong metal alloy, the spokes being made of stainless steel.

One of the major catch in this model is the comfort that it provides. From the amazing cushiony feel of the seats to the proper positioning of the handle bars providing that perfect posture to avoid any kind of physical pain. The bike comes installed with the latest 8-speed internal gear system along with tires measuring around 271/2” in diameter. According to the heights of the bikers, the model is available in three different sizes to choose from but only comes in one colour.

·         Time of your life 2.0

Just as the name suggests, this specific bike ensures that the biker sure does have the time of their lives. This is one of the most popular ones in the 550-pound spectrum because it is the best classic bike options for people who are on the plus size range.

The entire frame of the bike is made up of the cro-moly steel frame which is the go to metal alloy for all the other Zize Bikes as well. The one reason why this material is sturdy and reliable is because this is the same material that is used in making aeroplanes. The other important things that make this bike one of the best sellers is probably the extra wide saddle which make it a lot easier for the heavy weight bikers to ride without any problems.

·         A New Leaf

This specific model is probably the most sold out products and is a little bit on the pricier side but it is necessary to understand that every penny is worth it. The maximum weight limit is 550 pounds on this bike. Some of the important selling points include cro-moly alloy frame, a double bolted seat post.

Another striking thing in this model is the comfortable seats which come with extra gel padding for that extra depth of comfort. The tires are made from the best available material which provides an amazing grip and aids the rider have the best ride of their life.

This bike is priced at around $3300 which is slightly more than the normal ones that you might come across but every penny invested in this sure does come back to you when you enjoy the best ride of your life.

Electric Bikes

Much like the classic bike for heavy person, the primary categorisation of the bikes is made based upon the maximum weight limit it can withstand along with the height of the rider. It has been mentioned time and time that it is best to buy the bike that is suitable with both the criteria.

All the sub-categories have three different models to choose from, based on the height of the biker. We will narrow down the best three and best selling electric bikes that are sold by Zize Bikes.

·         Patriot electric assist

The most talked about bike model in the electric bike section has to be the Patriot Electric Assist. It is priced at $2,979 which is a very good price for all the features that it comes with. It is designed with the best internal gear and brake system for that perfect and optimum control whenever the roads get rough. The back support is yet another small addition that makes the ride a lot more comfortable.

The custom built batteries consume a power of about 350-750 W and had specialised internally geared hubs. The bike works fine in case there are any kinds of disruptions with the motor. This electric bike is regarded as one of the best in the section and under a price range of $3000.

·         Samson 750

The Samson 750 is a bit more expensive that the prior model but is definitely a bit better when it comes to the specifications. The maximum capacity for this model is around 400 pounds and comes in three different variants depending on the size of it. It consists of a 750W motor which is great for the bikers who do hill climbing or heavy works like those.

The seat is a 16” contour seat which provides a comfortable sitting position because of the padding within. The slightly extended handlebars are an ergonomically viable option which makes the ride a lot less painful and more comfortable. This is also very well popular because of the additional feature of the saddle in the back which aids as a little storage area. It is available in three sizes and two colours, champagne and black.

·         E3 Zuma Diamond Frame

This specific model is a beast which runs as efficiently as on the beach as up the hills. The frame of the bike is made up of the basic cro-moly along with an aluminium hydroformed frame. The maximum weight that it can withstand is around 400 pounds which is definitely not bad.

Just like the prior mentioned models, even this one has comfortable seating with extra padding along with extended handlebars for comfortable rides. This specific one even has a control panel by the handlebar which indicates the remaining amount of battery and list along the drive mode as such for better riding of the person. The motor is a 500W geared internal hub which provides a great power to the model.

The bike is the perfect example of beauty with features and is priced at under $2,500 which definitely makes it a great investment for such a reasonable price.

To end it all

In conclusion, whatever the category may be each and every model that is found and sold under the Zize Bikes is definitely worth every penny. Each and every model is built to last long and to provide the rider a comfortable ride within a reasonable price.



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