• Which is better Snap Chat or WhatsApp?

Which is better Snap Chat or WhatsApp?

It's very difficult to find out which is better for mine, but people are crazy about WhatsApp, this word does not mine a survey says the truth, let's discuss all the thing. A couple of years ago Snapchat was one of the most popular online chatting platform. After the launch of WhatsApp, Snap Chat market was down and people switch Snap Chat to WhatsApp for a couple of reason. For more information visit Latest Whatsapp Status


Snap Chat didn't upgrade themselves what actually people want to Snapchat after WhatsApp lunch people are crazy about WhatsApp because of the usefulness of WhatsApp and many more thing which actually want people for an online chatting platform, 

At the launch time, WhatsApp was very simple and easy to use and secure also, which can easily install on every android, iOS and windows os phone. And the other behalf is only used in PC which is one of the biggest disadvantages of Snap Chat. And many more thing which we are discussing brief in below. 

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Firstly people should know the rank of Snapshot and WhatsApp 

1: Snap Chat is ranking 34th position in chatting platform among the world. 

2: WhatsApp is in the 8th position.  

It’s very clear which is most popular nowadays, you can stream more information on Cool Status page, which can also help you to know about this properly. 

Facebook recently purchase WhatsApp and it's the biggest key to part of one of the biggest social media platform.  

Snapchat: Snapchat is one popular we all know that but the features of this application is not so upgraded which actually people want. If we talk about the security things Snap Chat is better than WhatsApp, it's one of the most privacy-focused applications on the online chatting platform. And one of the most useful things is that auto message removal after message seen, and it's notified if the other person takes a screenshot to the chat, it's really one of the best things of snap chat. But the bad thing is that you can recover all the deleted data which automatically deleted. Snap Chat is fast but it's not like WhatsApp 

Let’s talk about WhatsApp 

WhatsApp: It is one of the most popular chatting application which provides a smooth and superior quality of experience, people love to use WhatsApp because of this particular reason it's really very easy to use and it automatically syncs the contact list always and support multiple formats of data types and also provide the backup option, but some bad thing is that it's a big chance of breach your data, WhatsApp can't schedule any message and many more thing. 


The conclusion: we are discussing all a little part of the Snap Chat and WhatsApp both, but there are so many things which we are not mentioned in this post if anyone interested to know more and loved our post simply visits Best Whatsapp Status page here mentioned more about this and many more things hope you will enjoy to read our article. 



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