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Home Security - The Only Protection

With the economy in very poor shape, burglary will soon achieve giant and irreversible proportions. Everyone today is aware of the risks involved. They are going out of their way to strengthen their home security, especially when they are out, not only from the burglars but also from the sticky fingers of those within the walls. House breaking of even locked houses has digital peephole become commonplace, and you are afraid to go out even for a short time for fear of reprisals. The miscreants have become so daring that they even attack when inmates are at home, creating a fear psychosis in the entire community. Home surveillance and alarm systems seem the only protection against this alarming trend and families are taking concerted efforts in installing these systems that provide at least a minimum semblance of security.

Several steps that you take can considerably reduce your risk are:

Security at the door

Make sure your doors are burglar-proof and you install locks of high quality that the burglar will find difficult to break. If you have someone at your home all the time, like a watchman or family member, so much the better. Locks with password systems are serving their purpose extremely well and will help keep the thieves out. Install a peephole in your door to enable you to check who is at the door, and if you install telephones backed by television, it is still better. Follow the statutory custom of informing your area police station whenever you are planning to leave the house for long periods.

Burglar alarms

Science and technology have made available a variety of gadgets for home security. Burglar alarms and wireless alarms have become a standard accessory in most houses. People using these gadgets are smart and leave their houses for long periods without much worry. Motion detectors help to trigger the alarm at the site, effectively to drive away the aspiring burglar.

Security cameras and CCTV

Modern approaches to the home security problem take recourse to installing security cameras at vantage points inside the house and outside the premises. Most of these cameras, when connected to a receiver, record the entire happenings when you are away. These cameras come in different varieties such as the wired camera, the wireless cameras, the infrared cameras and the like. With the CCTV cameras, you are able to catchall the action when you are away and play it back on the television when you return. This has become a major foil against not only burglaries but also the inappropriate behavior of the staff in the house. You also get cameras disguised inside the home items like timepieces, clocks and flower vases to keep an eye on the erring baby sitter or the professionals employed in care of the elders. However, it is a good idea to maintain these devices regularly to ensure that they function consistently. 

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