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Mystery Shopping In Thailand

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Tuesday, 21st January 2020 @ 2:10pm

  • Mystery Shopping has been a very popular practice since the 1940s for companies and market research firms all over the world. Many companies try to find out how their products and services are received and thought of by their customers. What rating does the public give for the products or services the companies provide? Mystery shopping involves a mystery shopper Glorietta Jewels posing as a regular customer and evaluating the goods and services provided by the companies. The findings are then sent in a report format to the companies, which use this data to improve or upgrade their services.

    Mystery shopping is made up of some of the very basic tasks or behaviors that all regular customers perform like purchasing a product, registering complaints, asking questions or behaving in a certain ways that customers do. mystery shopping can be used in almost any industry. Some of the best candidates for the practice of mystery shopping are retail outlets, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, fast food chains, gas stations, banks, apartment complexes, vehicle dealers, health clubs, hospitals and even non-profit organizations and schools.

    The Thai economy is mostly reliant on exports which form about 60% of the Thai GDP. Thailand exports products like fish, rice, agricultural products, textiles, automobiles, rubber, computers, electronic appliances and jewelry to name a few. The Thai economy is the 2nd largest in Southeast Asia and it's also the largest exporter of rice. Thai land's economy also gets about 7% of its GDP from the tourism industry. Thailand is considered as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world.

    Since Thailand has such a huge business oriented economy, the companies there try to get live, real-time input from customers to improve the product and service standards and provide the marketplace with world class product and service possibilities.

    Mystery shoppers are increasing dramatically in numbers these days. Since mystery shopping is also practiced as a part time job by many people, those part-timers, many of them shopping lovers, can satisfy there shopping desire while they make some extra cash by helping out one or more of the mystery shopping companies. These mystery shoppers are registered with the mystery shopping companies, which are hired to evaluate their client's services or goods. The shoppers are given assignments and a list of questions or things to evaluate and record during the shop. The most common observations are:

    · Time taken to be greeted

    · Hygiene of the business premises

    · Compliance with dress code, greetings, signage, etc.

    · Speed of service

    · Inquiry about some specific services

    · Employee information like names, designation, etc.

    The shopper submits the duly filled in evaluation sheet along with the bills and receipts. Payment schedules vary from company to company. It may vary from 2 weeks to 8 weeks or more.

    Some of the very popular mystery shopping companies are SASSIE™ Mystery Shopping System, Ath Power Consulting, Hello Mirror and Prophet 4. Mystery shopping can help the client companies get the most valuable feedback. For the mystery shoppers it can not only satisfy their craving for shopping but also help them earn a few hundred or thousand in extra cash. Though it requires time and patience and the initial investment (before being reimbursed), the job of mystery shopper appeals to many people and can make a great extra income job. 

Health-Fitness New Year Resolutions

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Monday, 20th January 2020 @ 10:36am

  • The famous and popular New Year's resolution time of the year has arrived. Do you panic because you haven't made a resolution? Do you brush it off because you don't believe in resolutions? Or do you actually set a New Year's resolution and take action? These are all thoughts that ponder our minds when this time of year comes around, whether you admit it or not. With Christmas, New Years, family problems, work, etc. This is another thing we have to add to the list, as if this time of year isn't busy enough. But at the end of the day, never ever negate the importance of taking care of yourself (your body and health), without this you will have no thriving energy, no passion, and you will be going through the motions everyday dragging ass! Put your body and health on a pedestal and take care of yourself! Here are 5 health-fitness New Year resolutions that seem to always be popular.

    1. Joining a Gym

    Joining a gym always seems to be the front runner when it comes to health-fitness resolutions. This is probably because people feel obligated into signing up at a gym and because it's the easiest route to take. You walk into a commercial gym, take a tour, sign up, get a personal trainer, become fully engaged for a month, and then all the sudden you find yourself locked into a year-long contract paying monthly fees when you don't even go anymore. How many times have you seen this or heard this story? Bottom line: If signing up at a commercial gym is going to fire you up every day to bust your ass and make a change in your health, then by all means sign on that dotted line. If a commercial gym isn't for you, don't feel guilty or obligated to sign up, don't waste your time or money. Go find a place that is right for you!

    2. Joining a Team

    Next on the list has to be joining some sort of team, participating in a recreational league (indoor soccer, basketball), or starting a new class (Zumba, boot camp). Joining a team is something very simplistic and effective. Being on a team makes you feel like a part of something and what better than to be on a team with like-minded people, right? However, what if you aren't a team player or a team oriented type of person? Maybe you're self-motivated and work better individually. Bottom line: Don't just join a team for the hell of it! Know what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you like being around people and receiving that gratification from being on a team then go for it. If you are self-motivated and individualistic, then find something that's going to accommodate that.

    3. Purchasing a Home Video Workout Routine

    Next we have purchasing home video workout routines and a show of hands please if you have bought these before? All kidding aside, purchasing a home video workout routine is a very popular health-fitness New Year's resolution. For example, P90X is very popular and could be very effective if you are the type of person that is intimidated by the big gyms, short on time to make it to a gym, stay at home mom, or if it's going to flat out get you fired up to train hard in your home! If you're doing this because everyone else is doing it or because the sales person on TV is telling you to do it then you better think again. Bottom line: If a home video workout routine is going to seriously motivate you to make a change in your health then pop that baby in the DVD player and go to town on it! If you're purchasing it because others are, then you seriously need to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with something else.

    4. Hiring a Coach

    Almost nearing the bottom we have hiring a coach. Hiring a coach helps figure out EXACTLY what you want and provides ACTION steps to get you closer to that. A coach can be online or in person just like a personal trainer. A coach will make the blue print to whatever your goals are and it will be your job to take action and do the work. If you hire a coach, do it because you want to make a change, want a challenge, make sure you're self-motivated, and make sure you will be accountable for your actions. Also, by hiring a coach, you have that responsibility in your hands to prove to your coach you can accomplish what he maps out for you. There is no better feeling than impressing your coach by earning your results through hard work and discipline. Bottom line: A coach isn't for everybody. If you need that one-to-one personal trainer to get you started on the right track then do that! For more information on seeing if a coach is right for you, click here.

    5. Participating in Virtual Challenges

    We leave participating in virtual challenges last because it has so much skepticism. As virtual challenges are fairly new, a lot of people are hesitant to give them a try. A virtual challenge can be anything from a 6-10 week fat loss challenge, 8 week muscle building challenge, etc. Everything is done through online. The beautiful thing about virtual challenges is you can do what you want at your convenience: You can work out whenever you want, as long as you follow the given workout routine, you can perform the workout routine usually at home, at a park, or at a gym, you can follow the customized diets you are given, you can get that gratification of being a part of a team, you have constant motivation from fellow participants and coaches, and you have that extra motivation because you want to win that prize at the end.  

Enjoy The Smile Benefits Of A Custom Mouth Guard Yellowstone Family Dental

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Monday, 20th January 2020 @ 2:51am

  • Would you wish to keep your teeth strong and healthy for a lifetime?

    In case you're notably busy, or in case you've got a habit of grinding and whiten your teeth, Tulsa Invisalign which happen is going to take a little extra work.

    Well, attempt on our part, none!

    All you have to do is telephone we at Yellowstone Family Dental and program a meeting for a custom made mouth guard.  We'll do the rest!

    Love The Smile Advantages of A Custom Mouth-guard!

    Here are two important grin advantages you can enjoy with a custom mouthguard in our Billings, MT dentists:

    *Protect Your Tooth Preserve Your Teeth *

    For some individuals, it's far more difficult to protect teeth from damage or wear and tear.

    Plus it's, unfortunately, without a real fault of their own.

    That's because teeth grinding is something people tend to do , usually during the night while they sleep.

    This can damage your tooth enamel, however also the stress and stress that puts on your jaw and teeth can lead to other uncomfortable symptoms, also, for example:

    *Lock Jaw 

    *Popping sounds in your jaw

    *Infection headaches

    *Earache Pain 

    Preventing this constant stress and the TMJ problems that result is important in the event that you want to protect and preserve your smile.  That is the reason why we create custom mouthguards to stop teeth grinding and mitigate your pain therefore your teeth stay healthy and safe.

    *Protect Your Dental Health*

    Accidents on the courtroom and in the field happen all of the time, but when they do, athletes can diminish the chances that those injuries are going to have lasting impact on their dental health.

    Broken, cracked, or straight out teeth are simply a few of the dental risks athletes face once they're not adequately shielded with a custom mouth guard.

    Not only would these kinds of injuries be debilitating, however they may result in complicated, expensive dental treatments, and long term oral health problems.

    When you get an athletic mouthguard from one of the seasoned dentists, you benefit from:

    *An accurate, comfy fit

    *Easier breathing and communicating 

    *Lower risk for injuries to the mouth, jaw, and mind 


Make A Channel On YouTube

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Friday, 17th January 2020 @ 3:52am

  • Remember, If your viewer sees your video and has nothing to click or enter, your prospect gets lost. I suggest giving your prospect something mechanically to do, after seeing your video. Have them click your link, subscribe or go to your web site etc. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've seen a great video and wanted to buy something, but there was no link. Some new marketers actually forget or don't know how to include their link. That's ridiculous. You need a clear call to action. Tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do. Do not be shy. A classic call to action is "click this link." Make your call to action whatever you want, but make it clear.You'll probably want to make money. A great way to start quickly is to be an affiliate. There are hundreds of companies offering a sales percentage and you can still be with YouTube. The Idea is to use your YouTube channel as a lure to your affiliate program This is provided you  natural likes and subs at YouTube intend to make money without being a YouTube business partner. Getting money off of channel views is an entirely different concept. You can actually do both. You can get paid upon getting at least one hundred thousand channel views. YouTube pays a relatively small amount for channel views. Some folk is creating large commissions on merely channel views. Keep in mind these folk is getting millions of views. Getting a lot of channel views is another unique science. You can be an affiliate and receive money without the need of millions of views. You'll need channel views, but not in the millions. I recently found out that you can be a YouTube Partner and simultaneously by an affiliate of other companies.

    Weather you are a YouTube Partner or not can't get beyond the fact that you need targeted traffic. Any way you look at making money on YouTube dictates the need for traffic. Traffic is an undeniable reality and there are several ways to conquer it. I do not suggest buying traffic. You can buy traffic and lose your shirt. You can be just plain interesting and allow YouTube to feature you (That may take a lifetime). My favorite way is article marketing. Study article marketing, when you get a chance. You'll find it can gradually get you free organic advertising. Organic advertising is my way of describing the advertisements and short blurbs you see in the search engine results. You'll see the obvious paid ads and the organic text in separate locations on a search engine result. I must let you know that organic text requires consistent insertion of content. It may be easier to merely create a lot of video. If you have the resources for article marketing, go for it. The idea is to create articles relevant to your video and submit them to directories for syndication. The thing that most so-called gurus don't speak of being English grammar. You must abide by proper English grammar, major article directory submission. This presents a problem that you can perhaps solve. Hire writers. You can get an article done inexpensively and have it syndicated, with your affiliate link. Hire writers only if you can't write proper English grammar. You can actually promote your channel without article marketing. I only suggest it, as an advanced technique.

    A standard way to promote a YouTube channel is by having popular content. If your good, Everyone will know it eventually. Of course, there are different ways to get the ball rolling, but essentially be good. That entails making videos that interest people. YouTube gives you examples. This is how to make a channel on YouTube. You can always stimulate what you see. Hollywood does it all the time. Professional TV producers and music producers have simulated for years. I'm not talking about plagiarism. I'm saying look at what you like and make your take on it. Don't steal anything. It's always great having your own ideas. 

Making Money Online Fast - How to Make This Happen Starting Today

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Friday, 17th January 2020 @ 3:31am

  • Making Money Online Fast seems to be a question on everybody's mind these days. While the term "fast" is relative and can mean different things to different people due to their current financial circumstances--Yes would be my answer. I personally know that make money online fast did happen in my personal instance. It wasn't a lot of money at the start but I did see a deposit into my PayPal account within 3 days of starting out. Man was I amazed as well as impressed with myself.

    There have been even better results for some of the people I am mentoring and those I network with. It all depends on the topic and keywords you choose to go after. Here's what you gotta to get things rolling so you too can start making money online fast.

    choose 3 -5 topics that you are interested in or would like to learn more about

    find out how many others are interested in these topics too - popularity

    determine what these topics are worth - potential profitability

    find the most popular keywords for that topic - targeting audience

    define amount of existing Internet information - your competition

    determine overall strength of existing competition - chance of ranking on top 10 in Google

    create keyword-rich content pages and articles and post to Internet - web presence

    setup Google AdSense account and post on web and Blog pages - monetization

    setup a ClickBank account and search for affiliate products within your topic of choice- monetization

    keep creating content and posting it to the Internet so visitor can enjoy you topic information - business building

    You're now making money online fast and it wasn't difficult to get underway at all. That's it in a nutshell. Learn to do this and become efficient at it and basically create your own Internet money machine. There's no hidden secrets or tricks to be bought from Internet scamsters. This is really all there is to it!

    Importance of Choosing the Correct Keywords...

    This is the single biggest factor in determining whether your making money online fast or not. I can't stress to you enough how important this step is to your ability to earn money through the Internet. The money making potential is all set-up with the quality of the research you perform and your ability to choose to correct keywords to focus upon.

    There are several tools available you can use in your search for profitable keywords. Some of them are free and some you have to purchase. The free ones are okay to start with but once you start making some regular income online, you'll want to upgrade as soon as possible. It's that important!

    That's enough to get you started making money online fast, or at least fairly quickly. I'll be expanding on this information in further articles and blog postings so you can really tear it up!'ll only get out of this what you put into it.

    One last closing message for you, it's best not concentrate on making money online fast but to take your time to build a solid business foundation for a long-term profitable business. 

Replacement Watch Bands - Finding the Absolute Best Replacement Watch Bands

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Thursday, 16th January 2020 @ 4:58pm

  • Since you're in the market for replacement watch bands, you probably want to know how to go Apple Watch straps about choosing the right one. There are a wide variety of available watch bands out there, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs.

    First, consider the band you currently have. Were you pleased with it? If so, then you may want to get a replacement in the same style. For instance, if you have a Citizen watch you just loved, you can get a replacement Citizen watch band with ease. There are a ton of options out there -- even if you want something totally different from what you have now!

    Of course, you will have to match the band to the face of your watch. If you have a very classy and professional looking watch, you'll want to get a band that matches, rather than something sporty looking. On the flip side, if you have a sporty looking watch, then getting something diamond encrusted certainly will not work!

    You'll be pleased to know that there are also options in between. You can get something that will truly last you and will look quite elegant at the same time. Stainless steel watch bands are one example that fits the bill.

    In addition to having different materials for your watch (such as stainless steel, leather, cloth, and so on) consider that there are also different closure methods. For instance, there are Velcro bands to make it easy for you to put on for those who enjoy a casual watch! The choice is truly yours and the variety is incredible.

    It might be the case that you're a little intimidated about purchasing a replacement watch band because you're not sure if you'll be able to put it on the face of your watch properly.

    There are a couple of different measurements you'll need to think about so you can be sure. First, you have to ensure that the width of the watchband will fit the face of your watch. Another consideration is whether the size of the watch band itself will fit your wrist. Be sure to measure these things properly before making your purchase.

    There are some replacement watch bands out there that make this process easy for you by having links that are easily removable. Even if it has traditional links, you can take it to a jeweler to have it done. It's quick and easy to do, so don't let this hold you back at all.

    There are many different reasons for wanting to get a watchband. Even if you're distressed that you need a new one because you liked your old one so much, look at it as an opportunity to freshen up your watch. You can put a new spin on an old watch for a very reasonable price. It's neat when you can make something old look new again!

    You will also be able to find the best possible prices when you shop in the right places. There are some online options that have an incredible selection and great deals for you when you look into replacement watch bands today. 

Istanbul - The Perfect Medical Tourism Holiday Destination

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Thursday, 16th January 2020 @ 10:40am

  • There are not many medical tourism attractions in the world that offer as much variety to tourists as Istanbul. The city has some splendid mosques, sprawling palaces and magnificent monuments that make Istanbul a much sought after tourist attraction. Before taking off to free istanbul tours Istanbul, make sure that you have made adequate arrangements for Istanbul transfers, hotels and sightseeing tours so that your vacation remains hassle free and you spend your whole time discovering Istanbul. Some of Istanbul's major tourist attractions are:

    Hagia Sophia: Hogia Sophia was built way back in the 6th century as a cathedral by the then Christian rulers. Later, Sultan Mehmet II converted the cathedral into a mosque by adding minarets. Currently, the monument resides as a museum. It is considered to be the major tourist attraction of Istanbul that pulls tourists from all over the world. 

    Topkapi Palace: Once the seat of Ottoman Empire, Topkapi Palace was built by Mehmet the Conqueror. Each wall and roof of this massive structure speaks volumes about the rich history and grandeur of Istanbul. People cherish walking through the hallways, courtyard and are most intrigued by the luxurious residential quarters and royal bed chamber of this palace. 

    The Grand Bazaar: The Grand Bazaar prides to be the oldest and the largest bazaar in the world. The network of 65 streets connects you to over 6,000 shops, several restaurants, mosques, markets and inns. A visit to Grand Bazaar will overload your senses with enough smells, sights and sounds. 

    Turkish and Islamic Art Museum: A nice Istanbul sightseeing tour is incomplete without a visit to Turkish and Islamic Art Museum. This museum is said to house the most striking collection of Moslem artifacts in the world. Today it is accented by the 40,000 exhibits and various fine examples of Ottoman Turkish art. 

    The Hamaams: No visit to Istanbul is complete without checking a few of the 20 historic hamaams left over from Ottoman rule. A typical treatment at a hamaam includes a relaxing hair wash, a scrub with massage, facial, etc. The admission tickets to these hamaams are high.  

What Exactly Is Bamboo Viscose, and What Is Its Impact on the Environment?

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Sunday, 12th January 2020 @ 11:22am

  • In an Asian tale, the bamboo is considered to be where humankind originated from. According bamboo viscose fabric to the myth, a man and a woman emerged from one big bamboo plant split in two.

    In Chinese philosophy, the bamboo is considered a noble plant, along with the orchid, the chrysanthemum, and the plum blossom. The bamboo was regarded with honor because it's not just a plant, it's a part of people's day-to-day lives. After all, it's used as a decoration, a material for furniture, cooking, agriculture, weapons, instruments, and for clothing.

    Recently, there's been a trend called eco-fashion involving the usage of bamboo in clothes. In this process, rayon, a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber can be made using purified cellulose coming from bamboo wood pulp. Bamboo rayon is also known as bamboo viscose in fabric descriptions. The final product is the synthetic fiber used in this "environment-friendly" clothing. However, many counter this claim that bamboo rayon is truly eco-friendly.

    The Bamboo Viscose Process

    You can find a lot of opinions about bamboo fabric. Some say it is eco-friendly; other's say it's not, and this is mainly because there are many methods to create rayon. The most common way is called the viscose process. Here, it is generally known to manufacturers that bamboo is dissolved to make a thick viscous solution that is forced through a spinneret into a quenching solution where strands solidify into fiber. The main problem in this method is the solvent used in dissolving the bamboo. It's called carbon disulphide - a known reproductive hazard. This endangers the workers, and it can pollute the environment through its emissions.

    A Natural Habitat

    When people hear bamboo, baby panda bears come to mind - yes, these cute little black and white fluffs are associated with the plant mainly because wildlife experts surmise that ninety-nine percent of a panda's diet consists of bamboo. One environmental problem about using bamboo for fabrics is the destruction of habitats for pandas - considering that they are an endangered species. However, others argue that this may not be the case. Agricultural studies proved that the plant can grow up to 4 feet a day, bagging the title of "the fastest-growing woody plant in the world". This makes the growing of bamboo absolutely sustainable.

    The Eco-Warriors' Stand

    The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has issued their stand in this issue on August 2011. In, it was stated that bamboo can be truly eco-friendly as long as it is processed right. According to the site, "natural bamboo or bamboo linen is truly green". They furthered their explanation by stating the process - "by crushing the woody parts of the bamboo plant and then using natural enzymes to break the bamboo walls into a mushy mass, the natural fibers can be mechanically combed out and spun into yarn." But, rayon produced using the viscose process is not truly friendly to the environment.

    More recent developments using the non-toxic low alkaline 'N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide' are now in production in textile mills around the globe. If you are serious about finding bamboo textiles and products that are environmentally sound, you'll want to look for independent environmentally sustainable and organic certification such as the Oeko-Tex certification. Oeko-Tex Certification includes testing of processes, raw materials and final products for chemically-free and environmentally sustainable practices. That way you'll get the bamboo products you want without hazardous environmental impact and avoid any unsafe chemicals in your clothing, bedding or furniture. 

    A product is truly called eco-friendly when it's not harmful to the environment - helps preserve natural resources, and avoids contributions to pollution. But unfortunately, some products which come with claims of being eco-friendly don't have these attributes. Now, the responsibility lies with you-the consumer; if you truly want to go green, you must be able to determine which is eco-friendly, and which isn't. 

How To Develop Winning Strategies For Sports Betting

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Thursday, 9th January 2020 @ 10:20am

  • Whether you are betting for fun or you are a professional bettor making a living from sports betting, all of us would like to win all of the time. This is obviously unrealistic but, even if you can win just over 50% of the time, you are going to come out ahead. For instance, if your betting unit 토토사이트 is $10 and you win at evens 55% of the time, your return is $100 on your unit bet of $10 which is a great return. However in order to win consistently, you have to develop winning strategies. This is only the fancy way of saying that you have to develop a set of basic rules and follow them with discipline.

    Do your homework. It is very important for you to look at all the available facts and statistics and then make an objective and reasoned judgment on what is the best bet to make. There are plenty of sources on the Internet which provide you with a wealth of information and this includes many of the sports books who necessarily have to stay right on top of the latest feedback. When you buy a new car or a home theater system, you are not going to do so without plenty of research on what you are planning to buy and why you should buy a particular model. Why should a sports bet be any different?

    Long-term view and discipline. Like any form of speculation such as trading in forex or commodities, sports betting should be handled with discipline. You should never let your heart rule your head and make bets out of sentiment or emotion without ensuring that you are acting sensibly. Over a period of time, develop a system that works and stay with it while tweaking it as appropriate. You should also take a long-term view of your sports betting since trying to get rich overnight or risking everything on one bet is a sure recipe for disaster.

    Spread your bets. Paradoxical as it may sound; the first thing that you have to do to win big is to avoid losing big. If you lose big, you would often have an impossible task in making up your losses with your remaining betting capital. And, if you lose really big, you would have nothing left to bet with. So it is prudent to define how much you can afford to lose, called a stop loss in financial trading parlance. Then, make sure that you risk only between 2% and 5% of your capital on each bet. This way, even if you lose a few times in succession, the losses are manageable. In the best stock market trading tradition, it is also prudent to diversify your bets.

    Get the best odds. After you have decided your bet, don't blindly bet on the first sports book that you come across. For instance, in line betting, you may find differences of several points in the lines that different sports books are offering. This is because different sports books are more worried about balancing out their respective bets rather than worry about the overall situation. It is not unusual to find differences of up to three points on basketball. You should remember that in tight games, even one point could be the difference between your winning and losing. The difference is most significant in the daily sporting events.

    Timing your bet. Timing the placement of your bet is crucial to getting the best odds. This is of course a matter of judgment and you cannot get it right all the time. However, it is a point to bear in mind. Also track significant news that could change the odds in your favor such as injury to a key player. As a rule of thumb, if you are betting on a favorite, do so early. 

What You Need to Know About Pen Kit Tooling - The Tools Needed to Make Wooden Pens

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Wednesday, 8th January 2020 @ 2:53pm

  • This article is about bits that are used in drills, mandrels and bushings that you will need to wooden pens make your own really unique pens. Referring to the word tooling makes reference to the wooden pen supplies you will need that are reusable.

    When you are selecting the tooling that you need for your upcoming pen project these are the things you are going to have to do.

    You need to drill a hole in the exact center of the wood blank. Tubes made of copper are glued in this hole. Then you need to take the pen unit and attach it to the mandrel, which is in the lathe.

    The drill bit must be a parabolic flute bit to make it fit exactly. This is between the wood and the tubes of copper. . Other bits can cause damage through cracking, and the drill can't be slow, as this will cause burning. The drill bit itself can be bought in a hardware store, and they are specifically designed to drill long tubes. The bit is made with a 135-degree split at the tip. Its drilling abilities are perfect for drilling through various materials such as grain wood for example. It performs a crack free job and is much faster. This is the reason why industries such as space and aircraft utilize them.

    On the lathe there is a straight steel shaft called a mandrel. The pen blanks are mounted on these and turned. The end of the mandrel has a centering hole as well as a nut, with the other end going into the lathe's headstock.

    A drill chuck or a special arbor will hold the shaft in the lathe. The #1 or #2 Morse taper is the tapered arbor you will want. Consult your lathe manual to determine the right one to use, although most seem to favor the #2.

    The center hole that has the nut, which is at the end of the mandrill, is where the live tailstock center goes. This is the shaft support. Be very gentle when tightening the mandrel so that it won't bend or flex.

    The A and B pen kits have two mandrel sizes. The first one is "A" approx. and the thick shaft if "B" at about 0.921". The B shaft is used for the pen kits that are larger as it has fewer whips to it because it is able to give stronger support gives better support, making a more precision pen.

    The bushings are next with the pen kit.When it comes to knowing how far you should turn the wood down it's the bushings that are the requirement for this. You need to do this so the matching pen parts are lined up.

    With a little bit of patience and some hard work you will have a beautiful pen set made in no time. The key is not to rush your project but follow instructions carefully and stay with the exact measurements. Once you have done your first set no doubt you will want to go on to making many more. 

Bamboo Cotton Bedding for a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Wednesday, 8th January 2020 @ 2:48pm

  • When it comes to comfort, cotton has always been people's first choice. Now, the latest trend best bamboo pillow that has hit the market is that of bed sheets made out of America's most popular cash crop - Bamboo.

    Below are some reasons why you should consider bamboo bedding for your home:

    Bamboo sheets offer both comfortable and luxurious look and feel and is often compared to silk and Cashmere textiles.

    You can easily get durable and comfortable Bamboo products at affordable prices. These sheets have a long life and are easy to maintain.

    The amazing temperature regulating capabilities of the fabric makes these types bedding ideal for sleeping as they keep you warm and cozy in winters and cool in the summertime.

    It is eco-friendly and renewable.

    Bamboo for a Healthy Lifestyle

    Bamboo sheets are considered to be the best for healthy sleeping. We all are aware of the fact that environment in today's date is not as healthy as it used to be twenty years back. It is now a very common thing to get skin or lung problems due to allergies caused by micro organisms in the air. In such a scenario bamboo cotton bed sheets, duvet cover, pillow cases, blankets etc prove to be a good option for those who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma or any kind of skin allergies. Bamboo cotton bedding is recommended by doctors for healthy living.

    Bamboo is hypoallergenic material that makes it highly resistant to dust mites and other microscopic organisms that cause asthma. It is also good for summers as Bamboo has the ability to absorb a lot of moisture thereby regulating temperature and producing natural cooling. Bamboo cotton is known to be one of the most robust textile fabric. It is durable and at the same time very soft.

    Maintenance of Bamboo Products

    If you want to retain the hypoallergenic qualities of your bamboo cotton sheets then please ensure that you use only organic washing detergents for these sheets. Avoid any kind of strong detergents especially the ones that have bleaching materials in it because not only will they eliminate the hypoallergenic qualities but also embedded harmful chemicals that may not be good for your skin.

    Bamboo Cotton Duvet For Your Home

    Bamboo duvet covers have become very popular and are very much in demand for various reasons. Bamboo cotton duvet covers are very soft and smooth and are available at very affordable prices. The amazing temperature regulating capabilities of the fabric makes these duvet covers ideal for sleeping as they keep you warm and cozy in winters and cool during summertime. So, you don't have to make different arrangements for different seasons. What more can you ask for? The Bamboo cotton duvet are made up of high quality and eco-friendly fabric. These duvet covers come in all kinds of colors and design so you can easily select the one that matches your interior perfectly.

    To summarize what has been written above let's take a look at benefits:

    •Extremely soft fabric comparable to silk which is why bamboo cotton is the best for your home

    •Antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities make Bamboo cotton beddings the best for healthy sleeping.

    •Thermo regulating feature keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers.

    •Easy to maintain

    •Available at affordable prices

    •Extremely durable.

    One of the suppliers of our Bamboo cotton products are purchased from Royal Plaza Textiles. 

Sports Betting - Advanced Level

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Saturday, 4th January 2020 @ 10:47am

  • If you have never really become involved in sports betting before, or even if you bet on sports at beginner and intermediate levels, you probably think of the activity as "fun." It involves gambling 먹튀검증 and it involves sports, what could possibly be bad about it?

    That line of thinking can often get people into trouble when it comes to advanced sports betting. The mistake that is made here is that a person puts too much emphasis on the "sports" in sports betting and not enough emphasis on the math.

    The reason for that is fairly simple: very few people like math. What they do like is the idea that with a little bit of knowledge, they can win some big money doing something they enjoy (watching sports). However, in the advanced stages of sports betting, you can throw a lot of that "fun" right out the window.

    The honest truth is that interest in advanced sports betting means that you have decided that you want to make some money sports betting on a consistent basis. There are some strategies you can apply when it comes to the actual sport, but for the most part advanced sports betting means paying a lot of attention to a lot of different numbers. What do we mean? Take a look below!

    On arbitrage:

    Remember, no matter how well you may know sports or even how much inside information you may have, gambling on an outcome in a sports event always entails some degree of chance. Advanced bettors eliminate this chance by concentrating on solid math equations and numbers (numbers never lie).

    What this means for the advanced bettor is that a lot less time is spent watching games on television, and a lot more spent crunching numbers in front of a computer screen. Arbitrage betting is the best way to ensure winning when it comes to sports betting.

    In sports betting, arbitrage means finding different odds from different bookmakers, so that you are always guaranteed a win no matter which side wins in a game.

    Basically, what you need to do is to find one bookmaker which offers certain odds on one side in a given match, and then find a bookmaker offering certain odds on the OTHER side in the same match. Here is an example:

    Bookmaker 1 has odds of 1.10 on Team A and 8.00 on Team B

    Bookmaker 2 has odds of 1.20 on Team A and 5.00 on Team B

    If you bet $835 on 1.20 at Bookmaker 2, and $125 on 8.00 at Bookmaker 1, then the total amount you bet will be $960. If Team A wins, you win $1002. Subtract the amount you bet (and lost) at Book 1; the result is a $42 final profit. If Team B wins, you win $1000 and lose the $835 bet at Book 2, but you still gain a $40 profit.

    Because the numbers were right, you stand to win a small amount no matter who wins. The money won will go up depending on how much you wager.

    That, of course, is the key to arbitrage betting. The percentages returned are relatively small, so you only make money quickly when you wager big. That means you have to be extra careful with your calculations!

    Aside from the amount of homework involved, arbitrage betting is getting more difficult as bookmakers try to align their odds in order to avoid the professional gamblers who use the technique. 

Customized Plastic Molding Indianapolis

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Monday, 30th December 2019 @ 3:37am

  • Indianapolis rotational custom moldingAt R & R Technologies LLC, we've got many advantages over other customized plastic molding companies in the Indianapolis area.  But before looking at what we offer, it's very important first to look at everything is rotational molding and also the
    Roto Molding processes which can be used throughout the production phase.  Its always best to start with the basics first to get yourself a better overall focusing on just how its done and why its better.

    Rotational molding is a method that involves heating plastic resin into a fluid state and injecting the material to a mold.  The mold gives the object its own shape and design. Through this process we're ready to mold various kinds of plastics in to different sizes, thicknesses and lengths, and as stated by your customer's design layout and specifications.

    Assessing the Different Techniques 

    Indianapolis custom plastic moldingThere are several plastic molding techniques that exist and each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages depending on design and costs.  Services and products made through vinyl molding comprise bottles, kitchen utensils, plastic mats, caps, toys and a lot more. Surprisingly, the mouse and mouse that we use with your computers may also be formed using plastic modeling processes.  The fundamental idea is to pour the liquid material in a formed mold so that once the liquid melts along with the mold is removed the final product remains.

    These methods are unique in terms of the way they produce items.

    For instance, injection molding involves pushing melted plastic into a mold cavity so that when the liquid exerts it takes the form of the cavity.  This procedure can be utilised to mass-produce products such as bottle caps and toys.

    Blow molding molding is just like injection molding merely that in the latter, the molten material is forced out of a socket .  Subsequently the mold closes in on it and forces the liquid outward to comply with the interior shape of this mold. This, compels the liquid to take the molds' contour as it warms.  The procedure can be used to fabricate products such as bottles and containers.

    Our Indianapolis custom plastic molding on the other hand, uses hollow molds which can be filled with plastic powder and affixed into pipe-like spikes moving into a central location.  As the molds bend on individual arms, the hub brings the complete mold into a sealed off valve causing the powder to soften and stick on the inner surface of the mold. Later the mold is sprayed with water evoking the plastics to seep to hollow parts.

    Advantages of Our Rotational Molding Indianapolis Services

    1.  Design flexibility

    Our custom rotomolding technique helps manufacturers to create and fabricate products on any kind of space offered.  Additionally, parts created from multiple pieces can later be consolidated into a large completed piece.

    2.  Cost advantage

    Tooling for custom design molding components is less expensive compared to other types of molding while there's not any demand for a inside center for fabricating purposes.

    Consistent thickness

    Since this sort of molding permits these services and products being forced to rotate evenly, this permits the resin to coat every face evenly.  This leads to consistent wall depth unlike other kinds of molding where you find services and products to be weakest at the corners as a result of greater stress.

    4.  Stronger Services and Products 

    Factors like corrosion-resistance, presence of durable new plastics, one-part structure and presence of fresh and durable plastics all unite to cause our custom vinyl to be more expensive than products from additional molding techniques.

    Short manufacturing cycles

    This manufacturing version shortens production times when compared to other molding techniques.  That is due to the fact it is likely to style a specific solution, contain it tooled, in addition to begin production within a period of approximately three months.  That is marginally shorter than other molding methods such as injection molding that may have lead times up to six months. This helps to bring products into the market much faster.

    6.  Easy to alter

    Because of simple tooling, it is possible to make minor adjustments to existing molds to be able to allow for your changing client or customer requirements.

How Men Can Look Good, Feel Better, and Get Ahead in Life

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Saturday, 28th December 2019 @ 3:45pm

  • Everyone has a desire wants to appear good in front of others. The personal appearance can tell a lot about personality and individuality. We instantly recognize and separate a well-groomed person from others. There is an uncanny power in personal grooming. Some are gifted and some develop the sense of better grooming over a period. It is amazing to see how most click site successful personalities in politics and business are well groomed. It is very rare, indeed, to see any successful man who is not taken care of his appearance. Moreover, a well-groomed person also gets better treatment from others, in addition, attracts better opportunities in life.

    However, anyone can learn the art of grooming. Undoubtedly, women instinctively are better groomers than most men out there are. This article focus on what men can do to enhance their image to build better personal brands and to develop more confidence.

    When we meet a person, within couple of seconds we judge a person on how well groomed. Firstly, we notice about the hair. Interestingly, when we attire a business suit, people instantly notice about our face and head and then our hands. Therefore, even before the words spoken, your counterpart has few precious seconds to judge you closely. In an instant, he or she knows instinctively how to treat you in the dealings ahead. This is where most people fail to make first good impression. Unfortunately, they get far less than what they deserve in their lives just because of the appearance.

    Fortunately, men can learn to make few changes in their daily routine and build a better image of them. They need to start giving more time every day to take care of their appearance. Actually, we men continuously and unconsciously send clues to people about what we are just by our external appearance. Every time you go out, people are assessing you. Be well groomed and, off course, well dressed on all occasions.

    Now let us get serious! First and foremost thing you should do is to get your hair nicely trimmed. Make sure that there is no protruding hair from your nostrils; remove hair from your ear and facial hair. If you have mustache, keep that in good shape. Allocate good extra few minutes ever day to check and remove unnecessary hair. It is preferable you chose a good hair-cutting salon to groom your hair periodically. Allocate specific day and time to visit your hairdresser.

    You should notice how leading politicians and executives take care of their personal appearance. Indeed, their charisma is their greatest asset! By grooming well they present themselves well to public. They know how to utilize their well-groomed looks to build up their personal brand value.

    What one must do to build a better personal image? Surprisingly very few adjustments necessitated. For example, if you are accustomed to twin blade shaver, buy a latest three-blade shaver for a finer shaving experience. Buy a good quality scissors to take care of extra hair on your face, ear, and nose, a good shaving cream, a decent aftershave lotion, and a clipper to trim your nails.

    In fact, all put together they would not cost more than a mid day meal in a trendy restaurant. Nevertheless, if these tools used properly, they bring you priceless looks and curious glances from others. Moreover, by taking good care of your hair, you not only presented, but also add a good dash of confidence. Who does not want to look good, confident, moreover, classy for the money and time well spent?

    By incorporating this practice in your daily routine, you can enhance your brand image and value. This indeed brings good satisfaction to you.

    Finally, other than improved personal appearance and enhanced confidence, well-groomed men can attract potential mates, if a bachelor, and importantly, gets eager business partners and clients to give more business contracts. It is wrong to assume that people does not notice you. If one is well groomed, others know you in an instant that you are one of effective people who give attention to details. This quality, indeed, sells well in the business world.

    Therefore, whether you are going outside for a stroll, shopping, or meeting an important client, or even attending a prestigious job interview, make sure that you take care of your personal appearance. With constant attention to your personal details, your life, career, and business reach new heights. 

The Importance of A Marina Control System

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Saturday, 28th December 2019 @ 1:43pm

  • Did you know that the ordinary meter reader makes multiple errors daily when calculating power and water usage?"  These errors can accumulate. Here at Dockside Power Inc., we have
    Dock Power Pedestal developed a data monitoring system that helps you prevent these unnecessary costs, and that makes problems with marina lighting and power something previously.  Located near Naples we are here in order to relieve some of the strain which comes with being a marina owner seeking to work out marine power.

    Our Energy Management System

    With our system, it is possible to enable the dock master to monitor the energy of electric power and water intake of each slide.  The tracking we supply includes amps, voltage, also KwH, and gallons used. This program not only diminished the amount of human error, but also increases the effectiveness and efficacy of a Dock Master and the employees involved.  With the information gathered, the information is moved into the point-of-sale method for billing purposes.

    This really is a superb advantage for a marina owner as it gives them the choice to remotely turn off power for slips that are empty.  This way, unused slips do not waste marine electricity. In the same way as any other appliance or electrical company, if the docks bos idles it could potentially be a costly investment.  With distant shut-off capacity, you can areduce your carbon footprint, and also be in a position to market as a green marina.


    Marina Power and Lighting Benefits

    As a result of System Group Technologies, we could come up with an innovative marina power distribution and tracking system.  There are many benefits to getting this method, for example:

    Logging and coverage of marina power data

    Real-time monitoring of electricity use and parameters

    Energy use decreased when slips are not in use

    Our marina management system has a Programmable Logic Controller intended for certain marina monitoring and management functions, in addition to a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for Dockmaster port to the system, alarming, and data recording.

    Our Marina Project Design

    Dockside Power layout with reliable and compact integrated power, metering, and communication.

    Intelligent Meter Integrated with Pedestal

    "Smart" tubing used for power and water observation, which can be networked to central monitoring and control system.

    Marina Control System

    Programmable Logic Controller constructed for specific marina tracking and management functions.

    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for Dockmaster interface to network, alarming, and data retrieval.

    Custom designed system utilizing any or all of fiber optic, Cat5/6 cable, and proper wireless technologies.

    Contact Us Today

    If you are a proud marina owner, we're the resource you're on the lookout for.  Utilize our marina electricity and lighting. Dockside Power, Inc. was created to offer the best remedy to the marine electricity needs of marinas and houses.  With more than 40 years of experience in marine power, we custom design capability pedestals unique to your needs. All goods are here for you at our location near Naples.  Contact us now to get all the essential information you want in regards to marine power and marina requirements. We are here in order to assist!  

WordPress or Tumblr? Who Rocks Your World? Who Wins the Blogging War?

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Friday, 27th December 2019 @ 3:57pm

  • So blogging has become the way to communicate with your customers, and to generally spread WordPress Support Services the word about your company and services. Yet - which service should you use?

    I wanted to blog and was overwhelmed with the blogging platforms that one can choose from today. I soon realized that the two big players are Tumblr which was founded in 2007 by David Karp and Marco Arment the New Kid on The Block. The second player is WordPress which started on May 27, 2003, by Matt Mullenweg. As of August 2010, version 3.0 WordPress had been downloaded over 12.5 million times.

    Yet, I couldn't find any information as to which one was better, which one is more robust, which one has better search engine optimization strategies for getting your website ranked higher? I searched the web, talked to my online marketing friends, CEO's of start up companies, and still no-one seemed to know. I tweeted about it, asked my Facebook followers, and recorded a few video blogs. Still no answers. I really wanted to find the answer.

    I noticed that a lot of venture capitalists and angel investors are on tumblr so I decided to follow them as well as the CEO of Tumblr just to stay in the loop. I like knowing what is going on anyway so why not have these guys/gals as my inspiration? Plus, I like to know who invests in what and what is going to be the next big thing or cool company. WordPress seems almost old school to me but what do I know...

    Thus, in this article I will compare two of the main players in the blogging world - Tumblr and WordPress.


    Tumblr can provide you with all of the tools you need to get your message out there, as quickly as possible. Using the Tumblr micro blogging environment, you can quickly start blogging and the following elements are supported as standard - text posts, images, video, audio, links and quotes. According to a March 8, 2010 post by David Karp to the Tumblr staff blog, the site is now averaging 2,000,000 posts and 15,000 new users every day. As of 2009, Tumblr had an 85%retention rate compared with 40% for Twitter.


    - Super easy and simple interface for ease of use

    - Stylish backend

    - Start your video blog from day one by either uploading videos or pasting code.

    - Tons of themes that are free and newer ones that you can purchase every week

    - Tumblr Tuesday filled with staff picks of the best blogs to follow

    - Easy phone management tools

    - A plethora of 3rd party tools are available.

    - SEO friendly

    - Easy to add Google Analytics

    - Set up in less then five minutes and you can start blogging

    - It is FREE to use your own domain name and easy to point it too! Just change an A record in your DNS on your name server and voila your in business.


    - It is not that easily expandable

    - Can't directly link to RSS

    - Archives not easy to read

    - Commenting is not a built-in feature

    - Limited flexibility and support - Although the Tumblr community is very helpful.

    - Proprietary software


    It is Open Source software and is powered by PHP and MySQL which means that there are thousands of developers, programmers and more working to make it better all over the globe. It isn't going to go out of business and nonproprietary software is always a good thing. Or as I like to say, "It is so good."

    Hosted on Yet, you have the ability to use your own domain for a small charge - this service is easy to use, with a simple set-up. WordPress includes a selection of features. However, be warned - you will have to install them yourself! Or hire a web developer to help you out.


    - Open Source Software

    - Big community with lots of support/multiple language support

    - Tons of well designed themes to choose from

    - Anti-spam built into the blogging platform

    - Integrated statistics system

    - Commenting built in


    - Very basic plugin support

    - You can't install your own plugins

    - Use of adverts (sometimes)

    - There is a charge for using your own domain per year

    - Cannot optimize for Search engine optimization strategies

    - It costs extra for additional storage

    Conclusion: Both services have pros and cons, however, generally speaking, Tumblr appears to be the winner and my choice for ease of use and pricing. It is totally free. It appears to be more hip too and I like to follow the movers and the shakers in the industry and they can't stop buzzing about Tumblr. I recommend using Tumblr for your video blog and the give WordPress a try for your articles and harness the power of both innovative technologies and "Crush Your Competition" with great content. 

    Whereas WordPress can offer more theme options for your blogs yet, seems a bit clunky and old school to me. It may be an idea to perform a trial on both Tumblr and WordPress, to compare the functionalities yourself; after all - one man's trash is another man's treasure! Whatever your choice you need to start blogging now. Don't be stuck in 1998. Besides blogging is fun! 

Sports Betting Advice - How to Choose the Bets

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Friday, 20th December 2019 @ 2:49pm

  • Sports Betting Advice - What You Need to Know

    Betting on anything is an integral part of human nature,토토사이트 it would seem. Even kids bet against each other in any game or activity. They do not use money, of course but may put their prized possessions on line. Betting on sporting events has been with us for a long time. It has now grown up into a major business.

    Every sport has bets made on the outcome or the players. People are always hopeful of improving their betting skills and make a lot of money. This is where sports handicapping tips come in.

    People who give sports betting advice look at every aspect of the sport, the players involved, their performance on and off the field. They make a study of this, and based on their observations they give their advice. They even study the body language of the players during the game and base their predictions on all these details. Sports betting advice give you tips that could help you place your bets judiciously. You then hope that you have made a winning bet.

    This could be rather hard on your nerves if you are new to the betting business. Everything may not always work out according to your expectations. But you must learn to take it all in your stride. You will need to be strong minded in this business. Suppose you had placed your bet on a player and this player was sent out of the game for some reason even before the commencement of the game. You might feel as if your world has come crashing down on you, and you might be inconsolable. If you want to continue betting you must learn not to get upset by such unexpected turn of events. It never pays to get into a panic spin when such disappointments happen. Sports betting advice and tips will usually help you deal with such situations.

    If you are in the habit of regularly betting on your favorite game or player, it is very important that you collect every bit of information about the game and the player. Your knowledge of the sport must be practically encyclopedic. You should have the statistics about the player, and the game, at your finger tips. This data should cover quite a number of years, extending as far back as you can go. No detail should be left out of consideration.

    Good sports betting advice helps you understand every aspect and nuance of the game and this is how you learn to make winning bets. When you make winning bets consistently, you will rake in a lot of money. There is even software related to sports betting tips are available and you can make excellent use of them.

    Good sports betting advice helps you understand every aspect and nuance of the game and this is how you learn to make winning bets. When you make winning bets consistently, you will rake in a lot of money.  You can even find software to give you sports betting tips so that you can make excellent use of them.

Custom T-Shirts Recognize Common Bonds

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Thursday, 19th December 2019 @ 3:09pm

  • Believe it or not, custom t shirts are more than just identifiers. They are tools in which many people can remember a shared experience. If you have a young child on a sporting team you've probably noticed that they get excited when they see others wearing league tees off the game field. It doesn't generally matter if the other child in question is in a different age group or played on the red team instead of the green team (heaven forbid). What does matter is that they both played in the same league and as a result automatically have something in common.

    When are Custom T-Shirts a Good Idea?

    Family Reunions -- This is a time when families get together. Sometimes members of large families go years at a time without seeing one another. Custom created tees are a great way to identify family members for the purpose of these reunions, especially if your reunion is being celebrated in a large park or other area where other people and families congregate.

    Sporting Leagues -- Tees can be used not only to identify league members but also to identify players on a specific team. If you are in charge of purchasing shirts for your sporting league you will definitely want to find a screen printer that has many options available for color.

    Church Groups -- Churches today often have groups that perform community services and participate in charity events. Having shirts created to identify you as part of a specific church group can eliminate confusion and make you recognizable not only to other members of your church organization that you may not know as well as others but also to those that are being serviced by your church group as a person to go to for assistance.

    Looking for custom t-shirts and other resources?

    School Groups -- Whether your school group is a group of second graders on a trip to the zoo or older students that are participating in academic bowls, chorus programs, band workshops, or various other activities outside of school matching tees are a great way to identify students that are part of your specific group (and ultimately your responsibility).

    Charity Events -- Whether you are participating in a Relay for Life or the Race for the Cure or any other charity event, custom tees are a great way to identify and recognize the participants. There are people all around these events in general and it's a great idea to be able to easily identify participants by having them stand out from the crowd. Custom tees are also a great way to commemorate participation through the years, especially for those who participate multiple years.

    Of course there are only a few examples. There are many more occasions when custom designed t shirts are a good idea. Just remember that they can be used for identification, advertisement, recognition, and rewards as well as just to share a message. The trick is always in selecting the message you want to share and creating custom t shirts that make that statement for you, a qualified screen printing service can help you with all the details. 

Commercial Printing - Reading the Fine Print for Hassle-Free Printing

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Tuesday, 17th December 2019 @ 2:55pm

  • There things you should know but are too lazy to read. When it comes to buying things online or doing transactions such as online commercial printing, the fine print should be treated as guidelines to make transactions flow more smoothly. It helps both you and the printing company to read them carefully.

    The fine print can be found in almost any business transaction. The fine prints give you further explanations. It can also be the terms and conditions applicable to your orders.

    Such fine prints are present at the back of parking ticket, the back of the laundry claim stub, and of course, in most websites. In commercial printing companies, it is best to read the terms of use so you can adjust your expectations. It will save both you and the printing company a lot of trouble in the future.


    o Because each project is made with your specifications, all orders are final. When you approve a proof, or waive approving one, you consent for the job to go into production, especially when you have paid for it.

    o What you approved will be printed, regardless of typographical errors, low resolution, or distorted images. Even if the mistake is obvious, they are required to relegate it as your artistic license. This is why proofing is such an important step so you can check your file before you signal it or approve it to go into production.

    o It is utterly important for you to review the digital proof they send you. At times, when the printing companies see poor quality images that will translate to poor print, they will advise you during the proofing stage. Remember, your input greatly dictates the output. If you have high-resolution images then that would automatically be obvious in the final print output.

    Reprints and Refunds

    o Human error can be minimized but are entirely unavoidable. When customers see a difference in their job specification they should call the printing company within 24 hrs and ask for a reprint. They will ask you to return all the printing jobs before they issue a reprint.

    o At times when the customer changes their mind and decides to cancel a print job, (before the proof is accepted) refunds are possible given no work has been done. Certain charges for digital proofs and other services will be deducted from the actual refund. Plates, professional fees and such should be expected.

    Turn Around Time

    o The turnaround time is only for the actual printing time. You should give allowance for the pre-press time (or the approval of proofs) and shipping time. Even when you waive your proof, there can be trouble with the wrong file format, or the file quality. In this scenario the printing company may request you to upload another file before putting your job to press. Turn around starts after the approval of proof and payment of the job order.

    o Only business days are counted, so you have to check their business days. Also take note of non-working holidays. Turnaround ends when the prints leave the warehouse. Shipping is cheap flyer printing excluded from the count, so you should allocate time for shipping as well. Although the printing company arranged for the shipping, they have no control over what happens to the prints after it leaves the warehouse.

    These are simple guidelines you should take note of when acquiring the services of an online commercial printing company. For other inquiries, you can call the printing company ahead of time to guide you through the printing process. The extra effort of knowing the guidelines of printing will help make your printing experience hassle free and pleasant. 

Care Tips For Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Posted by Rahul Raheja, Tuesday, 10th December 2019 @ 2:49pm

  • Virgin human hair extensions are expensive, but they definitely are worth buying because they are natural and they get to serve your hair needs for a very long time unlike treated and synthetic hair options. There are so many styles you can choose from as well as color shades and lengths when buying the virgin human hair extension. But the truth is that your virgin human hair extension is as good as the care you accord it.

    If you are not keen on taking good care it, then you risk damaging it from dryness and improper care. When you buy virgin human hair extensions, it is advisable that you also find out what the best ways of taking care of the hair is. Here are some basic but very important care tips that will ensure your virgin human hair extension remains in good condition thus serving your hair needs loyally.

    Tip 1 - Brush it before washing and before going to bed. This is a simple practice that eliminates tangles as a result of friction or wind. It is however very important that you avoid brushing the hair when wet because follicles tend to be vulnerable during this period.

    Tip 2 - Choose an organic shampoo that is sulfate free. The fact is that sulfate only strips hair of natural oils that are essential. Because your scalp does not supply the strands with necessary nutrients, you need to use products that do not end up drying the hair strands. Choose natural oils and conditioners to manage the virgin human hair extension without damaging it in any way.

    Tip 3 - When washing the virgin human hair extensions use warm water so that you do not damage the scalp and cuticles. Wash in gentle downward motions using the palms. Avoid bunching up or scrubbing the hair together because it opens cuticles and when they rub together they cause friction.

    Tip 4 - When still, well, add a few drops of natural oils like coconut and almond and ensure you apply evenly so it penetrates cuticles and moisturizes it as appropriate. Rinse hair with cold water to lock in nutrients and moisture and then allow it to air dry so you do not dry out the strands.

    Tip 5 - Make sure you keep the hair moisturized same way you do with your skin to keep it in top condition. Almond and coconut oils are some of the best for moisturizing. You can use the oils twice a week or when you feel a need to put in small amounts so you do not end up with messy oily hair. For styling and frizz, you can use argan oil although it is dry oil and will do little to moisturize the hair.

    Tip 6 - Avoid the use of heat on virgin human hair extensions and keep chemical based hair products off it too. Select the best organic, natural hair products to enjoy the best results caring for your virgin human hair extensions and own hair too. All hair products should be gentle and beneficial to the hair. 

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