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Interview with Andrew Hansen -- Co Founder of Digital Worth Academy

Andrew Hansen - Co Founder of Digital Worth Academy
Andrew Hansen is one of the top rated super affiliates in the world...

He is an SEO pro from Australia...

He's the cofounder of Digital Worth Academy with his business partner Sara Young...

Used to do this interview with Andrew a couple of days ago, and asked him to share his experience and ideas to help all online marketers especially new affiliates to gain some benefits from his expertise...

So without further ado, here is my interview with Andrew Hansen...
Q1. Would you please inform us just a little bit on your background and what led you to work as a full time affiliate?
"I am probably unusual in the sense that I did not have a"background".
I began making blogs and running ads on these when I was 19 yrs of age. I was just about right out of high school plus that I get very lucky after I had been introduced into some entrepreneurs that were attempting to sell things on line.
I am 32 now and this has proven to be my livelihood. I've been making websites, doing affiliate marketing and purchasing things on the web since."
Q 2. How did you make money when you started internet affiliate marketing?

"Initially -- just like many internet marketers -- that I started out selling supplements. I remember one weight loss pill, and yet one hair loss cream were one of my very first commission checks.

The crazy thing is that I was doing a rudimentary version of what I still do today: Produce content, get it ranked in Google, etc.."
Q3. What are the biggest obstacles you had faced to become the success you are now?


"The internet of now is nearly unrecognizable on the internet I started out on. A major challenge is always consistency. It's easy to have one success online, but to keep an electronic digital firm successful long term way keeping on top of being and changes regularly willing to improve your plans, even when they're"not broken".
Q4. How would you drive traffic to your affiliate sites or to your website of a Merchant that you're promoting?

"I'm an search engine optimization guy. I do more face-book advertising now than in the past, more P interest, and get more traffic from referrals. But good old Google is what I have stuck to.

For other individuals though, the"just how to drive traffic" question is just one of efficacy to a company version. There's no"best" way to drive trafficonly good ways of getting the sorts of traffic that turn your traffic into earnings"
Q5. Apart from money, how has internet affiliate marketing online influenced your life style?

"I think life style should be considered the prime advantage of working for yourself and running an electronic digital business. If you wish to earn exactly the identical quantity of money every year, and not be responsible for the failure or success of an enterprise, then the job with a fantastic salary is a wonderful thing.

If you are ok with some alterations, and you are willing to sacrifice the time and money to get it off the floor, acquiring a business will indicate that you can take weeks away at the centre of this week. You can take 6 weeks holiday a year instead of 2. You will not respond to anyone. You're going to be rewarded for the effort. That's a fairly wonderful life too."
Q6. How has internet affiliate marketing online changed on the past couple of years, and how do you have reacted to these changes?

"Tech are the simple answer. Additionally rivalry. Affiliate marketing online used to be mostly younger guys in their basements, now you'll find Fortune 500 companies monetizing with affiliate supplies.

You have to be smarter and more tactical today. But you can find also greater chances. You will find more niches, affiliate networks... more miniature corners of this web that enormous competitors don't bother to the touch , however regular people can earn a wonderful surviving in.

On the tech front, I am thinking of platforms. It doesn't pay to be considered a 1 trick pony anymore. Possessing a specialization in say Facebook advertisements is nice, but if that means you understand nothing about SEO, a rival may end up eating you."
Q7. What mistakes have you made out of your affiliate promotions/sites and exactly what could you have done otherwise?


"I guess I am echoing a place from above here, however I know I have been too slow to change at certain things previously. I have fallen from the snare of feeling comfortable that a plan is working well, and perhaps maybe not watching attentively enough for the improvements that are crucial to produce in order to keep growing.

Now I'm far more intent on looking ahead and trying to be the first one in my market analyzing a new technique instead of the last one.

But that's one of the numerous mistakes. Another significant one is that I am a huge fan of the"minimum viable" approach. You establish the minimal workable of one's website, a sheet of articles, a promotional strategy, and you also improve it as time passes and based on results.

But I've learned there are occasions at which"minimum viable" does not serve youpersonally, and also for the sake of a major benefit, you'd have been better off making a large bet on some thing, committing more resources, carrying it out really well, and being outside in front of your market because of it"
Q 8. If you are going to begin from scratch again, what would you do with Digital Worth Academy?

"I would build one single web land and try to ensure it is valuable as possible. I've made close to 100 small websites through the years even though it has been profitable, I must try not to consider exactly how much more profitable it could have been had I committed all the resources and time into one property"

You can download a free publication from Andrew and Sara where they show you the way they utilize and counsel internet affiliate marketers to use today.
Q9. Last but not least, what could be the 1 advice you may give to affiliate beginners?

"Start from day one by believing about what you are doing as a business. You are not playing around on a pc, trying to hustle a couple bucks; You are starting an enterprise. It's going to require hard work and a tiny capital.

In the event you create a profit on your first month you're either really lucky or doing it wrong. But hard it sounds, be aware that the payoff is a rare and prized gift: A lifetime lived on your own terms."
This really could be the close of the interview, however, Andrew has a surprise for you...

Andrew Hansen and Sara Young have only released an incredibly inspirational (and valuable) book, and for a brief while, they will have made it available for free...

I highly recommend that you grab this while it's still on the web. It shows an incredibly powerful"research study" as well as The 5 Step"Digital Asset" Procedure they use to a make a living as superb affiliates.

Follow this hyperlink to grab your copy now.

After you download this PDF, you're going to see that a breakdown of the"Digital Asset" business model that got Andrew & Sara enormous results... and the 5 key steps that they had to create it occur.

It's a completely free, nonetheless strategy-packed guide about just what their site did, and how it can be replicated by average people that would like to put the job in...

No instantly wealth here).

Andrew & Sara are not"capitalizing on a trend" and so they will haven't"worked out a hack" to making money.

They will have been slowly altering one center digital business model for 10 or more decades, and because of how the web is changing, it's working better now than it has ever before.

Go read the report and see whether you're able to start building a"Digital Asset" of your own, today!


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