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Viralsweep vs Rafflecopter vs PromoSimple -- WordPress Giveaways FREE

Running WordPress giveaways isn't just an excellent means to publicize your blog, site or product, but it's also a fantastic way to boost your site followers.

Every successful WordPress website owner understands that publishing engaging content on a regular basis is a must if you want to cultivate your reader base and also keep the present one.

The easiest way to maintain your current viewers interested and earn new ones is to run even a giveaway or a contest from time to time.

Running competitions can work amazing things for developing a reputation and establishing a brand.

When implemented, a giveaway can bring you new readerstraffic and can boost engagement.

Luckily, thanks to WordPress network, there are lots of tools and WordPress plugins. They'll create hosting a contest in your site look like kid's play.

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Advantages of Organizing WordPress Giveaways

Renting a giveaway is a method. People today would like to have the opportunity to get stuff. If you provide them that opportunity, most will seize it.

Contents can offer benefits to website or your organization. When you run a competition on WordPress (or on any website), it is likely to be shared around social media.

More exposure means more traffic and more business attention to your WordPress website.

Giveaways when done will bring you:

#1. More followers and fans -- it takes is boosting your audience on social media, and you will see follower count increase. People today love contests and free stuff. Might also gain from this truth, right?

#2. More comments likes and overall involvement -- If entry methods would be to earn a comment, like Facebook Page, tweet or participate in some other manner, you are going to understand comments skyrocket and your likes.

#3. A larger email listing -- it is possible to gather email addresses in the procedure As individuals enter your competition.

#4. Expand the hit of your brand -- As word spreads about contest, you will be more visible to a broader audience.

You need to know what exactly do you wish to accomplish. Would you like more followers? More website visitors? Email sign ups? More paying customers? Or maybe all said?

Taking your targets under consideration, create giveaway campaign which will bring your company leap.

Viralsweep vs Rafflecopter vs PromoSimple? Which one for WordPress Giveaways

So you chose to organize a giveaway on your WordPress site. The simplest approach is using a 3rd party giveaway tool or WordPress plugin that is giveaway.

Most popular tools are Rafllecopter, Viralsweep, and PromoSimple.

They can be used on WordPress websites, and some have WordPress plugin for integration with our CMS.

All 3 programs have free versions but come in the kind of paid pricing programs for those who want extra features.

The huge advantage of this tools is that you don't have to have the plugin installed to server a giveaway in your WordPress website.

If you want to make giveaway few times a year or even once a month, there is no need for a plugin to just"collect dust" on your WordPress admin.

1. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is a favorite free application for creation that is giveaway which offers a easy and simple method to conduct and manage a giveaway.

You're able to place tasks for users to perform to the giveaway in exchange of entrances.

These activities may include things like sharing content on social networking channels, making comments, linking a mailing list, etc..

Each task keeps your users and spreads the word about your site.

Put in a plugin to add a Rafflecopter giveaway or you don't have to edit any code.

The Way to Make a Rafflecopter Giveaway?

You want to register for a Rafflecopter account. The account is free of charge, but they do have paid plans with features.

The company plan doesn't have Rafflecopter and it also contains some features to enhance the reach of a effort.

Paid plans move from $13 per month plan that is for fundamental to $84 a month for premium pricing.

After register, you will be required to Rafflecopter dashboard. Click to create your giveaway.

On the next page, then you will find a form. Is give a name for your giveaway.

This can help you arrange your giveaways on the Rafflecopter dashboard.

Then add the decorations you would like to include from the giveaway. Using the accounts, you can not insert a picture of this award.

You can still include pictures in your own WordPress giveaways post or pages by simply incorporating the list of decorations on page or post where you are hosting the giveaway.

The next choice is to select how people are able to enter the giveaway. Option is available for business accounts only.

Click on Add an Option which it is possible to add. These are activities that you could ask the user to perform to go into the giveaway.

You are able to add many choices and provide your customers chance to maximize their likelihood of winning while also spreading the word on your own website.

A useful option is"select your own task." It can be used to create various choices that were giveaway. As an example, you can input your Google+ URL and permit consumers to add you to their own circles.

Or perhaps you may want to input RSS feed URL and need users to subscribe. The possibilities are just as limited as your creativity.

With Rafflecopter a winner can be chosen by you or let Rafflecopter select it for you.

Every giveaway has detailed report (in a spreadsheet format) of every user and entry procedures. This comes in handy when assessing the validity of entrances.

After the giveaway is finished Rafflecopter will exhibit the winner(s) about the widget. So after the giveaway has ended, anyone that goes back into the widget are going to have the ability to see a winner.

Rafflecopter Free vs Paid Pricing Plan

  • Account options that are free:
  • Tweet about the giveaway
  • Like a page on Facebook
  • Follow an account
  • Leave a comment on a post
  • Create your own option
  • Account options:
  • Create a Poll / Survey
  • Join a mailing list
  • A picture can be pinned by users on Pinterest
  • Follow on Pinterest
  • Add picture to giveaway
  • Refer a friend option
  • Remove branding

After including the entry alternatives, the final step is to pick the beginning and end dates of the giveaway.

Lastly, you want to enter conditions and terms of the giveaway and you are set.

Adding Rafflecopter Giveaway in WordPress

As soon as you've created your giveaway, click the Access Widget button. You will be given a code that you can paste into WordPress to display the Messenger widget by rafflecopter.

Copy the code and go to your WordPress admin area. Make a post or page for your giveaway. Switch to text editor style and paste this code.

Log into your Rafflecopter account if you want to edit your giveaway and edit giveaway.

There's absolutely not any requirement to upgrade code following changes. Changes are implemented.

If you are using a visual editor to create your posts, then you will need to change to a text editor before you paste your Rafflecopter code. Then refresh the webpage , if the widget does not appear on your page or article.

For now, Rafflecopter doesn't have WordPress plugin that may be used instead of code onto your page that is desired.

2. Viralsweep

At some stage you encountered Viralsweep widgets, if you enter a lot of giveaways. They are used on Facebook pages and blogs, websites.

Viralsweep is an program designed to assist you drive more action and value. You may make campaigns that are complex for almost any company objectives.

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To begin signup for an account and then put in your website. You may add more than 1 site. Each website has its own sections, therefore it is easy to be organized.

Viralsweep giveaways may have one or more entry jobs which could be optional or mandatory.

Viralsweep selects a random winner from all entries, when the giveaway ends. You can then contact winners via email and choose to display the winner's name and photo on the widget.

Viralsweep giveaways are much quicker to enter compared to Rafflecopter. Tasks like tweeting or after on Instagram can be carried out with one click, rather than pasting and copying hyperlinks or waiting for pop-ups to load.

Though this makes life simpler for the entrant, it does make it tougher for the giveaway organizer to assess if entries have been completed.

The Messenger planner may select that login is needed to take part or without the need for logging. Login approaches are Twitter, Facebook, and email.

You can even enable a choice that entrant should put a title, email address, postal address, etc..

How Does Viralsweep Giveaway Tool Work?
You'll need to bring a website, to use Viralsweep programs. You should have added a website.

Viralsweep makes it effortless to switch and add more websites. To add a new site just click the drop from the navigation and then choose"Add Site."

Then you must pay for each website for desire, In case you've got several websites added to a Viralsweep accounts you would like to update package plan.

Below are. I must admitthey look excellent!

Viralsweep is made up that you use to Create campaigns:

  • Catch
  • Competitions -- Produce great looking mixes with manners and various numbers how you want people to input
  • Gallery -- Build social media galleries
  • Rewards -- Allow customers unlock a reward for finishing some activities that are predefined

Viralsweep is simple to use whether you're a big corporate or a small business.

Viralsweep integrates many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Eventbrite, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Twitch, YouTube, along with Vimeo.

Viralsweep integrates with different email providers such as ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Bronto, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Emma, MailChimp, Mad Mimi, Sendy, iContact, HubSpot, GetResponse, etc..

In addition, it integrates with Shopify, Google analytics, Bitly, Zoho, etc..

Where potential Viralsweep attempts to monitor whether an individual has completed the actions that is needed.

There is Viralsweep WordPress plugin to make Viralsweep WordPress giveaways.

You might choose to host your own WordPress giveaways utilizing Viralsweep plugin or if you think you already have too many plugins, then copy/paste code.

Adding Viralsweep Giveaways into WordPress Website

There are lots of approaches to include WordPress giveaways were created by Viralsweep.

1. HTML Widget -- Widget lets you embed your competition to any webpage that supports HTML.

This is sometimes a blog post, a static webpage or where else you can consider. If you're a Shopify user, then you may automatically embed Viralsweep within a page through install (provided you have added the Viralsweep Shopify Program ).

2. Javascript Overlay -- This is only accessible Business Plan. Users can click to enter the contest from any page that you have the javascript snippet on.

You may also automatically activate this overlay by utilizing #Viralsweep as the link.

The great thing about the flexibility means that you can make your own contest or you want.

3. Facebook -- You have the choice to embed automatically in Facebook.

4. Viralsweep WP Plugin -- Host Pictures on WordPress site using plugin. It is totally free to get from WordPress repository.

Viralsweep permits you to set particular entry actions as repeatable every day. Tweets, linking to Facebook, visiting the site... You could continue to attract users back to the competition (and possibly, the rest of your site), day after day.

When served directly kinds appear great on devices and are reactive. They subjected to the whims of the site when embedded on the page.

Supplying a link for users is all that is needed to carry them to a entry form that is formatted.

Except free program, there is bundle for $39 a month and company pricing strategy for $149 per month.

Picking The Winner

You have an option to generate a random winner, After the giveaway has ended. The winning entry will probably be a single undertaking.

It may be a Facebook webpage visit or a YouTube channel subscribe.

You need to check that winning task was done properly. Check any compulsory tasks done by that individual.

By way of example, the winning submission might be a tweet, but in the event the entrant didn't also leave a blog comment, they wouldn't be eligible to win.

You can invalidate that entry In the event the winner didn't enter correctly. Then click again to select a winner.

But this is complex and tricky if you are currently using free plan. Except checking if entries are really done, absolutely free program users have access to the winning entry.

To skip that problem have a simple to check task like a site comment or set all activities.

You can opt to show the title of the winner. This is done while the winner has responded to the email that was winning, and all can be set.

3. Promo Simple

PromoSimple is a application that provides that the resources to setup, launch and monitor the results of internet sweepstakes and promotions to brands, bloggers and websites.

You'll have to make an account to use PromoSimple instrument.

With the PromoSimple stage, you can create custom designed giveaway entry forms and integrate actions on social networking networks.

They provide you a Basic (FREE) model for those seeking to get features such as integrating social websites and working promotions on Facebook.

There are also a number of programs offered for those with specific requirements. Paid plans start at $15 a month (Blog) to run an infinite number of programs.

Features like customizing Facebook'Similar to' gates or running label campaigns are included in Business and Agency pricing plans.

All plans are available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

If you are incorporating a WordPress site and a giveaway, you can use Promo Simple Plugin which reduces the odds of conflicts with the code of WP website or additional plugins that are installed on web site.

PromoSimple giveaway WordPress plugin can add PS icon in your post/pages visual editor.

Clicking on that button will permit you to add a campaign ID (that you previously made using PromoSimple account dash ) and generate'shortcode' inside the content.

This shortcode will leave the code once the article is published or seen of the entry form.

Creating Giveaway With Promo

You have it reside on your website, Facebook webpage or website and can make your own sweepstakes or contest.

Collect insights by collecting data or including surveys and studies.

Boost your social media presence together with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter by providing opportunities to win.

By incorporating the PromoBar grab the attention of every visitor to the site.

PromoSimple integrates with Contact, and various service providers such as MailChimp, MadMimi.

A feature of Referring A Buddy is also possible. Every entrant is given a exceptional URL that they can market on their societal sites and directly through email.

The referrer has an entry to the giveaway for each individual who enters and comes through their URL.

You add your own image and colours and fonts or may select from a number of templates and themes. No graphic design experience is necessary.

It takes a couple of minutes to create your effort. PromoSimple guides one.

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At the second step, you input more specifics about the entrance mechanism to your competition like required information for participants, entrances awarded per entrant, submission frequency, etc..

There is a decent variety of call-to-actions Which You Can include:

  • Newsletter subscription -- built in integration using Mad Mimi, MailChimp, and Continuous Contact. For many others, you have to incorporate a link to a form.
  • RSS Feed subscription
  • Refer a friend choice participants.
  • Social media followers -- Twitter Follows Facebook Likes, Pinterest Follows, and Instagram Follows
  • Social Networking participation -- Organizing for Blog Comments, Instagram Likes, Twitter Tweets, and Pinterest Pins
  • Custom Entry -- Create your own custom entrance option
  • Other ways -- Multiple Choice questions, Checkbox surveys, Drop-Down question...

Every above call to action choice is now customizable.

As soon as you've determined what is needed for entering your marketing, it's time to take advantage of tools to modify layout and the layout of your submission form.

Add pictures and prize descriptions to generate excitement. Pick a template and topic or create your own entrance microsite landing pages and forms.

WYSIWYG editor permits you to layout Facebook and also Microsite pages using design expertise.

It is possible to make your own content to reveal with HTML/CSS or our WYSIWYG editor.

For every entry, you can decide to show a custom message or design to users when they have completed the entry section that is obligatory.

Entry types work across all of the devices.

Publishing Your Social Media Contest

When done you may add and Facebook webpages and entry forms or perhaps run a campaign that is single on multiple websites concurrently.

Publishing your competition is as simple As soon as you've finalized everything. You are given Various publication choices:

Code to embed into your Site

Add an entry form to your Facebook Page

Link on PromoSimple to a version

When your campaign begins you can access reports to track performance.

Reports that show geographic and daily trends of your entrants including collected data such as entry timestamps and IP address.

You are able to export any record at any time to analyze your information.

All information for your effort may be exported into spreadsheets, containing time stamp an email address, and IP address as well as any information that users entered.


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