Video Express 2 Review Is It Work or Not

Video Express Two Review Tutorial -- Tapping in the Marketing Power of YouTube

The market for video marketing and YouTube instruction is hotter than ever before.

If you have been busy on any list recently you have probably heard about Video Express two by Jeff Johnson!

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Jeff just declared a Half-Price Sale to the latest version of his bestselling Video Express 2™ training program.

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Here is what it's all about...

There are two degrees of membership to Pick from:

1. Video Express 2 Frequent Level:

The normal Grade comprises full-access to all the training.

Cost: 3 payments of $199 per year, or a single charge of $497.


The Quick Start Level includes everything that the regular members get plus additional done-for-you SEO solutions developed to help them achieve much quicker outcomes (a custom-built blog with exceptional professionally-written content, private training with me, done-for-you backlinks( and much more).

Cost: 3 payments of $799 each, or just one payment of $1,999.00.

If you'd like to learn how to construct your record, get more traffic, and find new customers by tapping to the marketing capability of YouTube...

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Jeff Johnson only posted a brand fresh case-study video for you (it is all about getting YouTube perspectives and constructing a listing ).

Here's what you'll discover:

1. The way to get views for your movies, even in case you don't have a listing and you are beginning from full scratch.

2. The real key to creating an inventory on YouTube, and also the way to use techniques like Jeff's"YouTube Bounce Back" method to build your list as fast as possible (Jeff Johnson share several list construction methods with you in the video).

3. The way to get other folks to create your videos to you at no cost (Jeff Johnson even talk about a case study of a single video that's been producing around $1,000.00 per month in affiliate commissions to the previous 5 1/2 decades... from a single movie someone else created for himfor free).

4. Which types of videos would be the easiest to produce nevertheless are still very successful in regards to selling your services and products? (here's a hint... Jeff personally use these types of videos to successfully promote a huge number of their own products and services.)

5. Besides, you'll also discover a few case studies where Jeff was able to use the exact same techniques he share with you from the video to enter into several competitive markets (survival and dating ), along with...

How he managed to readily generate hundreds of thousands of views because of his new movies (Jeff even show you how he assembled an email list of 12,000 readers in only a month or two... in a new market, starting from complete scratch.)

So watch the video under -- have the notion and take action right away!

New free PDF and training video (YouTube SEO)

Jeff just published a brand-new free PDF Cheat Sheet for you plus it's about getting more traffic for your YouTube Videos.

(You have never seen that one before since he just posted it a couple of minutes before, and it is brand-spankin' new.)

Plus, in addition, he submitted a free PDF copy of the"How To Get More Views On YouTube" presentation slides the other day and I totally neglect to let you know about them.

That means that you now you have a free 105 PDF pages of 100% pure YouTube Traffic-Getting articles to download.

Video Express 2 SEO Video

You'll find your free PDF Cheat Sheet and demonstration slides only below the 938 remarks which people have already left Jeff's site concerning the free training...

Clearly they love Jeff's complimentary coaching, so will you!

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Leo Reynolds

It's been almost 5 1/2 years since Jeff Johnson introduced his hottest selling Video Express two ™ (Jeff Johnson's YouTube traffic-getting, record building and customer discovering training application ).

However, instead of simply releasing another upgraded version of the existing product, Jeff is tearing the old one down and totally rebuilding it from the ground up.

It is the All-New Video Express two ™, and it is likely to be a remarkably popular deal.

Jeff Johnson is now releasing latest edition of Video Express 2™ and you will expect it to be LOADED with worth and quality content to help you get traffic.

Video Express 2 is packed without a 100 percent pure movie traffic-getting content. And Video Express 2™ has been his very best selling training system of all time!


  • Vendor: Jeff Johnson
  • Product Name: Video Express 2
  • Product prices: Single payment of $1,999 or 3 payments of $799
  • Niche: Video Marketing, Video SEO, Video Ranking, YouTube Marketing, Training Course
  • Establish Network: Infusionsoft
  • Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Website:


Video Express 2 is a private membership website and training program in which Jeff Johnson teaches how to construct a bigger record, get more traffic, and also find more customers by tapping into the marketing power of YouTube.

Fundamentally , the Video Express two will show you how to get more traffic to your YouTube videos from Google and YouTube, how to construct a list with your videos, and also how to find more customers with your videos.

So this course isn't about"just 1 way" to make money with videos, so it's about ways to get more views for your videos and develop a bigger email listing ALSO.

The assumption is that you already know how to make money with your list when you've got it, however, Jeff does briefly cover several methods to monetize your videos including affiliate marketing, Adsense along with being a YouTube spouse.

The course actually covers the entire range of video advertisements and earning money with videos by how to prepare your movie (readily ) and the way to optimize, the way to get traffic and then how to monetize and enhance!

Who's Behind of Video Express two

Jeff Johnson has among the largest followings in the IM area and he's associated with a few of the biggest names in online marketing for example Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss.

His specialization is traffic generation, particularly through SEO and Video.

He has released many traffic creation'blueprints' within the previous decade and has an exceptional reputation of producing very detailed, step-by-step strategies that easily guide someone from beginner to advanced.

Having sold millions of dollars worth of physical goods and electronic goods, as well as generating countless targeted visitors to his or her clients, Jeff is typically on the cutting edge of free traffic along with his approaches are meticulously tested.

Jeff is considerate, precise and concise.

The Way the Video Express 2 Function?

Lets say that you have been dreaming of becoming a full-time, successful online marketer for a couple of years... but unfortunately your fantasies aren't turning in reality.

The biggest difficulty is getting traffic to the many ClickBank offers you've tried promoting... from Green Energy materials to Registry Repair, the amount of traffic you generate die a fast death.

You have always heard that the money's from the listing, but you are not quite certain of the most effective ways to construct a list and how to monetize it. You can't afford paid traffic since it appears so expensive and risky... you are not attempting to reduce your shirt when bills gotta get paid.

So you run across this Video Express 2 course by Jeff Johnson, with a fairly great reputation so you decide to take a dip to the program.


Alright why can Video Express 2 work so good?

The principal reason it works is because it demonstrates the way you can discover the'low hanging' key words on your market... and helps you control ALL of YouTube's comprehensive ranking factors to assist you rank faster.

And yet another large advantage is that it shows how to maximize leads and conversions from your video, which permits you to maximize your profits and commissions from each visitor. Fundamentally, more cash with much less effort.

Video Express 2 Pricing

There's two payment options:

Single payment of $1,999

Here are the truth:

Video Express two is one of the LEAST expensive goods Jeff Johnson have actually sold.

Regardless of how frequently I get this question from my students I am guessing that not everybody knows the response to it.

And even in the event that you know the response to this, this does not mean you know how to fix the issues which come along with it.

The issue is"can I completely alter the primary keyword phrase my video rankings for?"

I am not talking about just adding a new keyword or 2 in hopes of generating more"related/suggested" views (they typically accounts for over fifty percent of YouTube video opinions )...

I'm talking about completely shifting the main keyword phrase that the video ranks for interior YouTube's search engine.

The solution is"yes, you can definitely change your main keyword phrase" to your movie.

But, here is the issue:

When you do this you run the risk of losing the built-in position power that your video gets built-up over time.

That usually means that the capability of your video to rank high to all keyword phrases may be severely damaged, particularly for highly competitive keyword phrases.

When it is a low competition long-tail keyword phrase, you then can actually hit on the surface of the search results in just a day or two (I just ran several new tests that support how simple it is to quickly rate high for fresh keywords).

However, if it's a rather aggressive key word phrase, then you may need to fight even harder than ever before claw your way to the very top of YouTube's search results.

Here's the good news:

There are numerous effective techniques to help your video recover a number of the lost ranking power.

And one of the very best strategies to do that's to send your YouTube and email subscribers a message requesting them to view the recently re-optimized video (possibly for the second time), and also then leave their opinions and share it upon social media... YouTube's ranking algorithms love that sort of stuff.

(Did you note that I stated rank calculations, as in over just one? That's because there is more than you.)

But not everyone has a list of subscribers that's big enough, or responsive enough to achieve this.

So here's an even more powerful means to help your YouTube video rank higher for almost any keyword phrase (even exceptionally aggressive phrases), and that pretty much anyone can do...

Build traffic to that videos view page on YouTube, and utilize the new keyword phrase as the anchor text.

Better still, it's also wise to embed that video in your blog (in a 100% first and exceptional blog post) and conduct an incoming links effort to that blog post... and rotate many variations of your keyword phrase as the anchor text.

By embedding your movie on your blog and by conducting an incoming links effort to the video on YouTube and on your blog...

You've only significantly multiplied the prospect for this the movie to appear in Google's search results... once as a video on YouTube, and once as a blog article that happens to have your movie embedded in it.

And the incoming links pointing towards (the video along with the blog article ) is one of the most powerful techniques to receive any movie to rank higher for any key word, particularly the most competitive phrases.

I've personally had a straightforward butt-ugly affiliate blog using only 3 pages plus one video produce hundreds of profitable Affiliate sales using only this one plan alone.

What exactly are you waiting for?

Start building traffic to your own videos right now, and supercharge the ranking power of your videos!


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