The Easy Solution with Connect Audience

What Is Connect Audience?

Connect Audience is your clever Facebook retargeting system from the Connectio team.

Take A Look Inside

It permits you to make custom viewers based on tasks they take through your email auto-responder.

For example if on a link opens the email or click on it is possible to send advertisements to them depending on the actions taken.

However, why is this significant?

Because regrettably a single touch marketing's times are dead!

You might have heard of marketers referring to the magical number 7...

If not...

Basically in research it's been found that clients will need to be touched/targeted an average of 7 times before they buy.

This could be via email, webpages, ads etc...


...That is why you see banner advertisements chase one around the Web after you express interest in a commodity.

However, you targeted with your advertising and can get REALLY personal.

Best results come when you utilize a multi platform approach.

...Along with the more concentrated you get the lower your ad spend.

Its no secret open rates in mails are dropping.

Therefore, if you merely send an email with no follow up advertisements then you will be seeing a decrease in conversion rates.


If you junk your listing to make up for the drop conversions then you lose subscribers.

Where ConnectAudience comes in this is

...You send 1-2 emails and retarget no more than the interested subscribers on FB.

Those who clicked on a hyperlink and for example: those who only opened.

What ConnectAudience does is fairly easy...


More Details:

Facebook advertisements doesn't have these features, therefore it is bridging a large gap in programs.

As I'd expect from Wilco along with the Connectio team it is really well constructed.

They have been testing it for months with users and results are remarkable.

For a must have piece of kit.

For it's the ideal entry point.

The up-sell is ConnectRetarget, yet another amazing tool I reviewed a couple of months ago.

It enables you to create audiences based on website actions, such as time on the site and page scroll.

For me the 2 tools go together.

With these two tools you'll be able to target just the most interested people...

Which means higher conversions and also lower ad spends.

It is not the cheapest in that which you store, but it will pay for itself.

Can I Recommend ?

Yes yes! Retargeting is the only way to utilize FB advertisements (in my opinion), you are only targeting interested people so conversions will likely be higher.

Connect Audience allows you to be more targeted, which will consequently save and make you more money.

"I been ignored with Wilco's support and development group, you certainly need that with every instrument that you set your money in. You get a reply to some question in a matter of hours and from WIlco himself! I buy anything that he creates that matches my business as a result of this. He's been supporting and incorporating attributes and integrations not just but each one of his tools for many years now. Thus UNSEEN in this industry!"

David Dekel

"This is only one of the most innovative pieces of software I've ever seen. It brings a sort of innovation to the market that will enable you to hyper-target your campaigns that you run on Facebook to this point at which you minimize your ad spend to levels that I haven't seen previously, while producing greater results, more revenue and more earnings through the ad campaigns that you run"

Dan Wegner

"Facebook is amoung the most effective tactics to reach just the right audience for a extensive selection of merchandise and services and ConnectAudience makes doing Facebook advertising a snap. I'd recommend it to anyone who requires a quick and effortless method to achieve and interact with their audience. "

Damon Nelson

"I really like this program. It is cloud based and can be basically a"set it and forget it" type of tool. I start building an email optin list or a webinar signup, I simply add a new retargeting viewer to ConnectAudience and the program updates Facebook daily with optins. I use it primarily on retarget"lookalike" crowds to my current customers. I've been successful with this strategy in adding new clients. The practice is excellent and the dashboard is coordinated in a means that is simple to understand and immediately get started. I strongly recommend using this software if you experience an email list and a Facebook account."

Allan Simmons

"I am a complete newcomer with facebook but Join Audience has allowed me to show quite targeted ads to folks who continue used our support either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years ago based on the last job date we've got on our database. A vital benefit is that because ConnectAudience is linked to some Infusionsoft system it upgrades the viewers daily, so people who do respond and reserve a job or quotation after seeing the ad are automatically taken out of the viewers automatically, with no manual input. The essential thing is, the response to those advertisements which specifically state"Hey, it's been almost X years since we heard in you..." have been the top performing ads of ANY Facebook advertising we have done. Normal costs per click through have been around US$1.88 and our average sale is around #140.00"

Kate Saunders

"I buy pretty much every software Wilco releases for two reasons: 1 ). He uses them in his marketing and they rock. 2. Wilco not just supports and updates his software consistently, he integrates new softwares with them making them more effective and powerful because of the marketing and advertising efforts.

ConnectAudience is no exception, and in a marketing world where networking platforms are changing often, it is a relief to learn that Wilco is on top of this, and retains his platforms up to date.

Technical details have derailed my efforts in the past, and ConnectAudience was a life saver for me with respect to FB viewers and maximizing their effectiveness.

Wilco has my hope, and I highly recommend all and any his goods. "

Uffe Kirkegaard

"ConnectAudience is a very powerful instrument. I like the ability to target my Facebook ads to people on a specific email list of mineand have the crowd automatically with my autoresponder daily. Between the online resources I use, the user port of ConnectAudience is one of my favorites..."

Mark Peters

"ConnectAudience permits you to really dig deep as well as re-target people that opened, or unopened your message, clicked on your link and you may put in particular rules on your re-targeting.
This is a tool that I will keep using. You will kick yourself if you don't buy! Wilco's products are almost always first class and his service is just one of the best around."

Tamas Mezosi

"If you ever plan to advertise for your customers or for your own products/services on Facebook, subsequently registering to Wilco's ConnectAudience program is really a no-brainer. We always get 3-400% ROIs (sometimes even higher) on targeting lookalike audiences of our readers who clicked email offers -- exactly as Wilco guides"

Bruce Stewart

"After utilizing ConnectAudience to get a couple of days in my Facebook efforts I went from fighting Facebook advertiser to some exceptionally satisfied advertiser. I was amazed in the difference the ConnectAudience software managed to deliver along with the dramatic increase in subscriber rates combined with the simplicity of usage.
With its auto updating features I am currently able to invest more time. Thank you Wilco for developing this fantastic tool."

Tom Tran

"Yes, great training & support for an amazing tool that's a game-changer for follow up & cross-channel advertising."


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