The Appointment Generator Review From A Real User With Special Bonuses

The Visit Generator-- A Review of Josh Turner's New Gig

I attended The Visit Generator Webinar today.

I wasn't anticipating to do it.

However I did.

Somewhere along the line of all my research study I ran into Josh Turner and his LinkedIn University things.

Low and behold, I had actually stumbled upon his newest gig called The Visit Generator.

Understanding I was going to be pitched something, I hopped on the webinar and tried to soak all of it in.

[UPDATE: 2:21:2016-- Inspiring Leaders know one another. I simply got off the phone with Dan Klein (Job Killing Coaching Program) and he gave Josh Turner some props. Know what else? He assisted Josh with business strategy. Wan na know who I want to pursue? Task Killing. Josh has a terrific item, however I see it as a great supplement to Job Killing. Have a look at the outrageous success currently shown in the enormous quantities of Task Killing Testimonials I have been hoarding for you all.]

Here is what occurred:

The Consultation Generator Evaluation-- Summary of the "Class".

If I were to get a test on The Visit Generator Lessons, I would likely stop working.

I dislike stopping working, however I likewise dislike boring.

It's not that Josh Turner does not have good things to share, it's that he goes on some tangents and repeats things that actually hold up my time.

Embarassment on me for wishing to control my time right?

To summarize the TWO hour webinar in a nutshell, here is what I learned:.

Josh Turner produced LinkedIn University and The Appointment Generator Program that is opening to the public on Friday.
The Consultation Generator Training Course includes 10 full time coaches that you have access to.
The Visit Generator program works off of the 5 Pillars of Success that Josh Turner has described in his Amazon Finest Seller: "Booked".
The Visit Generator Coaching Course has actually helped many people grow their leads and even features a warranty that it will work, as long as you do.
There is homework in The Consultation Generator Course.
The Visit Generator Course costs $1997.00.
Josh wants to make children and has actually a canine named Oscar.

Ok now that I got that out of the way, let's get more in depth so you can see what took two hours to describe.

If that sounds extremely tiring to you, then do not let me stop you from taking a look at the opportunity that I have discovered that I think is a far better choice for discovering how to produce leads online.

Now ... back to the Josh Turner Webinar ... The Consultation Generator Evaluation-- Pillars of Success.

When I first began listening to the webinar, led by Josh Turner about the Visit Generator, I had NO concept it would take 2 hours.

I nearly glazed over and lost focus several times, however I was still able to choose some gold nuggets that I'm going to share with you here in this Visit Generator Evaluation.

When the webinar started, I didn't believe to type whatever down, however as it advanced, I realized that I might develop more value out of my time by removing notes of what was being discussed, so that I might later produce this post.

To be completely sincere, I don't keep in mind everything that took place in the start.

I got a lot of talking in my head and there is something stands apart: The conversation of the book called: RESERVED.

It's about getting result in choose into your deal ... I presume.

So, eventually Josh gets to talking about 5 PILLARS OF SUCCESS, that he mentions has actually always exercised if you follow the plan.

The first of the 5 PIllars of Success is foundation. Here is what Josh is calling the foundation of this whole 5 pillar principle:.

The Structure.
Where do your customers hang out?
What do they appreciate?
Stop talking about yourself.

He basically desires you to set out a foundation of trust where you don't speak about yourself (paradoxical ... as you'll see when you keep reading) and you penetrate your potential customers life.

Just consider it the "Undercover Ops" stage. (Hmmm ... possibly I need to blog about that.).

Here are some of the other things that Josh recommends prior to he promotes his Consultation Generator Program in the webinar.

Stand apart as an Authority. (Stuff we understand, however some of us have no concept how to do it.).
How do you stick out amongst your rivals?

Is choosing your nose a qualifier?

No ... that most likely won't work.

Next indicate be made ... How do you go from bottom feeding to Leading Predator?

According to Josh, the Booked System will help you stand above the crowd as a leader in your area and assist your potential customers be more available to talking on the phone with you.

Offer Value.

Position yourself as a relied on individual. (This sounds, to me, what I do currently. I blab and attempt to be real. (I envision the majority of people do ...) So positioning myself to be who I am shouldn't be too hard ideal? You understand. Hey! I'm Charissa ... and I'm obsessed with discovering mlms. There, I stated it. CONSUMED. ).

He uses a basic explanation about success and becoming obsessed ..." When you do this, others can't catch up.".

So if you are efficient continuously and you continue to press, all it takes is you pushing past individuals who are "taking a seat". And as you continue, the brand-new ones who are attempting to do what you did will find it hard to overtake you.

Which's a good idea.

Here is what I believed and typed down while hearing Josh talk about individuals reaching you or attempting to being like you:.

" Well, thank goodness for that due to the fact that I don't believe the world could take another Charissa. Seriously ... I would be jealous.".

But I get it. I, myself, am guilty of looking at those who are beating me and attempting to learn to unwind their "secrets".

( It's fun. I love sleuthing ...).

Back to Josh ... He stopped telling me about pillars and started discussing himself. (Huh? Did you see what he recommended early on?).

Here is a few of his life story:.

He was working a crappy task at first.
He sucked at the web things. He sucked at getting customers. He sucked in social meda.
He produced an authority leadership platform and made a group of individuals who needed aid with finances. A door opened and he was then considered a leading consultant in St. Loius.
His position stated he was an authority.
Individuals believed it.

And there you go.

You ever hear of baptism by fire?

Seems like some major forced development to me!

I know the sensation.

You know what I'm discussing. There is a particular kind of anxiety that crawls up on you when you recognize that you created a lots of traffic and you have NO clue what to do with it?

Your inbox collects leads and you know it has an ability to generate income, but it's like potential energy ... it only develops motion if you eliminate the obstruction holding it up.

I desire kinetic energy in my wallet.

How about you?

If there is one thing for sure, it's that Josh wants more management oriented people joining his group.

He states it over and over again that you HAVE TO RESULT IN get observed.

Ok Josh.

I get it.

What is the second pillar?

The Appointment Generator Review-- Losing it.

As far as the 2nd pillar of success goes, I completely missed it. It was well into the webinar when I began to lose my focus ... Here is the note I made myself about the second pillar:.

( I never ever got pillar # 2 due to the fact that Josh got me off track. He spoke about not talking about himself and after that he goes on a long tangent about his canine.).

Ultimately, I tuned backed when Josh informed me that you should not discuss yourself when you are pitching individuals and buttering them up to purchase your item.

I got it. As a matter of a truth, in case I'm not being clear people, here is the recommendations Josh offered numerous times ... Josh Turner Advice: "STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF!!!".

Okay Ok ... I Got it.

I also had the ability to catch that Josh says it is ok to utilize curated material and conserve time.

Hmmm. Me likey.

Anything that saves me time is great.

I got delighted for a moment and my wheels were beginning to spin, however that darned Josh and his Visit Generator ... ... He continued ... And after that there was the blabbering.

I ALMOST turned the webinar off.

But I'm stubborn.

But ...

When he began speaking about his canine Oscar my eyes glazed over and I was coming in and out of awareness.

( Sorry Josh ... but you just ended up telling me not to speak about myself and now I know you wish to have a baby and you have actually a pet dog called Oscar).

In and out of the webinar I would go, losing focus because I got tired of all the talk of his success followed by his reason that he wants you to know that he's not loaded with it. (Josh ... I didn't believe you had plenty of it ... which is why I got in your webinar. I already thought you knew what you were discussing due to the fact that of how well formed your funnel was to get me into the webinar in the very first place ... however you oppose yourself by telling us not to talk about ourselves and then you speak about yourself. Ps.-- I understand my grammar draws ...).

Needless to say, I was annoyed that he was confusing me. Then I heard that Linkedin prospects need to be dealt with like old buddies.

Ok. I get that. But wait ... isn't that what you teach in your LinkedIn University?

Is LinkedIn University and the brand-new Visit Generator program the same thing?

Why rebrand yourself if you currently are doing so well with this process?

I wonder.

( If you know the difference in between LinkedIn University and The Consultation Generator program, please chime in with more info in the comments listed below).

[UPDATE: 2/25/2016-- I was able to catch more information from a Blab (actually cool program) that Josh was having. (This man is all over the location in a good way!) Essentially Josh says that The Consultation Generator Training Program is various due to the fact that it's a whole system. The Linkedin University is exclusively concentrated on mastering how to utilize connected in whereas The Visit Generator Course utilizes the Linkedin University concepts to a certain level along with other strategies. In addition, you get a coach and they basically guarantee your success.]
Just when I started to think that things were getting back on track Josh started speaking about mornings with coffee.

I don't get it.

Do not get me incorrect.

I really love the idea of just taking thirty minutes a day to get more clients, but ... how do you expect me to discover this system if the webinar isn't getting my attention and taking METHOD longer than thirty minutes a day.

" Awe, Screw it." I thought.

I almost turned it off. But my requirement to write an excellent post about this webinar pressed me forward ... I started to look at the clock and wonder when the sales pitch would come.

I believe I might have begun to drool and my eyes might have glazed over a little bit ... once again.

... But then ... I heard some things that caught my attention again ... Here is what I wrote:.

Techniques to get more individuals.

( Excuse any messiness ... this was being typed as I endured the webinar.).

Ok. I'm tuning back in.

He's on the 4th Pillar (I believe).

Make the effort to develop a relationship.
Called the "multi-- touch" project.
4 to 7 message campaign.
Message 1-- Hey Thanks for connecting!
Message 2-- Here's a cool short article (using somebody else's content).

Message 3-- Deal Assessment and attempt to get them on a call.

Message 4-- Follow up to see if you can get them on a call again.

Establish a relationship.
Each month this obviously includes 50 plus potential customers and about 29% will enter into the appointments. (174 annually).
The Faster Method-- "Group Welcome Message Method".
Create a group. (Via Linkedin or Facebook).
Linkedin can be automated. Thanks them for signing up with and provide them a complimentary technique session.
Facebook-- You send them a manual message doing the exact same.
Facebook Friends Strategy.
It's hard to discover potential customers.
So ... Guidance?
Stalk them and Join their groups. (Marketing Groups ... Prospect Groups).
OR determine them in Linkedin and Discover them in Facebook.

Take 2 Actions.
Send out a Message: "Hey ... I'm the founder of blah ... perhaps we can take advantage of connecting! Thanks! I wished to reach out to you!".
Follow up with a good friend request. (The door opens).
Work them. Funnel Them. Get them on a Call.

Annnd ... He's losing me once again. He's stopping briefly to speak about time.


Now he's drinking water.

Typically, 30 minutes a day will provide you 15 individuals per month which is about 3 new customers.

Now, I'm an HOUR into the webinar.

I might begin crying.

It's not that he's not offering me value ... it's simply that he's eliminating my time to produce content ... which I think I don't need.

AAAANND here comes the offers.

Oh wait, he's lastly getting to the e-mail blueprint ... Pillar 5.

Visit Generator Coaching Program.


Layer 1 on 1 individualized messages. (Hey! Did you get my FB message?).

2. They appear like e-mails you send out to a buddy.

It's not spam. You're following up with a buddy.
Use email with the other projects. There are messages that ad value to their world.

The Visit Generator Evaluation-- Cost?

Now ... to the deals at the end of the Webinar ...( that took control of and hour).

First, you get lectured on commitment. How severe are you?

And Finally ... The deal:.

The Visit Generator Review.

He ensures outcomes with his coaching and training program.

I'm amazed. It looks like a lot and you can't beat the assurance! To be honest, if you have something important to sell, $1997 is really not that bad of a deal if the approach works.

Visit Generator Rate.

In addition he states that they have actually a calendar filled out with the tasks you need to do each day. I LIKE that. It's something I actually deal with.

In order for The Consultation Generator Program to work for you:.

You have to have 4 things:.

You have to have something to offer.
You have to be a leader.
You need to desire more liberty.
You need to work.

He ensures that you get 15 leads in the first month and after that 10 to 20 each month.

It's $1997 to join.

And you can make 30% commission on the recommendations that you recommend to the program. (I actually discover this a bit complicated thinking about all of the email leaks and the webinars state that they will be closing the course soon. I'm beginning to think that the time limitation is not genuine and it's most likely a method to develop pressure for you to purchase. It's a good tactic, however I personally hate this type of technique. It's a white lie. I'm not exactly sure that's what these people are doing, but I see even the best sales guys do it. Time is an excellent pressure to pursue individuals to buy and the best understand it.).

44 lessons 5 modules.

Dedicated Coach.

Life time gain access to.

Thirty days test drive and they will not let you stop working.

And some totally free gifts like their live event and a Kindle Fire. (Personally, I 'd rather have a discount than a totally free Kindle Fire that most likely requires me to subscribed to some service to utilize it. Please correct me in the comments if I'm incorrect. I recall that they actually mentioned something about using it to assist w/ business and I keep in mind thinking that would need a regular monthly expense. It's most likely that regular monthly cost enters into a residual income of one type or another for Josh too.).

The Visit Generator Evaluation-- Decision?

I think Josh Turner knows what he is doing. His methods make sense and I like his "old pal, ole' buddy" method.

The truth that the system offers you a calendar of jobs to do every day is something that a great deal of other training programs lack.

Josh realized the requirement for this and seems to be gradually modeling his program after a more traditional education design where student are coached (aka taught) and offered research and projects.

He's taking advantage of our experienced selves from needing to go through years of obedience and following directions from elementary school.

He's clever.

As far as joining him?

I didn't, but I have actually considered it.

If I were you, I definitely would seriously consider this program under the list below conditions:.

You have an organisation that needs leads.
You aren't lazy and you're dedicated (Or you pay a VA or another person to do your work for you).
You can manage it. (Or you can finance it so that you can get the leads in to afford it).
You're severe.

I think that basically covers it.

If you're not already in a program that assures a method to get leads, then why not attempt The Appointment Generator?

As soon as you're in and it's working you can also make money from pressing more individuals into the program (aka affiliate ... which I am not).

But remember you need to have a requirement for leads.

Stuck on that?

No issue.

I occur to know a great program that focuses on helping you create a business that can flourish off of leads.

Not just that, you do not have to sign up with a mlm and you don't require a mlm blog site to do it.

There is NO.

House Celebrations.
Products accumulating.

You get knowledge and skills that people pay a premium for.

Take a look at the Task Killing Training Program.

OR ...

Arrange a call with us and learn if you're a fit. I've personally made thousands and I just continue to grow out because of this program. (No ... it's not a webinar ... it's a real live call.).

Prior to Job Killing, I was not a blog writer, affiliate or anywhere near effective at earning money from house with a computer system.

Click the banner to schedule a call. Let's chat.


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