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LinkedSelling -- An Overview of Josh Turner's New Gig

I stumbled on LinkedSelling Webinar now.

I was not hoping to do it.

But I did.

Somewhere along the line of my research I ran to Josh Turner and his LinkedIn University materials.

Low and behold, I'd stumbled upon his most recent gig called LinkedSelling.

Realizing I was going to be pitched something, I hopped to the webinar and tried to soak everything in.

[UPDATE: 2:21:2016 -- Inspirational Advisors understand one another. Know what is? He helped Josh with the company plan. Wanna know who I want to pursue? Job Killing. Josh has a terrific solution, but I find it as a wonderful supplement to Job Killing. Take a Look at the ridiculous success already proven in the Enormous quantities of Job Killing Testimonials I have been hoarding for you ]

LinkedSelling Review -- Summary of the"Course"

If I were to receive a evaluation on LinkedSelling Lessons, I would likely fail.

I hate failing, however I hate boring.

It is not that Josh Turner does not have good things to share, it is that he goes on some tangents and reproduces things that actually hold up my time.

Shame on me for trying to control my time right?

To sum up the TWO hour webinar in a nutshell, here is what I learned:

Josh Turner established LinkedIn University and LinkedSelling Program that's opening to the public on Friday.
LinkedSelling Coaching Course includes 10 full time trainers which you have access to.
LinkedSelling program works off of those 5 Pillars of Success which Josh Turner has explained in his Amazon Best Seller:"Booked"
LinkedSelling Coaching Course has helped countless folks grow their leads and even comes with a guarantee it will work, provided that you do.

LinkedSelling Course costs $1997.00
Josh wants to make infants and has a dog named Oscar.

Ok now that I got that out of the way, let's get more in depth so that you may see what took just two hours to explain.

If that sounds incredibly boring to you, then don't let me prevent you in checking out the chance that I have found that I believe is a far better choice for learning how to generate leads online.

Just click here:

LinkedSelling Inspection -- Pillars of Success

When I first began listening to the webinar, headed by Josh Turner about LinkedSelling, I had NO idea it might take two hours.

I almost shone over and lost attention several times, but I was able to choose out some gold nuggets which I'm going to share with you here in this LinkedSelling Review.

After the webinar started, I didn't think to sort everything down, but as it progressed, I recognized that I could make more value from my time by simply taking down notes of what was being discussed, and so I could later create this specific post.

To be completely honest, I really don't remember everything that happened in the beginning.

I got a lot of speaking in my head and there is 1 thing stands out: The talk of the book called: BOOKED

It is all about getting leads to choose into your deal...I presume.

So, eventually Josh has to talking about FIVE PILLARS OF SUCCESS, that he states has always worked out in the event that you follow the plan.

The first of the 5 PIllars of Success is base. This is exactly what Josh is calling that the base of this entire 5 column notion:

The Foundation
Where do your clients hang out?
What do they really care about?
Stop talking about your self.

He basically would like you to lay a base of confidence where you don't talk about yourself ( you'll see when you keep reading) and also you infiltrate your prospects lifetime.

Just think about it that the"Undercover Ops" phase. (Hmmm....maybe I need to write about that.)

Below are some of the additional things that Josh suggests before he boosts his LinkedSelling Program from the webinar.

Stand out as an Authority. (Materials we understand, but some people have zero idea how to take action.)
How do you stick out among the competition?

Is choosing your nose qualifier?

No...that likely won't get the job done.

Next point to be produced....

How do you move from bottom feeding to Best Predator?

According to Josh, the Booked System will allow you to stand above the crowd for a leader in your area and help your prospects become more open to talking on the telephone with you.

Provide Value.

Position yourself as a trusted individual. (This seems, to mepersonally, what I do already. I blab and attempt to become real. (I imagine most people do....) So positioning myself to be who I am shouldn't be too hard right? You know..Hey! I am Charissa...and I'm obsessed with understanding about mlms. There, I said it. OBSESSED. )

He offers a simple explanation about achievement and getting obsessed.....

"When you do that, others can't catch up."

Therefore, if you are productive always and you continue to drive, all it requires is you pushing beyond the people who are"sitting ". And since you continue, the new ones that are trying to do everything you did will find it tough to catch up with you.

And that's a good thing.

Here's What I thought and typed while hearing Josh talk about folks catching up for you or Seeking to being such as you:

"Nicely, thank goodness for this because I do not believe the world could take yet another Charissa. Seriously...I'd be envious."

However, I do it. I, myself, am guilty of studying those that are beating me and trying to learn how to unravel their"secrets".

(It's fun. I'm in love with all sleuthing....)

Back to Josh....

He stopped telling me about flaws and began talking about himself. (Huh? Did you find out what he recommended early on?)

Here is some of the life story:

He had been still working a crappy job initially.
He sucked in the internet stuff. He cried at getting customers. He sucked in societal meda.
He made an authority leadership platform and made a bunch of people who needed help with finances. A door opened and he was then considered a top consultant in St. Loius.
His position stated that he was an authority.
People believed it.

And now there you go.

You hear of fire?

Sounds like some significant forced growth to me!

I know the feeling.

You understand what I am discussing. There's a particular sort of anxiety that crawls up on you once you see that you created a whole lot of traffic and you don't have any clue what to do with it?

Your inbox hastens leads and you know it has a ability to generate money, but it's like potential simply creates movement should you remove the congestion holding it up.

I need kinetic energy in my pocket.

How about you?

If there's 1 thing for certain, it's that Josh needs more leadership oriented people joining his team.

He says it over and over again that you HAVE TO LEAD to get noticed.

Ok Josh.

I get it.

What is the second pillar?

LinkedSelling Inspection -- Losing it.

As far as the second pillar of achievement goes, I totally missed it. It was well into the webinar once I began to lose my attention.....

Here's the notice I left myself concerning the next pillar:

(I never obtained pillar #2 since Josh took me off track. He spoke about not speaking about himself and then he goes on a long tangent about his puppy.)

Finally I backed when Josh explained that you shouldn't speak about yourself whenever you are pitching folks and buttering up them to purchase your product.

I got it. As a matter of a truth, if I'm not being clear individuals, here's the guidance Josh gave multiple times.....

Alright Okay.... I obtained it.

I was able to grab that Josh says it's ok to use curated content and conserve time.

Hmmm. Me likey.

Whatever saves me some the time is good.

I got excited for a minute and my wheels were starting to twist, but darned Josh along with his LinkedSelling........

He moved on and on.....

And there was the blabbering.

I ALMOST turned the webinar off.

But I am stubborn.


After he started talking about his dog Oscar my eyes glazed over and that I had been coming in and out of awareness.

(Sorry Josh...but you just stopped telling me to not talk about myself and I understand you Want a baby and you have a dog named Oscar)

In and out of this webinar I would go, losing focus because I got bored of all the talk of his success followed with his justification he wants you to understand he's not filled with it. (Josh.... I didn't believe you're full of it....which is why I enlisted on your practice. I believed you knew what you're talking about due to how well formed your funnel was really to put me into the webinar at the first place....but you starve yourself by telling us not to speak about ourselves and then you speak about yourself. Ps. -- I know my grammar sucks...)

Obviously, I had been frustrated that he was confusing me. I then discovered that Linkedin prospects ought to be treated like old pals.

Ok. I get that. But not what you teach in your LinkedIn University?

Is LinkedIn University along with the newest LinkedSelling program precisely the same thing?

Why rebrand yourself if you already are doing so well with this process?

I am curious.

(If you know the gap between LinkedIn University along with LinkedSelling application, please chime in with additional details in the remarks below)

[UPDATE: 2/25/2016 -- I was able to catch more info from a Blab (really cool app ) that Josh had been having. (This dude is all around the place in a great way!) Fundamentally Josh states that LinkedSelling Coaching Program differs because it is an entire system. Even the Linkedin University is solely focused on mastering how to work with connected in whereas LinkedSelling Course utilizes the Linkedin University concepts to a specific extent along with other tactics. In addition, you receive a mentor and they pretty much guarantee your success.]

When I started to think that things have been getting back on course Josh started speaking about mornings with coffee.

I really don't get it.

Don't make me wrong.

I truly love the idea of simply taking 30 minutes per day to secure more customers, however,.... .how do you expect me to learn this method in the event the webinar isn't grabbing my attention and carrying WAY longer than 30 minutes per day.

"Awe, it." I thought.

I nearly switched it off. However, my need to write a fantastic article concerning this webinar pushed me ahead....

I began to examine the clock and wonder if the sales pitch would come.

I believe that I might have begun to drool and my own eyes might have glazed over a bit....again.

...But ...I discovered some things that grabbed my attention again....

Here is what I wrote:

Approaches to get more individuals.

(Excuse any messiness...this was being typed because I sat through the practice.)

Okay.. I am tuning back in.

He is on the Pillar (I believe )

Simply take some opportunity to develop a relationship.

4 to 7 message campaign

Hint 2 -- Here's a cool post (with someone else's articles )

Hint 3 -- Offer Consultation and try to get them onto a telephone number.

Message 4 -- Follow up to see whether you can get them onto a call again.

Grow a relationship.
Every month this apparently adds 50 plus prospects and roughly 29 percent will enter the appointments. (174 annually )
The Faster Strategy -- "Group Welcome Message Strategy"
Create a set. (Via Linkedin or Facebook)
Linkedin could be automated. Thank you for joining and offer them a complimentary strategy session.
Facebook -- You send them a guide message doing exactly the same
Facebook Friends Strategy
It is hard to find prospects
Stalk them and Join their groups. (Marketing Groups....Prospect Groups)
OR identify them at Linkedin and Locate them at Facebook

Take Two Measures
Send a Message:"Hey...I'm the creator of blah blah...perhaps we could gain from connecting! Thanks! I wanted to reach out for you!"
Follow up with a buddy request. (The door opens)
Work them. Funnel Them. Get them on a Call.


He is losing me. He's pausing to talk about time.


Now he is drinking water.

Normally, 30 minutes a day will provide you 15 people per month that is approximately 3 new customers.

Now, I'm an HOUR into the webinar.

I might start crying.

It is not that he's not giving me's just that he's killing my own time to make content...which I figure I do not need.

AAAANND this comes the provides.

Oh wait, he's finally getting to the email blueprint....Pillar 5.

LinkedSelling Coaching Program

Advice? --

Twist 1 on 1 customized messages. (Hey! Can you ever get my FB message?)

2. They look like emails you send to your friend.

It is not spam. You're following up with a friend.
Utilize email with the other campaigns. There are messages that ad value to their world.

LinkedSelling Review -- Cost?

Now...into the provides at the Conclusion of this Webinar.... (that took hour and over )

First, you become lectured on devotion. Just how serious are you really?

And Finally...The offer:

LinkedSelling Inspection

He guarantees results with his training and training program.

I'm impressed. It looks like a great deal and you can not beat the guarantee! In all honesty, when you have something valuable to sell, $1997 is really not so bad of a deal if the technique works.

LinkedSelling Price

In addition he says that they have a calendar packed out together with the activities you will need to do each day. I LOVE that. It's something I actually struggle with.

You Need to have 4 items:

You have to get something to market
You have to be a pioneer
You Need to desire more freedom
You have to work.

He ensures that you receive 15 leads in the very first month and after that 10 to 20 per month.

It's $1997 to combine.

And also you can earn 30% commission on the referrals which you recommend to the app. (I actually find this somewhat confusing considering all the email drips and the webinars state that they will be shutting the course shortly. I'm beginning to believe the time limit isn't real and it is more likely a strategy to create pressure for one to purchase. It is a fantastic strategy, but I hate this kind of strategy. It is a white lie. I am not sure that's what these guys are doing, but I find even the best sales men do it. Time is a superb pressure to chase individuals to buy and how exactly to understand it.)

  • 44 lessons 5 modules
  • Dedicated Coach
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 day test drive and they won't let you fail.

And a few totally free gifts such as their live event and also a Kindle Fire. (Personally, I'd rather have a reduction than a totally free Kindle Fire that likely requires me subscribed to some service to use it. Please correct me in the comments if I am incorrect. I recall that they actually said something about using this to assist w/ the business and I recall thinking that could demand a monthly price. It is likely that monthly fee goes into a residual income of a single form or another for Josh too.)

LinkedSelling Inspection -- Verdict?

I believe Josh Turner knows what he is doing. His approaches make sense and I enjoy his"old friend, ole' pal" approach.

The simple fact that the machine gives you a calendar of activities to do each day is something which a lot of other training programs absence.

Josh realized the demand for this and appears to be slowly modeling his program after a more traditional education model where pupil are trained (liberally educated ) and provided assignments and homework.

He is tapping into our accredited selves from having to experience years of obedience and subsequent instructions from regular school.

He is smart.

So far as linking him?

If I were you, I would seriously think about this program under the following requirements:

You have a business that needs leads
You are not lazy and you are committed (Or you also pay a VA or someone else to do your job for you)
You can afford it. (Or you can finance it so that you can Find the leads into manage it)
You are serious.

I think that pretty much covers it all.

If you are already in a program that promises a means to acquire leads, then why not try LinkedSelling?

As soon as you're in and it is working you can even get paid from pushing more people into the program (aka affiliate....which I'm not).

But remember you've got to get a need for leads.

Stuck on this?

No problem.

Now, I happen to know a great app that specializes in helping you develop a business that could thrive from prospects.

Not just that, you don't need to join a mlm and you do not need a mlm site to get it done.

There is NO

Home Parties
Products piling up

You gain skills and knowledge that people pay a premium for.


Schedule a call with us and find out when you're a fit. I've personally made thousands and I only continue to mature out for this program. ('s not a's a genuine live call.)

Prior to Job Killing, I wasn't a blogger, affiliate or anywhere near successful at making money from home with a computer.


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