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EcomHunt Vs Pexda -- Best Dance Product Tool?

Just like the name"Pexda vs Ecomhunt" is a review and comparison of both winning merchandise tools. And also a guide to help you opt for the best tool with minimal investment for maximum values and returns.

So, just in case you're looking for Pexda alternative or Ecomhunt, both tools pretty much perform exactly the identical work.

The psychological picture most people have concerning dropshipping is that drop shipping is company which requires little or no investment from your part.

The reality isthat you do not need to take inventory and this has drastically lowered the barrier entry to e-commerce business.

Because, these times, it's possible to start a worldwide business with a couple of hundred bucks and generate tens of thousands of revenue.

Thanks to dropshipping!

However, is it always that easy? You might be thinking all that I need to do is market goods, get orders and forwards orders to the supplier.

Butseriously, there is more to fall shipping than forwarding and receiving orders. A gorgeous website isn't going to generate sales for you, using thousands of products on your site doesn't guarantee success for your business either.

The number #1 key is that the product that you choose to market. Thus the term"winning Products"!

But how can you know those products?

Attempting to do these yourself is definitely going to have a whole lot of time, and even after finding them you still will need to market them to the right audience.

EcomHunt Vs Pexda, the Growing Products Tools

Now, this is where the winning product's resources come from, and for these functions, there are plenty of tools popping up every day. Amongst those is for WordPress users, it comes with access to 50 winning merchandise prepared to begin selling instantly.

But one of the resources, Pexda and EcomHunt have gained tremendous popularity leaving users confusion of selecting between the two tools.

Pexda or even Ecomhunt!

Hopefully, once you're through for this article you need to have the ability to earn the right decision for your business.

This is after knowing what the two tools offer and ways to use it for your advantage.

Let's begin, shall we?

Everything Concerning EcomHunt & What it attracts the Table

EcomHunt is a system that gives its users with hot and fast selling solutions. In their own word, they explain EcomHunt as"a curation of bestselling products every day".

To put it differently, EcomHunt saves you the stress of searching AliExpress and spying on other shops all in the name of hunting for winning and best selling solutions.

With EcomHunt, you can make them with the product hunt and concentrate on what matters to your company, which will be making money.

Even the EcomHunt version 2.0 also includes a much better guarantee. In the first two months of analyzing it comprises, users could create $320,000 in total sales. Leaving almost every consumer with more advantage to make money with their library of winning merchandise.

A few of these newest features include:

Sorting and Filtering system for comprehensive search on the platform
Many categories for generic and niche Solutions

Item type... i.e, products with free delivery, retail price, funnels etc..
Easily save a merchandise for later use
A true review of products from AliExpress etc..

The best part is, it has a free plan.

More Details:

Simplicity of Use

The platform dashboard has a fairly intuitive interface and it's user friendly. All customers have access to the winning goods being curated daily in their dash.

However, absolutely free members are confined to delays and restricted product information. Products curated'now' are available to all members while free members will be delayed until the next day till they access the products.

When you find products relevant to your store market, all you will need to do is click "show me the money" and it'll bring out all related info for the promotion of the goods. Information such as:

  • Item profit
  • Analytics
  • Facebook advertisements report
  • Item video
  • Ads targeting
  • Social media engagement
  • Links to suppliers and other shop selling the products

Most of what you need to do while utilizing the stage are pretty straight and completely newbie friendly.

Membership Plan/Pricing

The amazing part about EcomHunt is that the value they offer in the least expensive price. But, there is no guarantee the price won't go up anytime soon when you have a take a look at the sort of value they provide for this cheapest price.

Fundamentally, EcomHunt has only two plans which is the totally free Plan and the Guru Plan. The free plan is obviously restricted but still comes with his own pecks. With the free plan, you are licensed to two products per day and with restricted info.

The ace plan, on the other hand, gives you access to everything EcomHunt has to offer. It's the full package that will cost you $29/month. But presently you are still able to buy it at a discounted cost of $20 a month, which can be restricted.

I believe Pexda plan is greater than this which we're going to start looking into afterwards.

EcomHunt Tutorial & Webinars

It one thing to get it done for you and it is just another thing to instruct you how to do it yourself. That is why Ecomhunt is rather different from Pexda and other searching tools.

They took the opportunity to educate their customers about the best way best to go about the whole process by giving blogs posts, tutorials, and webinars.

The webinars and tutorial can really help since some of the users hoping to use the platform are a complete newbie to the business version. So, using this sort of webinar is going to be a plus advantage.

The only real downside to this is that the majority of the webinars can only be obtained for pro members. To take part from that users must update to the Pro Plan.

AdHunter Chrome Extension

This Google Chrome extension is another intriguing tool by EcomHunt known as the AdHunter. It's available for both free associates and pro members.

AdHunter extension enables you to find your competition ads on Facebook, then utilize the advertisements as a template to conduct a better advertisement for your products.

As soon as you activate the extension it will start to reveal you advert on Facebook which it is possible to replicate to re-run a better one for your products.

The AdHunter supplies you with details of current advertisements working on Facebook. Details like the targeted country of that advertisements, traffic amount, engagement etc..

But to utilize the extension you have to be an active member of EcomHunt, either pro or free. You are able to download the extension here.

Product Analytics from EcomHunt

The product analytics practically shows you everything you will need to know about the item. From profit margin into the actual price you'll be getting the merchandise from AliExpress.

It shows that you stats for social media, can it be a trending merchandise or outdated? These are what you receive with the item analytics.

With this, you are going to know how much you are going to be producing on every product even before you promote them. Which will be a guide to direct your strategy as regarding boosting your company.

In the end, you'll be supplied with all the reviews and votes of the product, this will inform you whether it's a faulty product or maybe never.

What made their service complete is the other sources the supplied. As a way to promote the products, a Few of the cases include:

Facebook targeting and report done for you

Other store's report.

If you think about it, then all you have to do is run the advertisements in line with the template supplied.

Disadvantages of EcomHunt

Let's look at some its setbacks. You should know, not all is roses and sunshine when it comes to EcomHunt.

Free Membership: There's nothing the completely free membership has to offer, to benefit from the true package users as to update to the paid program (Pro).

I'll suggest you do a bit Facebook insight until you market these goods on Facebook since their targeting is not necessarily accurate.

That's about for EcomHunt, next we are going to be looking into Pexda and what it has to make to this table.

Still with me?

What Concerning Pexda Review & What it has to Offers

Pexda like every other search instrument is a curator of winning merchandise. What they are doing is, they supply their members using their own winning products together with the data needed to promote the item. Or merchandise with winning potential.

Pexda has done well in upgrading their members frequently, they have many classes and sub-categories to supplement market stores. Some of their classes include:

  • Toys
  • Beauty & Health
  • Family
  • Pet
  • Passion animal etc..

While getting access to such products they also provide every related information for boosting the product. Data like profit margin, provider cost, votes, shops already promoting the item.

Ease of Use

Pexda like Ecomhunt has an interesting interface, user-friendly and easy to navigate dash. They try as far as possible to ensure it is effortless for their customers to easily find what they're searching for.

With every categories subcategories, users can easily look for goods related to their shop. Better is the ability to sort for products. You can either type by Newest or requests etc..

The way these tools work is very similar to each other. By clicking on a product you'll love to promote, you are going to be giving access to all data required to promote the products.

Pexda Pricing & Membership Plan

Pexda pricing is in fact different from EcomHunt. With Pexda there's no totally free membership program. They just have a paid trial of 14 days with a first payment of $1.95 then $14 for your sequent month.

At that, the plan remains restricted, the normal program members are delayed by three times before they could have access into the winning products. To actually have full access to Pexda service users' needs to upgrade to the high plans.

Let us Look at the programs, it comprises three which are:

Premium Plan ($24.95per month)
Ultimate Plan ($99.95/month)

Pexda Chrome Extension

The chrome extension work in similar ways with the AdHunter expansion by EcomHunt.

The Pexda extension also lets you see current or trending ads on Facebook and use it as a template to conduct a much better one for your goods.

The extension is absolutely free to download. You can opt to search for advertisements based on remarks participation or shares depending on how you want it.

All you have to do is download and insert the extension to your own chrome browser after it's activated click the"Auto Hunt" and see it do its work.

Product Data

The product data supplied by Pexda is actually what makes the product a winning product. The hard parts are for the most part performed by these.

All you will have to do is pick your merchandise and promote. Some of the data supplied by these include:

  • Amazon report
  • Facebook targeting suggestion
  • AliExpress report
  • Ad insight for products .

Pretty much whatever you will want to be effective with the products is provided together with the merchandise and how you're able to promote them.

Thus, as you can see, it is a done for one tool!

Pexda Shortcomings

Let's take a look at a number of their shortcomings in comparison to another instrument.

The Standard Plan is Very limited: This plan should be a free plan because the value provided is equally limited.

High Definition Fee: the price of compounding is somewhat higher, most notably for the ultimate plan.

Do remember that the suggested advertisements targeting are not necessarily true, it is important you do a bit of Facebook insight on the products that you wish to promote before promoting them.

This will compliment what you need available already and which makes it Effortless to work with

Overview of Pexda Vs EcomHunt

Fundamentally, both of the tools give the exact identical solution but one can be less expensive compared to the other.

Ecomhunt is quite affordable when you take a closer look. Meanwhile, that does not mean it doesn't deliver. The majority of it features just like Pexda are topnotch.

And virtually everything available from the Pexda ultimate strategy can be observed using EcomHunt Pro. So, why pay much when you can get it for less.

One of the other features that made it stand out is that their own webinarstutorials along with their website article they provide makes it worthwhile.

I think being meticulous is extremely significant while conducting any business, therefore it very important you plan your budget accurately in other to get better outcomes.

So, which one is it likely to become Ecomhunt or even Pexda? Allow me to know what you believe in the comment box.


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