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DesignEvo Review: Best Web Logo Maker (100% FREE)

Updates on 14 April 2018: DesignEvo is not 100% free anymore, simply because they have updated their service and they are now offering a whole great deal more features when compared with this time when I first wrote this review.

Because of Zella from DesignEvo, I had the chance of testing out all the attributes for their paid service. And I'm going share with you in this upgraded DesignEvo review

Welcome into some DesignEvo review!

Saw the featured picture over? It's a logo I made using DesignEvo to get FREE in under 5 minutes. Pretty awesome, right?

Possessing a right logo is very critical for both people and companies/organizations since it plays a critical role in branding.

It may cost up to a few hundred bucks. That's definitely not an option for small business owners or people who have little budget.

This is where DesignEvo is useful.

DesignEvo Review Summary

Product Name: DesignEvo

Product Form: Web-based Logo Maker (Now supports desktop computer software and cellular App)

  • Founder: Founded by PearlMountain in 2006

DesignEvo Logo

Overview: DesignEvo is an very easy-to-use online logo maker that enables ordinary folks to make professional and fashionable logos at absolutely no cost using a very little budget.

  • Rating: 99/100
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Create a FREE Logo using DesignEvo Now >>

What's DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a online logo maker. It is a graphic layout tool specialized in making professional logos for anybody regardless whether you understand how to design or not.

It is a really simple'drag and drop' tool that enables anyone to become a"symbol designer" for FREE.

  • Website & Blog Logo
  • Brand Logo
  • Business Logo

More details:


To make a professional logo with DesignEvo, all You Have to do would be to follow the next 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a Template

Choose a Template to Locate Logo Ideas

Do not be concerned if you don't know how to begin designing your logo.

You can find 3000+ 4000+ expert logo templates arranged into 17 classes for you to pick from. They can offer you lots of great ideas.

Step 2: Add Icon, Text & Shape

The next step is to include the emblem title, subtitle and also the icon you desire. There are countless professionally designed icons for you to choose from. It is possible to add in several icons depending on your taste. Furthermore, you'll find 100+ fonts for you to use.

Step 3: Customize Your Logo

Despite people may select the same logo template for you, the entire logo is totally customizable with regards to of its colour, font, gradient, size, curve, background and layer.

So, you do not have to worry that your logo is going to be the same as others.

You simply need a little bit to creativity. And You'll get better at it after a time

Step 4: Preview Logo

Preview Your Professionally Designed Logo before Downloading

After customizing your logo to your preference, it's time to record your logo on different items.


I really adore this feature which you may have a sense of how the logo will look like on different items.

Step 5: Speak DesignEvo

To use this logo for free, you must give credit by discussing DesignEvo in your social media, blog or website.

Update 14 April 2018: This measure is only needed if you are downloading the Logo at no cost. For the paid versions, you don't have to talk about it upon your social websites. (I will discuss the pricing choice in just a minute!)

Since DesignEvo is totally free to utilize, it only makes sense if you give credit to it by discussing it in your social websites or website.

It is"compulsory" for you to do this according to DesignEvo. However, it's still possible to download your logo even if you don't talk about it.

So, basically it is sort of like a system that is septic. I'll discuss it with my friends as I've benefited from it at no cost.

Step 6: Download Your Logo

The last step is merely to get into the logo on your PC. There are three file formats out there from the zip.

If you want to get your logo for free, the only alternative is PNG with background.)

When you've downloaded the symbol, they'll provide you with to make a customized business card to get you.

This is sort of similar to an upsell. It is entirely up to you if you want the custom card.

If you want to give it a shot, you will be led to another page named FotoJet, which can be another program service from the company.

From there, you will select the templates for your own business card so on and so forth.

Here's a Fast movie that shows you all:

Alternatively, you can have a look at their getting started tutorial for more information.

DesignEvo Pricing Options (UPDATE! ) )

This is an updated section on 14 April 2018. Like I have mentioned previously, DesignEvo is no longer 100% Free. So let me describe to you their pricing options...

DesignEvo Pricing Choices

The above screenshot is that the webpage you will see when you wish to get your own logo.

Free Logos

It is possible to download your logo for free however, the logo will maintain low resolution document, meaning it could be a little blur if you enlarge it.

Additionally, the only accessible file is PNG using background. This means that it is not possible to use this symbol in your website. Ordinarily, what you need is a PNG with transparent background logo.

So the downside of this DesignEvo update is that you may no more obtain a high resolution logo for instant use. The Free Logo is exactly like a trial. It's impossible for you to utilize it anywhere, make it on your business card, T-shirt, paper records, etc..

Paid Logos

If you're seriously interested in producing your own emblem, this is when you need the paid versions, either Basic of Plus.

With paid logos, you may download your logos in large resolution in PNG with transparent background.

You're in a position to edit and re-download it later. You'll also get a life-time support, and your emblem is print-ready.
What is the difference between Basic & Plus package?

The difference behind Plus bundle is you could download your logos from Vector PDF and SVG files. Additionally, you have the right.

What this indicates is that you are able to scale your logos without compromising the quality of the emblem.

Let me reveal to you the difference:

Basic VS Plus

Like I have mentioned earlier on, I've got access to all of the DesignEvo premium attributes, so these are the documents offered in Basic and Plus packages.

Because you can see, for Basic package, you'll just acquire high resolution and original logos.

Whilst for Plus bundle, you'll be getting two files - font and vector.

If you're using your logo for your website and for regular use, Basic Bundle is sufficient. You don't need to have the font and vector files.

But if you are creating this symbol for your company which takes one to make many different versions of the same logo, you will require the font and vector files.

NOTE: These Basic and Plus bundles are all one-time fee for a single emblem. If you want to produce another symbol with a completely different layout, you will need to purchase again.

One trick to eliminate this is to return to exactly the same emblem which you've purchased and edit it to another emblem. Then download again. Since it is possible to re-download exactly the identical emblem when you've purchased it.

This is the way it looks like on your logo gallery. As an example, I've obtained the Plus package for a few of those logos and it is going to be shown as"Plus".

For the one that I didn't cover, there'll be an"upgrade" button for you to buy higher packages.

So the trick is to go back to the identical emblem you've bought and change it to another logo you want to style.

The downside is obviously you'll eliminate the very first logo.

(Shh... Don't tell anyone about this suggestion!)

DesignEvo Features Update!

DesignEvo is not a solely"online" logo maker. It's developed their own desktop applications and cellular App.

If you search for"DesignEvo" in Google Play Store or iOS App Store, you are able to locate their cellular logo maker there.

It is free to download but when you would like to get your finalized logo layout, there are different pricing options for you to choose from based on what you need.

As for the desktop version, it's just available in Mac and they're currently operating on the Windows version.



DesignEvo is such a very easy-to-use instrument that a 5 year-old kid can create a professional logo.

The user-friendly'drag & drop' interface emphasize "What You Watch Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG).

There is no fancy designs and works to make things complex. That is why it's so straightforward and suitable for anybody.

2. No Registration or downloading of Software Required

DesignEvo is an online tool that doesn't need any downloading of applications.

This is very similar to Canva, a powerful on-line layout program. You don't need to occupy your personal computer's storage space for a bulky program.

What is even more unique is that it doesn't even have to enroll to build your own logo. This is rather different from the common tools today.

Thus, it's quite simple to get started. You can simply begin designing your logo at a single click.

3. Completely FREE to Use

There's no membership charges and no upsells whatsoever. 100% FREE regardless of how many logos you produce.


It's compatible with both Windows & Mac. It requires no additional explanation.

Update: The online tool undoubtedly supports both the Windows & Mac. But like I have explained previously on, they now have desktop version that's only accessible Mac at the present time.

5. Willing to Preview Your Professional Logo

The preview feature is not just unique but also useful. Having the ability to preview your logo on different objects enables you to have a good estimate on if the logo is actually excellent.

6. Your Downloaded Logos are in Print-Ready Files

(The Three file formats contained are JPG, PNG and transparant PNG)

Use may also leverage their own card printing service from FotoJet.

The Bad

1. Unable to Upload Your Own Icons, Images & Fonts

There is no choice for you to upload your own icons, images and fonts. That means that you may only utilize the resources in your own database.

Nonetheless, the great thing is they already have a enormous database with a large variety of collections.

You do not really need to incorporate your own.

2. Unable to Save Your Style

You can't save your logo design for future use nor to edit it later. If you close the tab, you'll need to re-design it again. In the same way, you can't access the logos you've made in the past.

So, what you can do is to look at the logo and put in it to the place. The good thing is that you could design a good logo in a couple of minutes.

This issue has been fixed. Now you can save your trademarks and access them in the future. However, you have to register and log into for this.

DesignEvo highlights free of registration is required. But, there is a"Subscribe" button at the very top right corner in their homepage.

So, I tried registering to see if there's any additional benefits, like the ability to store your designs. On the other hand, the account is totally useless.

Thus, I would suggest that you to simply construct your emblem on the spot without signing up.

Yet more, this problem was fixed with their pricing choices. Please refer to the aforementioned pricing Alternatives for more information


DesignEvo is a very awesome tool that is right for anybody to use. Next time if you require a logo for any purpose, try DesignEvo first prior to reaching outside to employ designers.

It can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.


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