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After getting an invitation to connect from a well known marketer I'm taking a look at Bitcoins Wealth Club.

Before I start...

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As I briefly mentioned previously I have been encouraged to join Bitcoin Wealth Club by a well known internet marketer who's email list I'm subscribed to so today I decided to have a closer look to learn more regarding Bitcoins Wealth Club, see if it's actually legit or if it is just another scam. Here's what the website looks like:

Bitcoins wealth club website

I noticed that the website looks like other opportunities I've reviewed recently. Are power as they are both chances for earning, mining bitconnect and pool. They claim you can earn a whole lot of money by just signing up for free and purchasing some Bitcoin.

UPDATE: USI Tech which closed it's doors to USA/Canada members is promoted by Bitcoin Wealth Club. 1000's of those that joined USI Tech fear losing their cash and arrived from Bitcoin Wealth Club. Bitcoin Wealth Club promotes BitConnect which is a opportunity

More details:

In my experience there are plenty of scams in this area. I've seen in the past few months alone there have been tons of those opportunities launching that look similar to schemes. Everything you need to do is invest Bitcoin and they say about getting a guaranteed amount of money, you don't need to do anything else because they mine or trade and enable you to generate income.

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To me these claims are daring to say the least but it is difficult to ignore them once you receive a recommendation to join. Obtaining this email around Bitcoins Wealth Club has really confused me as to me this opportunity does seem like it may be a ponzi scheme / scam however came that I admire and've followed for several decades.


Bitcoins Wealth Club is a new opportunity that has been launched by someone who's been in a couple of distinct opportunities within the last few decades. To earn money you want to invest Bitcoin but you could also make Bitcoin by recruiting individuals who combine and becoming an affiliate of this program.

A few opportunities are like this which have already launched like I already mentioned. It is certainly something that is very hot right now in Bitcoin and 2017 and as we move into 2018 and beyond cryptocurrencies in general are likely to grow. I recently put together a few videos relating to this and shared them.

I predict the cost of Bitcoin will hit at $10,000 and I be looking at making 5-figures a month by trading alt coins. I believe this to be possible however I won't be getting involved opportunities for example Bitcoins Wealth Club because in my opinion I don't trust them.

The Reason why I Do Not Trust Bitcoins Wealth Club

Clearly I am a little conflicted since I was invited to join by a marketer who is very reliable however that does not imply that I really trust Bitcoins Wealth Club and that I respect a great deal. In my experience there are too many of these firms popping up and they are all jumping onto this bandwagon.

Just how a lot of individuals will be able to generate a lot of money? It seems that folks will join and spend a lot of cash however, are those which are able to recruit others. I for example could earn a lot of money in this opportunity for the very simple reason I would be given a percentage of the investment and that I was able to readily refer 100's of folks invest and to join Bitcoin and make cash myself.

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That is what all the marketers do and it's the reason they can be prosperous in any program since they simply don't have the skills to really market and recruit others to the 42, while the newcomer fails. This is only one of the reasons I've ceased becoming an affiliate of network advertising companies on how to amuse, since the majority of them do not properly train individuals and the only individuals who make the big bucks are.

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Bitcoins Wealth Club Conclusion

In my opinion I wouldn't advocate Bitcoins Wealth Club because I would rather invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies myself with my skills and knowledge as opposed to simply hoping that the folks behind Bitcoins Wealth Club understand what they are doing.

That is my view however I shall say that I am confident that some folks will create a whole great deal of cash but it's likely going to be the people who could recruit a great deal of people into it. I won't be recommending it as I say, if you would like to learn how to trade Bitcoin correctly find out how from free YouTube channels.

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