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Who Is The Creator Of ConnectRetarget?

Wilco de is the guy behind ConnectRetarget. He left his achievement being an affiliate marketer which he has been doing full time since 2006.

For five decades, he's been selected among the top affiliates in Netherlands. He is behind many online advertising software and applications such as VideoSkin ZoSocial, Viral Optins, UpViral, ChatLinks and many others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind ConnectRetarget?

Retargeting -- linking with those who visit your sites and leave without taking action, has become easier & more powerful than ever...

It's Getting Tougher to Gain From FB Advertising lately:

There's no denying FB ads are a excellent way to targeted traffic to your offers.

But FB ads are running nowadays.

It's getting more challenging to produce your ads stand alone and people to do fact, some days, it seems like the FB Newsfeed is nothing but advertisements!

With this fierce competition for advertisement space. FB is currently charging more for ads. The'click' glory days from FB advertisements are long gone.

In fact, nowadays, it's becoming harder to have a good ROI from FB ads.

This is why:

[+] More people than ever are LOSING money with advertising that is paid.

[+] Unless you aim perfectly, you're leaving a LOT of cash shedding clients prospects and sales.

[+] Consumers are becoming more"blind" to retargeting advertisements and often your campaigns just get dismissed.

[+] earning profits and more sales online seems like an exercise in frustration.

Why Retargeting Is, these reasons are:

Standard retargeting flat out works for major brands, 49% of the world's main brands and 68 percent of advertising bureaus devote SPECIFIC budgets to retargeting.

Why? It effective. Visitors are 70% more likely to convert more than one-time traffic to a website. Huge firms with unlimited budgets and high priced advertising designers only convert 2% of 1st time visitors with paid advertisements... so with no retargeting, what chance do us small men have?

Important brands are utilizing retargeting to:

What Is ConnectRetarget

For FAR Less Than"Conventional" Marketing Costs....

Retargeting has to be a part of your promotion toolkit... because it takes advantage of a key psychological reality...

More Details:

FACT: Most Customers Need To See Your Message SEVERAL Times Before They Buy From You:

The"Rule Of 7" states potential buyers will need to encounter a advertiser's message seven days before they do it.

Retargeting is the easiest, most cost effective means to get over your message. It provides you another opportunity to get in front of your visitors and stick out from your competitors.

Why is retargeting even more powerful is customer reaction: 89% of individuals seeing retargeting ads have either a positive or neutral reaction to them... meaning most consumers do not find retargeting tumultuous... unlike pop-ups or sliders which most visitors find seriously annoying.

The Retargeting Numbers Don't Lie:

Retargeted clients are 4 TIMES more likely to convert than 1st time site traffic.

=> 400% More:

Retargeting promotes ad response around 400%.

Consumers"abandoning carts" before buy are more than 3x more likely to come back and complete buy if they are served retargeting ads.

"Kleenex" Maker Gets A 50-60percent INCREASE In As Well As Retargeting:

VP of Digital Marketing, Jeff Jarret, states the firm retargets because"it's clearly a chance to target a curious consumer." And with over 18 BILLION in global revenue in 2015. Kimberly-Clark is always on to something...

Many other household brands get incredible results with retargeting as well. All of Us know Amazon is a Significant retargeter, however here's a couple other examples:

=> Body Glove:

BodyGlove, technical eCommerce vendor, turned a $114 FB retargeting effort into over 18 THOUSAND dollars in sales.

=> AppSumo:

AppSumo gets up to 200% ROI using retargeting campaigns.

=> Udemy:

Online education course supplier Udemy increased conversion rates by 38 percent with retargeting.

The Competition's Heating Up... Can the Normal Marketer STILL Gain A Big ROI with Retargeting?

So you can...

IF you are setting up retargeting correctly to start with... IF you are welling to cover designers and copywriters to create many sets of images and advertisement copy to try against each other... IF you're prepared to eliminate money simply to get information... and in case you have the patience and the bank accounts to setup, test and track campaigns which may NEVER get any traction...

Then the solution is"yes."

Still, it's much harder to get traction with retargetng than it was a year ago.

There are 2 developments which are working against even the most successful retargeters:

FB ads are becoming more costly -- at Mark Zuckerberg's most recent corporate speech, he made quite clear increasing ad revenues is one FB's main priorities.

With greater competition, it is becoming more of a struggle for FB retargeters to create audiences.

I thought up a way to offer you dramatically BETTER way to retarget your traffic...

How to Stay on Top of The Curve For LONG TERM Results With Retargeting?

Due to tens of thousands of students using Wilco's other effective products -- such as UpViral, ConnectLeads along with ConnectAudience -- his methods have been featured on:

ConnectRetarget Software

For the previous 6 years, Wilco has been focusing HEAVILY on FB advertising. He has been around since the phases of retargeting.

After seeing the tendencies in the Industry and analyzing his own consequences, he found:

Copying Big Brands' Retargeting Efforts Is Not Working For Many Businesses:

Copying what GLOBAL manufacturers are doing and expecting the same results isn't working anymore. After all, most of us don't have Amazon's funds to run unlimited tests, or have fulltime artists and copywriters on staff to turn out ad creatives.

Meanwhile, Wilco noticed his advertising costs gradually increasing. It had been requiring analyzing, time and attempt while maintaining his expenditures under 19, to make customized audiences.

He went back to the drawing board and broke down every FB effort he had run, over worth. And discovered...

Your Leads To Reduce, Sales & Profits:

It all comes down to the principle of sending the right message.

With conventional retargeting, each individual who lands on your website is added to a custom audience... no matter whether or not they bounced off your page in .05 minutes or remained on your site for 5 minutes.

There's a significant difference in how interested these two individuals are in your products and solutions... and they had to be handled so.

Wilco knew there had to be a better method. After lots of experimenting and intensive sessions with his development team, he came up with the response:


He has produced a platform to tap into SUPER ENGAGED and viewers which makes retargeting SO MUCH easier AND more successful.

Even complete beginners can begin seeing positive results. Their advertisement costs can be significantly reduced by experienced retargeters and gain more leads and sales almost immediately.

Nowadays you do not need to. Using the new retargeting stage of Wilco, your ad costs DROP while the ROI moves through the roof.

Here comes ConnectRetarget...

Thus, What Can Be ConnectRetarget?

ConnectRetarget is your very first system to enable behavioral retargeting campaigns to be conduct by you?

Want to retarget people who scrolled all the way? Easy. Just those who visited at least 10 seconds or your site 5 + times? No issue.

Wilco's aim was to create a platform that is retargeting so effective and simple to use it would touch. It had to get these attributes:

Allow BEGINNERS to FB retargeting set up campaigns in minutes.

Permit their ROI to dramatically increase.

Work with ANY system: ClickFunnels, Shopify, WordPress, LeadPages or ANY other website builder.

100% comply with all FB's conditions of support so users will probably have zero risk of getting their account banned.

This is precisely what Wilco has created...
=> See the Ability Of ConnectRetarget Watch ConnectRetarget $35k Case Study See Exactly How This Quick Demo Video Google Search:

Creates crowds from traffic referred directly by Google -- that the'holy grail' of profitable organic traffic.

=> All Search Traffic:

Visitors called by Bing, Google and / or Yahoo are specifically searching for solutions to their issues, which makes them a market for retargeting.

Match your ads to the societal network speaking your visitors (FB, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn or YouTube) for better conversions.

=> Many Engaged:

Campaigns on visitors who've spent over 2 minutes or have seen more than 2 pages of your site.

=> exceptionally engaged:

Tap of people who view over 3 pages of your content or spend more than 3 minutes on your website.

=> Mobile traffic:

Laser target the 50 percent of users who serve ads when they're on a computer device to them, and then visit by a mobile device.

=> Immediate traffic only:

Creates a custom audience of consumers who come without a referrer to your site.

=> Scrolled content percentage:

Target a group that has searched via 25% of your site's home page.

(and a lot more)

[+] To Create Your Own Custom Audiences Using Our Intuitive Drop-Down Interface:

=> Time Online Site:

You target users that spend a specified amount of time in provide page or your website.

=Source Engagement:

Creates a audience of visitors.

Perfect geotargeting and for picking audiences by native or state language for market campaigns

=> Referral Source:

Easily craft campaigns based on traffic... serve video advertisements to individuals from YouTube, and also image-intensive advertisements to traffic in Pinterest, for instance.

Make audiences dependent on the number of times users visited your websites.

Perfect for conducting scarcity and time sensitive campaigns

=> Device specific:

Customized Made audiences for users coming out of mobile, tablet or desktop

=> Campaign:

Run targeted advertisements optimizing conversions for individuals coming like FB ads, solo ads or personal deals

Not only can you select these audience targeting choices you can COMBINE them. This offers you a special edge over the competition, as it is possible to dial in your audiences with such accuracy and ease with ConnectRetarget.

[+] Create An Unlimited Number Of Custom Audiences So You Can Run Laser Targeted Efforts Which Convert Like Never Before!

Hyper Selective Retargeting Boosts YOUR ROI In 2 Ways:

=> You lower your ad spend. The flatter your target audience, the less you'll spend on ads.

=Your conversions, leads and sales SKYROCKET. Now individuals're engaging with messages which make sense to them.
Let's Have A Quick Look At What Is Contained Inside Of ConnectRetarget:

=> Maximize Your FB Campaign Profits In 3 Easy Steps:

User dash makes it child's play to set up lucrative campaigns in almost any niche.

WITHOUT FB advertising experience or any prior skill.

=> Software Laser Targets Your Marketing For Ranking ROI Every Time:

ConnectRetarget OTO

Acquire more traffic, enhance participation and enhance conversions -- there are audience templates for you to plug in and use to engage your target audience.

Simple integration with your FB ads account -- our platform makes it effortless put up ad campaigns that are strong and to target your pre-selected crowds.

Create your own customized audiences -- with our intuitive drop-down filters, you may make your own user groups that are targeted based on behaviors.

Save your templates -- to use over and over again to campaigns and new sites to conserve time and make profits quicker.

Retarget customers out of SPECIFIC campaigns -- need to customize an advertisement for visitors in solo advertisements, FB or promotions that are personal? No problem... it's as simple as 1-2-3.

=> And Our Exclusive FB Retargeting Coaching:

Beginner, intermediate or complex will see immediate gains by step, video-based training about the best way best to use FB retargeting for MAXIMUM profits. You'll help through how to setup your campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Insider strategies based on together with case studies and much more to make certain you get the absolute most from every single campaign you put up.

And if you're new to retargeting, then no worries -- we've got you covered. We are including a complete"Beginner's Guide to Retargeting" PDF so you can get up to focus on the way retargeting can significantly improve your bottom line.

This training could be a path all by itself... you will find plenty products out there charging over this ENTIRE training bundle for just a tiny portion of what is covered here... And now you have reassurance you're going to be able to get the most from ConnectRetarget -- regardless of what your present level of retargeting expertise is.

Here's why retargeting with our platform can considerably improve your conversions... regardless of what your market is.

Advanced Retargeting -- The Way to Recover The 98% Of Site Visitors Who murdered WITHOUT Taking Action....

Without retargeting, you're throwing away 98 percent of your visitors. We're here in order to change this to you.

NOT with a few gimmick that is here today. However, with technology PROVEN to convert more site visitors into leads, customers and profits.

Window Shoppers Are Nice. BUYERS Pay The Bills:

Quite simply, MORE of your own window shoppers turns to buyers. With an effective strategy to convert previous website visitors loyal customers.

This platform is based on advertising retargeting's PROVEN theory, but requires it into an entirely new level. Adding an explosive increase in conversions, leads and sales.


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