• Best Golf RangeFinder Reviews

Best Golf RangeFinder Reviews


Easy to Grasp

There is no point in buying a complex rangefinder which is so difficult to understand that you have an easier time doing the calculations yourself. It helps to get a demonstration of the device first to make sure it is something you can easily make use of.

Maximum Range

Study the specification f the rangefinder you have in mind to make sure that the maximum range it can calculate is within the range the ball will travel.

Complies with Tournament Regulations

Some features, for example, the slope calculation feature, are not allowed in many golf tournaments. So they are great for personal use but if you do compete in tournaments then you might have to look towards a different model.


It always helps to buy from a trustworthy manufacturer. This is because a rangefinder is not something you can experiment with because you don’t really have to buy it too often. A best golf laser rangefinder from a good manufacturer can also be easily repaired or helped out with by others who use it.

Number of Features

Different rangefinders have different kinds of features. Buy the rangefinder that suits you best when it comes to the features. For example, some rangefinders can take slopes and other unevenness in the ground into consideration. Others can be synced with your phone or tablet, etc.


Always read reviews when buying something that you don’t have experience with. This will help you narrow down the search considerably and you will be sure to have a quality product at the end of the day.


Keep your budget in mind when planning to buy a rangefinder. It is not a smart move to buy a really fancy one even if it exceeds your pocket. A basic rangefinder with the essential functions can also serve its job dutifully.

Top Best Golf RangeFinders


Bushnell made it better, faster, and stronger with the Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder. JOLT Technology uses short vibrating bursts to confirm PinSeeker Technology has isolated and locked onto the target, eliminating any doubt, and a faster processor translates to faster yardage readings. Multi-coated HD Optics with 5x magnification provide yardage accurate to within a yard from a range of 5-1,000 yards. The new ergonomic design is 30% smaller than the Tour v3, making it even more convenient to carry.

The Bushnell Tour V4 is an excellent rangefinder for more serious players. If you plan on going pro then this is the rangefinder for you. It has pin seeker technology, can measure distances between 5 yards and 1000 yards, has a 5x magnification power and is legal for all tournaments as well. There is no slope calculating function in this rangefinder, though.

Other than all this, it is really easy to use, and extremely accurate and precise. It is a bit highly priced so average players should probably look at the less expensive options.


The Nikon Coolshot is a very light and compact rangefinder which can easily fit in your carry case and not weigh it much. What we absolutely love about this rangefinder is that it can scan multiple targets simultaneously and calculate their distance.

It is a bit cheaper than the Bushnell Tour V4 but it is also very easy to use and extremely accurate at calculating the distance. Overall, we find this to be a better option for casual players.

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