• What are Backlinks and how do they Work?

What are Backlinks and how do they Work?

SEO is a very dynamic aspect of the internet, with facts and techniques changes with changes in Google algorithm. However, one thing has remained effective over the past decades – backlinks. If you do SEO, you’ll most likely know what it is about. However, this brief guide is for you if you are just starting out a journey in SEO. Backlinks are critical to any group of techniques you may want to leverage on, to ensure that your website or your client’s rank on the Google SERPs. 

What exactly are Backlinks? 

Simply put, backlink is a situation where one website references another website, and links back to it through a URL. You can also refer to these links as incoming links or inbound links. Backlinks point directly at a particular page on your domain. The more of this type of link you get on other websites, the more authoritative search engines perceive your page. 

For instance, if you have an article on your website, and in the next one week, about 50 other websites are referencing that article, your authority level increases. This subsequently improves the ranking of your website, and the overall search visibility of the domain. 

However, you don’t just get random backlinks to your website. There is the Google webmaster guidelines on links you need to follow. This guidelines is to ensure that website owners only have high quality links up on their website. Google frowns at what we call bad backlinks, especially when you are not dealing with a reputable backlink service.

Bad backlinks are links that point to your website from low ranking websites. Not only are they low ranking, they are also very unnatural, which would raise a flag to the Google algorithm. 

What makes Backlinks so important? 

Backlinks are so important on both ends – for the users and for search engines. For search engines, as stated earlier, backlinks are an indication of authority. Also, backlinks tell search engines that they are endorsing your content, which is a good thing, as yours shows up more. Overall, your post gets to show up higher on search engine result pages. 

On the part of users, backlinks get them to come to your website. The endorsement rubs off on readers, as they see your content as worth reading for it to have shown up on the previous website they were on. This connection helps you get more organic traffic from those sites, which may end up staying on your website if they find more quality content. 

How to build backlinks

Building backlinks is more like a job to some SEO experts, but you can also do it yourself. There are different ways to do this. Many persons simply go ahead to purchase from a backlink service. However, most of these end up being bad backlinks. Here are some ways with which you can build your own backlink. 

·       Guest posting on other people’s website

·       Original research and insights

·       Writing quality blog posts 

·       Writing more of anchor posts

·       Sponsored posts. 

Building backlink is not an easy job, but once you establish yourself in your niche, it becomes easier. 


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