How to get the Alternatives of Official Canon Support?

Canon is a Japanese industry well-known for manufacturing imaging and optical gadgets like cameras, photocopiers, printers, camcorders, and various medical imaging devices. Canon products are very robust as they provide good functioning. Canon offers huge varieties of printers. From simple lasers to multifunctional; you can get every type of printer. Canon also provides good customer support. If you face any kind of issue and don’t know how to fix a Canon printer error then you can easily ask the support team and they will immediately fix your query.

Canon Paper Jam

The new models of Canon printers are free from paper jam issues. You barely get paper jams on new Canon printers. But if you have the old Canon printer model then you may get Canon paper jam often. But this is not a dangerous error as you can easily fix the paper jam. The paper jam occurs in the printer when some junk or a chunk of paper gets stuck inside the printer. Whenever you get the paper jam error; open your Canon printer and take our ink cartridge. Now take a clean and dry cloth. Remove all the dust from your printer and take out paper chunks. Now put the ink cartridge back in the printer. Now give the print command and check whether your error got fixed or not.

Unable to connect error

Connection errors mostly appear on wireless devices. If you have connected your printer via Wi-Fi then you should keep it near to the router. Place the laptop near your printer and then try to print. Make sure the Wi-Fi port of both the devices is working. If any Wi-Fi port is not working then you will get the connection error. You can try a USB cable for connecting your device. You should always use a high-speed USB for taking the printouts. If your device is still showing connectivity error then try connecting another device with USB. If the USB cable is working fine on another device but not connecting with your printer then you should contact the Canon team for help.

Faded printouts

There can be many reasons for getting faded printouts. If your ink cartridge is about to empty then you will get faded printouts. This issue can also appear when you can use low quality ink or low-quality paper. Check the ink level; if the ink level is low then you should refill it. If the link you are using is of poor quality then change it immediately. You should never use third-party cartridges as they not only ruin the printouts but can also harm your printer’s functioning. Make sure you are using good quality papers. If you are still getting paper printouts then change your printing mode from normal to high-quality. If your Canon printer is still giving you faded printouts then you should contact Canon support for help.

Low printing speed

Low printing issues usually appear on old printer devices. Every printer has a smooth working phase and once it completes the phase; printing speed starts decreasing. If you want to print with good speed then you can change the printing mode from normal to drift mode. This drift mode will increase the printing speed but decrease the print quality. If you have to take simple and black-white printouts then you can use drift mode. This mode also saves lots of ink so you can take many printouts with less amount of ink. When you have to take quality printouts then you can revert to normal or high-quality mode. But if your Canon printer is new and you are still getting low printing errors then connect your printer and computer with a high-speed USB cable. If the printing speed is still low then you should call Canon support.

Low ink error

Whenever you get the low ink error; check the cartridge. Your printer starts showing the low ink error when the level decreases to a certain point. Indeed you can take the printouts until the ink finishes. But whenever you get the low ink error; you should refill the ink immediately. But make sure you are refilling good quality ink otherwise you will get poor quality printouts. You can also replace the ink cartridge as refilling the ink is not easy. If the drum lid doesn’t fit properly then the ink may spill on your Canon printer and damages other parts of your printer. But if you take a huge number of printouts regularly then purchasing ink cartridges will be costly. So, the better option would be refilling the ink under technical guidance. Sometimes you can also get this error when the ink in your cartridge gets dried up. You can use the solvent and mix it carefully. Now check whether your error gets resolved or not. If you are unable to troubleshoot your Norton error then you should ask for Canon technical support.


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