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south Africa seems determined to destroy the creatively of her people and to keep them from succeeding. the misunderstanding of what copywrite is, coupled with the POPI law will make sure of that. copywrite is a law meant to stop others from replecicating one's ideas. it is not a control over freely distributing and promoting the idea. as a journalist I have been so put off of writing articles on events and works by curators who claim that promoting a work is violating an artists rights. yet these same curators freely take photographs of openings in order to exploit celebrities who attend thereby breaking the POPI act. They have no concern for the artist but for their own pocket.With the introduction of social media they hold fast to their narrow view and continue to deliver bad exhibitions. 

Such a case in issue are the latest exhibitions at Iziko in Cape Town. Comprising of 3 exhibitions to celebrate Cape Towns festival. On entering the great halls which one would expect to hold national art treasures you are hit by a collage of animal representations. being an avid social media supporter I recognised them immediately as being a enhanced version of a series of photographs taken in johannesburg in order to raise concern over the neglect of a bunny park for kids. I had created the original collage for those defending the cause sovthat they may use the collage of their photos to promote a cause. the now artist had enhanced this collage and was delivering it as their work.

I love old buildings for their character so continued my intrigue to the next hall. Here was what I had expected a lovely display of Ermer Stern. Her works had some friends works included. But I was disappointed when I saw what little information there was. My first question was whether the artists were South African. There were no works by Gabriel de Jong and his son. 

In the modern art it was refreshing to find photography to be the order of the day. A little disjointed but an almost complete show of Jodi Bieber works filled two separated halls. In between where other photographic works.The subject was very dissatisfying. South Africa has so passed Apartheid and is now celebrating diversity but getting served works of the former nature that ripps open her wounds.

Moving on I eventually came across the works I adore. Real art to me consists of capturing the moment, life and scene. Nothing does this better than great master works in oils. On show were indeed a magnificent collection from


It is a real pity that our history in art is not more celebrated and put on show. I would love to see old South African masters amongst modern exhibitions. It teaches subject and technique to the aspirent.

Whilst viewing a set of statues I wondered at the curators qualifications as two pieces had been really badly named. The one piece depicted a knight in solace and had been titled St George. Everyone knows that St George slew the dragon, very few seem to know this piece was appreciate for the month as it was St Joan. St Joan is depicted as having ornate armour. Another piece in the same room was named. but would. of been more rightly called David and the serpent. These statues in black metal are, magnificent and beautiful and the emptimy of art .

Heather Featherstone

27 August 2015

Cape Town, South Africa

Art 0r Craft (D)

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