You Don't Have to Be a Nut to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Almonds

The biggest purchasers of almonds are chocolate producers. Around forty percent of the almonds produced on the planet are intended for the manufacturing of chocolate. Yet, almonds are beneficial to your health in many ways. Who doesn´t love chocolate covered almonds? Almonds have a top content of mono unsaturated fats, similar compared to that present in wholesome olive oil. Furthermore, they contain lots of potassium, magnesium, vitamins E and B2, copper and manganese. Almonds will also be abundant with fiber. In fact, even a little level of almonds is richer in protein than one egg.

All this makes almonds very beneficial to your health. First on the list of beneficial properties of almonds were mono unsaturated fats. It is believed that together with the high level of vitamin E contained in almonds, they help us prevent heart disease and reduce your levels of cholesterol. Regardless of the exact reason, it has been shown that the consumption of almonds is directly related to lower levels of cholesterol.

As already stated, almonds also contain magnesium and potassium. Magnesium has beneficial effects on veins and arteries and aids the passage of nutrients. Potassium, on one other hand, contributes to your body's maintenance of regular blood pressure. Additionally, they stop the arteries from becoming harder. Almonds will also be regarded as advantageous for our complexion. In traditional Indian medicine, almonds are thought to improve intellectual activity.

Due to any or all these beneficial properties of almonds and other Noten, many nutritionists are today advising us to introduce them into our diet. As a result, they've been removed from the list of undesirable foods for anyone sticking with a zero fat diet.

There are numerous ways in which you can introduce almonds in your daily diet. For example, when you eat cereal in the morning, you can simply add a couple of spoons of cut almonds to the plate. Your breakfast won't only be healthier, but may also be tastier and crunchier. Almonds can be used in various kinds of salads. Moreover, almond butter is a healthier and still very tasty alternative to peanut butter. However, the best thing about almonds is that they'll be eaten on their own. You are able to always carry small packs of almonds and eat if you feel like having a gentle meal. The oil produced from almonds, is a good substitute for olive oil. These are almond oil, a little known fact is that almond oil has proven to be necessary for skin when used as massage oil.

It often seems that so many foods that are good for you taste bad, and most of the foods that are bad for you taste great. It takes a little effort to find foods that buck that axiom, but it´s worth every penny when you do. Almonds are one of those foods. While eating them all natural provides the most benefits, that doesn´t mean indulging with a few chocolate covered almonds is indeed bad either.


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