Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica For Women

The term ‘retreat’ has become quite common in the spiritual healing community, especially when it comes to yoga. Our everyday life pattern has made it practically impossible to regain that internal peace we find comfort in. Finding your back way in the hassle-bustle the noisy streets, all-day-long chores, deadlines, and additional household responsibilities have left us, women, with nothing but distress.

It is time for you to step out of the constant ongoing cycle. Take a break and join us on our self-care mindfulness retreats.  Not sure whether you should go or not? Here is a list of powerful reasons that will lure you into going to a retreat, and you should because you deserve to regain your internal comfort and peace.

1.      Revitalize

Ever find yourself even more tired after a vacation? A retreat is way different from that. It is a true way of revitalization. A place filled with nothing but vibrant, positive, and calming energy. A place for you to only focus on yourself, relax, and enjoy your surroundings to the fullest.

2.      Disconnect and Reconnect

Leave the hassle bustle of city life behind and disconnect from everyone and everything. No technology, no phone call, and no interruption of any kind. Disconnect from what made you overwhelmed with negative energy and reconnect with nature, inner peace, and positive women embracing change just like you.

3.      Find Your Purpose

The true purpose of a retreat is to reconnect with your inner self. Leave all the responsibilities, struggles behind. Concentrate on the relaxing practices and embrace the element of purpose each day. You will be given a purpose every day and enjoy the taste of living your life with a purpose by achieving your daily goals.

4.      Surrounded With Positive Energy

On a yoga retreat, you will find yourself surrounded by people like you along with specialized trainers, helping you release all that negative energy from your system and filling your mind with positive thoughts. Embrace the positive vibes which will leave you happy, relaxed, and more peaceful inside and out.

5.      Spiritual Healing

A yoga retreat is designed to help you relax and step out of the stressful daily routine. It allows you to heal and focus on your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Learning new ways to handle challenges, taking on a more peaceful and well-evaluated approach to life helps you relax and release all negative energy. 

Join Us

It is time for us to regain our strength, find who we really are, and join hands to help each other heal, grow, expand and evolve as we take on a new, healthier, and happier approach to life. Step out of your pattern of living and take a departure from the old YOU. Leave all the challenges behind.

Join mindfulness and spiritual coaches Sheri Eckert, Rebecca Baldwin, and guest teacher, Carrissa Bessich, ND at the mesmerizing and reclaiming sacred self-care yoga retreat in Costa Rica for Women. Together we will embark on an intimate and sacred journey of holistic healing, spiritual awakening, transformation, empowerment, and sisterhood.    


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