Why European Women Search for the Life Friend Abroad

Russian people remain eager for Western things and services. The wealth produced by European exports of fat and gasoline gives European people with the way to buy these products. U.S. corporations such as for instance McDonald's and Starbucks were fast to make the most of possibilities in Russia. Actually Wal-Mart exposed a Russian company in January 2009, that will be considered as their first step to opening shops in Russia. Medium-sized U.S. organizations are simply beginning to concentrate on Russian markets.

Russian Consumer Energy   울산오피

How much disposable revenue do Russian consumers have? Researching the consumer energy of various nations can be hard since the relative price of living is indeed different in a variety of countries. One measure of client power is Purchasing Power Parity which requires bill the relative price of residing and the inflation costs of the countries. In line with the Earth Bank, Russia is placed 7th among nations with regards to Purchasing Energy Parity, with just the US, American Union, China, China, India and the Germany rated higher. Hence Russia is ranked over effective consumer countries like the United Empire, Australia, Brazil Sweden, and Switzerland.

In the past seven decades, the growth of the Russian Disgusting Domestic Item development has averaged 7%. Russia household usage and fixed money investments, which have both developed by about 10% annually because 1999, are actually the principal people of growth.

The bottom line is that Russia is an essential industry for customer goods and several American organizations are targeting European markets. U.S. exports to Russia are substantially raising; from 2006 to 2008, US exports increased 50%. Strong expense in Russia by U.S. companies and subsidiaries can also be increasing somewhat; from 2004 to 2008, US investment in Russia increased by 300%.

European Consumers 

When contemplating European client power, the class of Russian are awesome. Russia includes a populace of 140 million. About 73% of Russians live in downtown areas. About 20 million Russians are below 14 years old, which really is a huge market for youngsters' products and services, such as for example electronic games. The 100 million Russians old 15 to 64 are a massive industry for consumer products such as for example televisions, cell phones, and laptops. About 20 million Russians are around 65 years old, which presents a significant industry for products such as experiencing helps and medicine.

Performing Organization in Russia 

Great fiscal plan has stabilized the inflation and exchange prices, in line with the U.S. State Department. Russia has had a budget surplus every year because 2003 and been able to create a big stabilization/rainy day finance ($156 billion in 2007).

Russia has been implementing financial reforms in the duty, banking, work and land rules to improve the business climate. To participate the World Industry Firm, Russia has found it necessary to update and regularize its rules and laws to adhere to international industry standards. Entrepreneurship in Russia is thriving, and there are many little and medium-sized companies in Russia. As a result, U.S. companies will find more advancement and less bureaucracy when conducting business in Russia.

What Does Russia Import Today? 

In 2007, 54% of Russian imports were machinery, gear and transport equipment. About 14% or Russian imports were compound products and rubber. Food products and agricultural raw components were also about 14% of European imports.

There is an overall total around $27 billion of import/export business in 2007 between America and Russia. In America exported about $7.4 million in goods to Russia in 2007. This is a growth of 57% increase around 2006, which really is a dramatic increase. On the list of export areas for US things, Russia is the 20th-largest U.S. export market. U.S. companies exported equipment, vehicles, meat (mostly poultry), plane, electrical gear, and high-tech services and products to Russia.


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