Understand Why Carl Jung Was a Wizard Who Really Found The Concealed Meaning of Desires

In the beginning, Jung was concerned that his visions were predicting the attack of a psychosis. But on later reflection and world events, he thought they undoubtedly were caution him concerning the nearing earth war, which began in July of 1914. Right after these worrisome photos, Jung identified dealing with a time of deep turmoil and self-reflection, trying to find a way through the landscape of their own dreams, his fantasies, and their connection to his living, to his work, and to political and cultural activities unfolding through the duration of Europe. In his autobiography he wrote: "I was residing in a consistent state of strain; frequently I believed as if big blocks of stone were tumbling down upon me. One thunderstorm used another." **

First we must position Jung's visions in to the context of his life at the time. Jung was in a turbulent move; he was making the "ordinary world" of Freud's psychology and impressive out on his own, just beginning to enter the forest where there obviously was no path. He was stepping to the not known and in to his traditional living, and he then has got the visions.

Next we have to imagine the pictures and the geography in his vision as the bottom of his mind, the landscape of his life at that time. And, subsequent Jung's well-known admonition to "leave your concepts at the doorway," we is likely to do our best allowing the photographs to talk for themselves. If you were to assume being the "huge flooding," you're an elemental, effective, unstoppable, organic force that some strong cataclysmic occasion has established a surprise trend, a religious tsunami, going up out and over the land. The ideological walls of convention can't keep back or contain this aroused sea. From an alchemical perception, the waters melt Jung's former life so a new being, an actually more traditional Jung may emerge. Carl Jung

For Jung, a lot of Freud's constructs concerning the unconscious and dreams, the structures that had included Freudian psychology were collapsing. Today the flooding begins to experience a many more like Jung's innovative life and all that it covered released, separated from the limitations of Freud's psychology--opening the ton gates of his potential. The waters protect most of the "low-lying lands," which may suggest all the many popular ground of popular psychology where nothing stands out; the regions of Jung's life by which he thought he had to set low, evolve, remain on an even playing area with Freud were today in chaos.

Jung lived in Switzerland, his house and where, in his dream, the hills "grew larger and larger to guard our country." The dream's growing hills around Jung's home-land may well be saying that by rising over the low-lying places, by position out along with his own philosophy, that his "homeland," indicating his life, his authenticity, and his creative potential will certainly be protected. The flood is after the low-lying lands--conformity and the tendency in all of us to put down our innovative ideas, showing ourselves, "That strategy won't ever work. What makes you think you may make any big difference anyway? We are scared to opposed to the world's acknowledged doctrines, to walk upstream against the current of popular ideas. Therefore we "lay low," keeping our authentic life in exile in the "low-lying" land. We are afraid to "exist," which also way to "stand out."


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