Something is Wrong on the Web Today

Something is Wrong on the Web Today!! I suppose we are certainly not speaing frankly about the spam, the scams, the dirt - although they're wrong too! Today we are considering corporate web design. So, its truly the suffering of great masses of middle size companies and professionals and even larger public companies we are feeling today - those who find themselves held hostage by the IT staff, techies and internal corporate web design teams.

Comments from customers is ignored. Your corporate Webdesign team's eyes glaze at the sound of internal management feedback. They're continually right and everyone is wrong - and they don't want to listen to that the planet thinks that your website is odorous! Expensive campaigns are launched only to find that customer who haven got the right browser with exactly the right plug-ins can't buy - or can't even see your site. Sometimes links just go in circles other times they're there but off the bottom of the page. No-one checks the effects or where your clients are now being lost and if you ask your web developers for anything you're told "you can't have that or it's impossible" or just ignored. There's to be always a better way - an if you'll have an external corporate web design team at the very least you can get rid of these without a massive internal process - and lack of face.

Agencies and freelancers don't normally give the long run continuity needed and you're still playing second fiddle to another person project much of the time. Conventional outsourcing doesn't help either. It's often to be able to experience the same stresses from people halfway around the world. What you actually need is professionally managed corporate web design teams 100% dedicated to your personal project with significant levels of management in your country.

The corporate web design team itself could be located elsewhere - where the cost of living might be significantly lower. The tales of contractors in India vanishing on the day of a deadline of a mission critical project - and the project leader being found running down the road on the monsoon with the development server in his arms to avoid it being repossessed by his creditors is true. I'm smiling now - but I wasn't then. So is the tale of a major Indian outsourcer inviting the client to critical team teleconference which proved to comprise all nine programmers in a payphone booth.

So ensure that the business you contract to perform your corporate web design team has extensive experience in the area, and will let you teleconference and even meet your corporate web design team. The results will be cheaper than building an interior team or hiring an agency on a single project basis while the freedom and the eye to detail as possible demand from a passionate corporate web design team will astound you.


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