Security measures when decorating your house on Day of the Dead and Halloween


Halloween and Day of the Dead are two of the most anticipated dates at pechs islamabad map of the year. If you enjoy these celebrations as much as we do, you are surely already thinking about what decorations you will put in your house these next days.

To make sure these are the most fun, but not terrifying, days of the year, consider the following recommendations from the experts of real estate marketing islamabad

  when decorating your home.

Decoration inside your house

We know that in this season candles are almost essential for decoration, however, keep in mind that they require great care. If you are going to use them, we suggest that you locate them away from flammable materials, such as cloth, plastic, cardboard and paper. Also, avoid putting them on the floor, near entrances or places of passage where you can trip over them and cause an accident.

A recommended option from Capital smart city  is to opt for electric candles or other decorations that help illuminate the place, such as a series of lights. If you lean towards this type of decorations, check the voltage capacity of the extensions and devices so as not to overload the connections. Remember that short circuits can end in fires.

On the other hand, be careful with the ornaments, especially those that are heavy, make sure that they are fastened correctly so that, in case of falling, they do not break other objects or could hurt someone. If you are going to use pointed items such as knives, axes, etc., keep them out of the reach of children and in places that do not put others at risk.

In the garden

One of the most fun spaces to get creative with Halloween decorations is the garden or the entrance because, in addition to being colorful, the children will be able to come to your house and ask for the famous skull. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare your garden to receive them.

Clear the garden to avoid objects, such as hoses or ropes, causing a child to trip. Also, check that the entrance to your house is well lit.

Use caution when placing extensions or electrical appliances outdoors. Contact with the grass or with the rains can generate accidents that involve both your family and your neighbors living in blue world city islamabad location.

Security when making an altar of the dead

The Day of the Dead offering is one of the most outstanding details of this tradition due to its wide range of colors and symbolic elements.

Before starting to build your altar, delimit the area where it will be, choose a space that does not obstruct the passage or any exit. Since candles are an indispensable part of altars - which are usually decorated with confetti and other objects that are flammable - you should place them in crystal glasses or on earthenware plates to prevent hot wax from dripping onto the altar. and completely ruin it.

Don't forget to blow out the candles whenever they are out of supervision.

Precautions when decorating

Security measures are important and even more so if your children or nephews will be participants. We recommend that to have control over any situation you anticipate in which activities the smallest of the home will help you without putting them at risk. Also, check that you have the correct tools for each activity and that you know how to use them. If you carry things past, bend your knees and keep your sword straight to avoid tears or other types of injury.

Are you ready to turn your house into a creepy place? Let's do it!


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