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Thank you for your visit. Odds have you been have visited that feature of Living evaluation because you're often curious, or are significantly taking a look at the chance of getting started with that Company. In any event, please be aware that this review was performed by a professional MLM experienced who is not associated with that company. That undoubtedly is an alternative party record with one enthusiasm only, and that's to offer you the facts from my reviewed and to help you move forward in the right direction. Please read my conclusion for my final undertake the Feature of Life review.... fountain of life norwegian spruce extract

The business Fountain of Life (FOL), located in Houston TX, was founded in 2006 by Founder and CEO, Mark MacCloskey, due to his excited journey to offer the entire world the most strong useful food combination available in the marketplace today.

Consequently of the advanced level of desire for health and wellness exhibited by Tag MacCloskey, he also carefully evaluated the chance designed for sharing that particular mixture of super-food during the world, and easily realized there is an excellent market prepared and waiting. But what he also discovered was a evident disparity in that which was provided as a "genuine" cocktail, and that which was truly possible.

His next step was that of speaking with experts in the area of diet to validate his suspicion, and this is easily proved following meeting with many researcher, nutritionist and other health food experts.

This then brought to life the organic super-food, VANU, which is a fully preservative free super-blend. Something which is not only meant to be made and advertised as an exceptional product with very elements and health advantages, but also as a product which provides the masses other opportunities.The Fountain of Living Solution Point

The Feature of Life major item is VANU - Substance of the Amazon. This can be a really tremendous solution unlike any solution I've explored to date. This system is actually genuine, and set with a great many other super fruits from around the world. Products and services which are superstars themselves, in their particular rights. One of Fountain of Life's unique claim is that unlike others posting and using "acai fruit", their present remains a prestigious combination, owing to the shut relationship they've recognized making use of their supplier.

Their contention also, is that the proprietary manufacturing process which they use is amazing "because this technique assures that VANU contains only the highest quality, organically harvested elements ".

VANU is also completely filled with real very meals to make a synergistic mix of eight super fruits, 

each processed with the minimal solution to increase their nutrients, hence letting every one to experience and appreciate the initial big difference once they share of the excellent mixture of super-foods.This item from the Amazon Rain forest has 10x more anti-oxidants than grapes, and 30x more anthocyanins than red wine. It can be laden up with proteins, vitamins and fiber.This item, a member of family on the cocoa tree is full of anti-oxidants, phyto proteins and are also saturated in flavonoids.

Cocao developed in the warm rain forest, is a superb supply of minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulphur, iron, copper, zinc, potassium and manganese, as well as N vitamins.


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