Is WordPress Good For Websites? 6 Advantages To WordPress For Your Website

As a web-site designers, we get asked constantly - is WordPress advantageous to websites? And the clear answer is yes - you will find loads of advantages to WordPress when it comes to your website, whether you're using it for business, your blog, or just your own website for yourself. Here are 6 great advantages to using WordPress for the website design:

1. WordPress designs are incredibly versatile.
You can do anything you wish to a WordPress site. Most people don't realize this, but you truly can't tell the various between a WordPress site and other kinds of modern websites by simply considering them. They can look however you need them to appear, and you can certainly do anything you wish to do with the design. The difference is what's behind the scenes.

2. Designing a WordPress site takes significantly less than half the full time of every other type of site.
If you'll need a website fast, you may get one done in less than weekly - sometimes less! If you hire a knowledgeable WordPress designer, and you've your logo and other graphics available, getting a custom site designed quickly is easy and surprisingly inexpensive.

3. WordPress, once your design is up, is extremely cost effective to update and manage.
Because of the WordPress Dashboard, it's easy to manage content and publish new blogs, articles, pages, photos - and other things your heart desires to put on your website. Use a simple Search Engine Optimization plugin (like our favorite, Platinum SEO) and you'll have optimized content published immediately. You don't ever have to hire a Webdesign bureau to generate new HTML pages again. (Although, you'll have someone manage your content for you personally for an extremely nominal fee... )

4. WordPress websites are easier to update and re-design.
Technology moves so fast these days - when you have a website which was designed using HTML, you will have to pay a website designer/coder to update your website to help keep up. The average site takes about 8 hours to update - so at the typical web designer's hourly rate of $100, you're considering at the least $800. WordPress updates may be installed by your WordPress designer on a typical basis, and that completely eliminates the requirement to hire a website designer at an hourly rate. (For example, we include regular WordPress updates within our monthly management and hosting fee, that is very affordable). Re-designs can also take way less time, especially if you utilize the same designer.

5. Google favors WordPress sites.
Some designers don't believe this to be true - in our experience, it is. Google loves content - fresh, new, updated content. So it makes perfect sense that the website built on a platform initially created to utilize as a weblog would be favored by Google. Blogs were meant to be easy to generate and publish new content for the planet to see., and that's how Google views your WordPress website.

6. With a WordPress site, you can integrate your blog and your website seamlessly and manage them from the same place.
No more external links or separate websites for the blog - on the WordPress platform, your blog is made right in. So for businesses, this makes updated your blog and your website extremely easy - and helps your website gain rankings on the search engines because your content is continually being updated.


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