Essential Hot Tub Parts

There are many parts that all hot tubs use. These parts can be bought from several sources, both online and in retail stores. Some of the most common and important hot tub parts are jets, heaters, and pumps. Without these, the hot tub will not work. Jets, heaters, and pumps all have several components that must be operational for the hot tub to function, but they are beyond the scope of this writing. It is a good idea to speak to a professional to get thorough and in-depth information about these hot tub parts.

Hot tub jets propel water into the tub in a concentrated stream. Jets provide many of the therapeutic aspects of a hot tub. Jets can be used to massage the body while it is underwater.Herbal hot compress massage Some jet manufacturers sell entire jet systems that are designed to massage the entire body. Jets can range in price from a few dollars for a single plastic attachment to several hundred dollars for a full body massage system.

Heaters are needed to warm the water in a hot tub. The heater can be electric or it can be fuels by a gas such as propane. Both options provide good heat for the water. Like many house heaters, most hot tub heaters are equipped to sense the temperature of the water and heat it to the user's specification. It is important to get a cost efficient water heater for a hot tub to save money and energy.

Water Pumps are a vital part of hot tub systems. They work with the motors and jets to propel water into the tub. Motors power the pumps to push water through the jets into the tub. Most quality pumps have two speeds of operation. This saves energy and provides the bather with more options for water pressure.

It is important to insure that the parts of a hot tub are top quality before buying. Most good parts come with warranties and will operate for years. There are few things more frustrating and potentially costly than low quality hot tub parts that break.


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