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AR for Education is a resource for educators to access Augmented Reality interactive content developed for the enhancement of education curriculum's. AR has the power to engage a learner in ways never before possible. We have a forum for educators to work together on projects and share AR content with each other. Members of the group can post requests for AR projects needed for any subject. Connect with AR developers and get the latest AR content to be used in your classrooms, library, website and more.
It is our mission to bring this amazing technology into every educational facility and make AR common place in use. Join our group as a developer who is looking for projects or as an educator, publisher, administrator, or any professional who finds value in Augmented Reality content.

Website: www.pearenterprisesinc.com
Contact Name: Lynn Voorhees
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IMAGINALITY - AR for the Classroom! (S.T.E.A.M)

Posted by Lynn Voorhees, Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 @ 9:14pm

  • IMAGINALITY provides two powerful tools that allow you to make the most of virtual learning in different ways based on your students or your teaching style.

    IMAGINALITY PLAY is an Augmented Reality ‘App Store’, full of educational experiences, called modules, that have been created by professionals and designed to target specific topics in the curriculum. Many are accompanied by detailed Teacher Guides and Worksheets to make lesson plans easy and to maximise each module’s value. Images and video can be captured for cross-pollination into reports, tests, journals, assignments and portfolios.

    IMAGINALITY CREATE makes it easy for students and teachers to create and share their own IMAGINALITY modules. In seconds, choose a 3D model and place it on a paddle. In a few more seconds, have your 3D model interacting with other 3D models. In just a few minutes, complete your module and have it automatically uploaded online to share for free with friends and parents.

    STEM to STEAM -  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math.
    Imaginality offers educators and students a way to enhance in class participation with self paced learning and group projects geared for STEAM. Create can be a vital educational tool to explore all four catagories and allow students to create interactive projects that can go cross curriculum.  Contact us for a demonstration of this amazing software!


    Learn more At http://www.pearenterprisesinc.com

EDUTOPIA by Drew Minock Teacher using AR in the Classroom

Posted by Lynn Voorhees, Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 @ 2:14pm

  • Imagine living in the magical world of Harry Potter, where the school hallways are lined with paintings that are alive and interactive. Now imagine creating an atmosphere like that for your students. Augmented Reality (AR) allows educators and students to do just that: unlock or create layers of digital information on top of the physical world that can be viewed through an Android or iOS device. Most people who interact with AR for the first time have a mind-blowing experience but fail to consider classroom applications.

    In our elementary school classrooms, we use AR to create active learning experiences hitherto inconceivable, and in the process redefine the learning space! Educators know that learning deepens, not just through reading and listening, but also through creating and interacting. With Augmented Reality products like Elements 4D by Daqri, students manipulate and combine elements -- like mercury -- right from their Android or iOS devices, rather than just reading about them in a textbook. Anatomy 4D is another free app by Daqri that allows users to explore a human body and isolate various body systems 
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Augmented Reality for Education Why?

Posted by Lynn Voorhees, Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 @ 1:55pm

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