amber teething necklace

Using an Amber Necklace Correctly to Help Your Teething Baby

The teething stage of the child is undoubtedly one of the most trying times. Sleepless nights, rashes, fever, diarrhea, screaming fits, and others are just some of the nightmares that you and your baby need to go through. Various remedies like homeopathic medicines, chamomile and teething gel containing tablets and various other drugs and methods are tried to bring some relief during this period. Amidst this, the amber necklace has emerged as the top choice to relieve pain for the child and bring some sanity and peace in the life of both parent and child.
Why amber necklace?
The amber necklace shows some amazing health effects which increase its demand.

·         Amber necklaces come specially designed for babies. They can soothe the pain and discomfort of the teething period by releasing succinic acid as oil when in contact with the baby’s body. The oil is absorbed by the skin and brings about relief in the teething symptoms.

·         Amber finds a direct connection with sunlight and warmth and thus boosts the immunity system of the child. It reduces inflammation in the body and even reduces the mental crankiness and irritability in the child to soothe and clam him.

Using Amber necklace for teething baby
Foremost, you must ascertain that you are getting a genuine amber teething necklace for your baby. Otherwise, you would not get the desired results. Always opt for Baltic amber necklaces as they have the highest percentage of succinic acid and thus are most effective. To verify, just hold the necklace near a warm object like a candle. If you can then smell the real scent of pine wood resin; it is real amber. Fake amber would ooze a burning smell. Once you have selected the right fit and size for your baby, you must use it in the right manner with the baby. Few tips to keep in mind are:

·         Always opt for amber necklaces and tie it around the neck of the baby as it gets maximum surface area touch on the baby’s body and is thus most effective. The necklace must not be too loose for the baby to play with it or remove it from his body. It should also not be too tight such that it leaves an impression on his body. It should be tight but comfortable. The clasps must also be tight enough.

·         The necklace must not be long enough to touch the baby’s chin. Else, the baby would chew it and be exposed to various risks of choking. If slightly long, the necklace can be tucked under the baby’s clothes so that the baby does not get conscious about it.

·         It is essential the baby as long as he/she is wearing the necklace to avert any danger. During sleep, it must be removed from his neck to avoid suffocation or choking. At those times, you can wrap it around the baby’s ankle and cover it with the socks for a continued effect.

·         Inspect the necklace periodically for any damage like a broken bead or worn out the string. Repair it on time to avert an accident.

·         Wash it with a mild soap periodically and dry it in the sun for the necklace to maintain its shine and effectivity.

With it, you can enjoy the teething period of the child as well.

amber teething necklace

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