Top Android Apps to Make Your Social Life Interesting

Social apps are a dime a dozen on any mobile OS. A significant portion of mobile usage is social sure a lot of gaming. Multimedia consumption goes on but let's not forget that these are primarily communication devices with entertainment capabilities on the side so what are the social applications you should know about of course. 

The official applications are always a great place to start Google+ Facebook Twitter Instagram Vine etc. But it would be pointless to make a list of standard first party applications you probably already know about.


So we did some digging through Google Play to find the best third party social apps for Android. These are our top 5 picks since I first tried Android I've been on a never-ending search to find the perfect Twitter client for me.

It's the most engaging in fun social network out there the fun is the limitation being forced to keep it brief to date I've been through dozens of Twitter clients for Android, and the only one I found myself coming back to is Plume mainly because it's the most stable and reliable Twitter client I've come across on Android a few contenders have arrived over the last year or so like Falcon Pro carbon Twitter etc. even twit, and one ladders tweet Castor have a decent fan base.


Recently I went through an app that my employee was using for video calling. It was quite fast and clear quality. I was impressed with the app and then I thought of sharing it with all you guys. I don’t know much about IMO Beta app so I thought you can read it by getting into its site. Give a try to it and you will surely like it.


But in my experience Bloom has the best combination of additional features aesthetics and reliability. It's also great for managing multiple accounts. It's not the greatest Twitter client
I've ever used. Falcon pro not ran into issues with API token limits. It would have likely made a list in the place of plume, but that's not the case, and plume takes the cake it's available for free. But to remove the ads you will have to cough up $4.99. Speaking of Twitter clients and not being able to leave plume I may have to recant that statement shortly I've recently been using an up-and-comer in the Android space talent for Twitter.


It's sleek beautiful and impact with useful features like an in-app browser emoji sport and talent pool the closest thing you're going to get to push notifications on Android from a third-party client.
It's an always-on listener service which will notify you of the types of notifications you want to receive in real time. Talon has a robust theme engine with some built-in UI customizations to boot.
It also has many more features to tweak in the settings. The only reason this clay has a completely replaced plume yet is reliability. It's still very new and not all the issues have been resolved quite yet. But it's well on its way to becoming my favorite Twitter client for Android it's currently only 199.


A list of social apps wouldn't be complete without Reddit. Reddit Sync Pro note that both of these have ad-supported versions which are free and both premium and free options are $1.99 ultimately. I chose Redick Saint for the UI and it's simply gorgeous. It's also laid out better making it easier to navigate and use it's a relatively basic app. But it has several settings to tweak including various UI customizations and other settings for sync.
That's going to do it if we've missed any of your favorite social apps for Android be sure to drop them in a comment below. Let us know you enjoyed the journey of apps.


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