Why Is Dissertation Important?

You must be wondering why writing a dissertation is so important that our entire result is based on it?

There are many reasons why dissertation writing is compulsory in some colleges and universities.

  • A dissertation enhances your research skills by revealing your capacity as a researcher.
  • It helps students identify their area of interest and if they can do extensive research on a specific topic.
  • A successful dissertation can also help students in their professional career.
  • Students can also get scholarships in universities on the basis of their grade in the final thesis.
  • Most of all, your entire GPA depends on your final grade.

Are you looking for some guidelines to help you write your dissertation?

Don’t stress over it. Writing a dissertation might be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Main Components of a Dissertation

Follow a basic guideline and you will end up writing a great thesis for your final project.

Here are the main components that you should include in your dissertation.


Your dissertation should start with the abstract. The abstract is a summary of your entire thesis and what you are going to discuss in it. It also includes your research question and the chapters outline.

When your professor or anyone else starts reading your thesis, the first thing he will see is the abstract. Make sure that your abstract is well written and includes all the main points of your thesis.

Literature Review

You cannot complete your research without analyzing the researches done in the past related to your topic. A literature review is an essential component of a thesis.

Analyze the researches done in the past by other researches. Discuss them in your thesis and how your research will be different from the ones done in the past.


As little it may seem, but adding references at the end of the dissertation is extremely important. You have to give credit to every author and website you used in your research.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to your final project.

After all, a good GPA is what you have been striving for!

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