What is ZWBDC all about?

32 years in marketing, press and leadership ZWBDC has built a reputation in 


Cybersphere is a non-business entity registered in South Africa for the promotion, growth and relationship of the internet. 

Born in 1984 Cybersphere has worked with leading online developments to bring the best out of the internet. 

Our latest creation has been Social Media which was first used to promote Africa Bike Week in 2015. 

Also in 2015 we championed digital at the conference held at Birchwood Hotel for the purpose of declaring the internet a press and media platform.

In 1993 we wrote and presented a paper on the development of the internet.

Now we are taking it forward as a non-profit to help set-up future IT solutions. 

Your host is Heather Malcomess 

Our symbol is taken from Startrek's Mr Spock as we feel it's meaning to apply to us 




Since 1995 we have been fighting for the right of sellers & marketing of art on the internet, streets and in film. We have been hacked, abused, and threatened. Copyright and other laws are our thing. Please join this fight as art needs to be expressed and the artist helped. Right now I am seeking assistance to have our day on the public stage please join us by registering 

ZWBDC online magazine specializing in Rights and News 

ZWBDC stands for South African, Web, Business and Development Company started by an Entrepreneur Heather Malcomess. It is a holistic emerging online media, marketing and sales company which has covered events from digital to governance. ZWBDC drives development with extensive knowledge, support and innovation in the community and a belief in rebuilding the nation. Content coupled with sales and technology to build a robust online presence carrying a message to niche markets. They have been recognised for ecommerce, online media and innovation. Something for everyone from biker to artist and cook. We have a track record of over 21 years. ZWBDC Magazine is our portal for multi information and relationships to our niche markets. Please register.

Newsbird is an agency for people in the information industry

Created for press, film, photographers, music and authors in transformation of South Africa

Benefits are 


cover important topics

fellowship and networking growth


opportunities to make money

representation to gov

you are a member of an awesome team 

portal to other organisations in your field.


Legal Fellowship

A society of like minded people in gender rights, legal field and theology striving through humanities and religion to make the world a better place.

Discrimination is what make Legal Fellowship necessary

Faith and fellowship through religious service and membership

Housing Issues campaigns



Democracy is "a system of government in which all the people of a country are involved in making decisions about its affairs by electing representatives to a parliament where they govern the country.

Nationalism is a belief and creed that involves an individual identifying with, or becoming attached to, one's nation. South Africa is one of the greatest nations in the world but lost the way in the darkness. lets once again show the world what we are made of. LETS MAKE HISTORY South Africa is of primary importance. It's a people who share a common language, history, and culture and should constitute an independent nation.

Share our principles of

Loving a being you call God

Having respect for all persons, nature and animals

Honouring your elders, your brothers and sisters, the earth and animals

Brotherhood and Sisterhood means being there for another person

Striving always to do your best for your country and people


Motorcyclists who Honour their elders, brothers and sisters, the earth and animals. 

Who ride responsibily obeying laws made for their safety

Who stand for the rights of the road user. 

If you believe this join us and help to create a better country.

Zynbad Bikers

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