Bikers..... Who are these guys on their motorcycles? Are they just a bunch of gangsters, or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Are we really what everyone think we are? I would like to ask you have you lived our lives? Do you know who we really are and what we are made of?

The first thought that every person gets when they see a group of bikers wearing leathers and a patch on their backs is, they belong to a motorbike gang. We don’t belong to gangs, we belong to Clubs.

Being a biker has changed over the years, yes years ago some bikers did ride with chains and knuckle busters, and yes they probably had a baseball bat or two tucked away. Yes we do ride fast and to some, our actions on the roads like lane splitting are totally reckless. I could write a book on how people see bikers. We get labeled as the scum of the earth, or the rubbish and in some cases gangsters. Why? I am hoping that if you read the true life of bikers, it will change your mind. We are not what people are making us out to be.

We ride bikes because we enjoy the freedom, the open roads to destinations that our two wheels will take us. The feeling on a bike is something that can’t be explained until you have actually experienced it yourself. We are part of one of the biggest families in the world, one of the strongest and loving families in the world; we are part of a Brotherhood. A brotherhood that cares for every single person out there, a brotherhood that would not hesitate to help you at any given time. In our family, we have doctors, lawyers, magistrates, professors, you name them they there. Just as a non-biker will have in their circles. Our get together such as Day Jols and Rallies are there for a reason, it is not just a huge party or a drinking spree as some think it is. We care for the needy, for the elderly, the poor and the children of the world. These get together are there so we can raise well needed funds for someone that is in need of it. These get together are not just for bikers to party, they there for a reason. We stretch our hand out to you with a smile, why can’t you do the same for us. We are human, we have feelings and we care. We have rights just as every other person has. We live our lives according to the Bikers Code, we respect each other and the bond our family has cannot be broken. We will protect your child whenever we can, we will make sure that no harm comes to your child; we will give you a helping hand without asking you to pay for it. We will do this because we care and want to help you. When you sad we will hold and comfort you, and cry a tear with you……why….because we care.

There are reasons why we rev our bikes when we split between cars at robots and stop streets. Many of our fellow riders have died on the roads, every time a fellow rider gets taken out on the roads by a car, taxi or truck, the first word that comes out the drivers mouth is “I am sorry I did not see him”. We rev so that you can hear us. This will make you aware that there is a motorbike coming closer to you and you are to be cautious.

We are very vulnerable on a motorcycle we need to maintain a high level of focus at all times, we need to anticipate the actions of those around us to protect our vulnerability, Have you seen our tears when we see a fellow rider laying on the road with no breath? Felt our pain? Held that riders young child that is crying because he or she has lost a father? Seen a wife crying because her husband has been taken away? All we ask is that you look out for us, just as we look out for you.

Please don’t label us, rather keep that label with our phone numbers in case you may need us someday. We invite you to come and spend the day with us in our world when we reach out to those that need a helping hand.

Our leathers are not there because we are terrible people, it there to protect our bodies.

As a non-biker many won’t understand until they have walked in our shoes. Give it a try; you will see we will welcome you with open arms. We don’t enjoy it when people say bad things about us, things that are far from the truth.

Don’t point a finger at us until you know who we really are. To everyone out there, we can all make a difference on the roads. We have a saying: BIKERS THINK CAR, CAR THINK BIKE. We also want to live, so please look out for us. It is part of us, being a biker is our lifestyle.

Zynbad Bikers

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