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Heather Malcomess runs ZWBDC and Zynbad Bikers

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Promotes new publishing, sell collectable books, sources books and let's you know about publishing.
We have been in the book industry for 8 years. Having taken part as buyers and seller. This year we will be holding our annual show and tell.

Collectorsonline an education in the things of the past. Telling you of times, lifestyles and more. Products to be bought or swapped. 

Art or Craft the website for artists, art lovers and galleries. 
We promoted the art lifestyle of Johannesburg and now of Cape Town as well. ZWBDC has been running for over 9 (nine) years now. 

Bikers is a social website for the motorcycle lover. We will bring you information regarding launches, special offers, new releases and promotions.

With 15 years experience we offer interesting articles, information and all your rally, jol and ride events in one easy to read location. You can book online, advertise with us or sell your products. We offer advertsing and sales.

Cater Club for resturants, eateries and food suppliers

Digital  is a social website to promote the internet, digital and mobile and apps created and show cased in South Adrica. The purpose is to educate and build a strong online presence. Articles, promotions and information is welcome. See what the Minister of Telecommunications and Postals Service, Dr Siyabonga Cwele had to say about thedigital landscape and how this is starting to have an influence.

DIY and All Information and ideas for the individual or micro company on what to do and how to do it with a South African flavour. Send in requests of what you would like to know more about. 

Entertainment Providers Are you a struggling entertainer wanting to break into the market or re-emerging then let us help you. We can promote your work, create and host events to get you public exposure and create your brand.

Farmers For the backyard gardner to the rancher a website for you to contribute your knowledge, share ideas and post events. We where surprised by our stats on creating this site and the information required. There is also investment and partnering opportunities.

Fur Kids Rights our pets have rights as well and in South Africa these are badly dealt with. This website aims at tackling these problems. It is not a green supporter sight but rather a way to find peace between all parties with animals. Your contributions are welcome.

Green and Gold a site to promote nationalism of South Africa. Yes we have 11 different language and numerous different cultures but we are one country. We are a box of smarties and each one of us adds our own flavour to the box. Our objective is to create a united country with respect for each other and each others beliefs. Not political!

HeathcliffHouse Breaking into the hotelling industry is very difficult yet micro and small accommodation establishments do exists. We aim to put them and cash strapped tourists and bikers together.  

Higher Realm This website is dedicated to transforming inner wealth through tolerance and by sharing common beliefs with all of God fearing people. Judging no other religion based on their faith. Promoting common beliefs and ideas. Through this site we wish to educate, promote and show religious acceptance. It promotes all religions which are prepared to have a public face.

Legal Rights of SA an education website dealing with crime and what you can do about it

Shows, Fairs and Flea Markets  promoting trade shows, exhibitions, fairs and flea markets. Sending invitations, do media coverage and photos. 

Traderz promoting micro business - retailers & services, lessons, survival, products, books, ideas

Trainspotterz  Here we highlight the best of transport both for fun and commuting.

Veterans and Heroes A group dedicated to those who fought and died in all wars where South Africans were involved, so that they may always be remembered and what they fought for may not be forgotten.

Socialsport a site to promote sport and leizure activities not normally on TV such as chess, yachting, fishing, and card games. It is our baby site. 

ZWBDC - Western Cape A website about Cape Town 

Charity created to highlight charity organisations requiring assistance

ZWBDC about the company and our track record 

On the Road again is about travel in South Africa

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