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Yoga For Weight Loss Recommended for Obese

Have you unexpectedly gained weight? Are you looking forward for Yoga for weight loss?

Here are the essential Yoga tipsfor weight loss:

  1. Make a fresh start:

  • Yoga demands a planned schedule. Try not to miss Yoga any day for beneficial results. Bring Yoga to your life on the daily basis; change your lifestyle, and lastly eating habits.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

  • Implement healthy eating plan and stick to it for long term benefits

  • Take nutritious diet

  1. Concentrate on Fitness level:

  • Make sure for not concentrating on losing weight. Yoga will first improve your health and then bring change in your health, will power as well as morale.

  1. Change of lifestyle:

  • Exercise on the regular basis

  • Reduce high stress level

  • Take complete and sound sleep

  • Eat in a disciplined way

 Yoga is strictly against junk food, soft drinks, coffee, high sugar intake etc. It rather prefers for satvik meals.

Few Yoga asana to get started with when it is to lose weight:

  • Surya Namaskar: Widely practiced asana consisted of 12 different yoga poses. These poses are basic prayer pose, forward bend and lots more. All twelve poses involves every part of the body. This asana strengthen skeletal system and remove stress and anxiety

  • Warrior Pose: This is called mountain pose which includes stretching of one of the legs backward and other leg moving onto lung position with knee at right degree angle. This asana improves blood circulation and work on thighs, arms, back, and legs

  • Triangular pose: Start this asana with stretching your legs wide. Stretch arms and wide open the right side of the waistline above right leg and move down facing downwards with back absolutely flat. This asana is workable on arms, thighs, and body.

  • Upward plank: This asana is fruitful for back, arms, spine, wrist, and shoulders. It is also known for improving respiratory system. It gives strength to body especially on legs, inner thighs, and hips.

Attain Yoga classes in India for worth Results: It is worth to learn Yoga for avoiding ill-results of Yoga by performing inapt Yoga postures. Spend few days with Yoga trainer at RYP, a known yoga teacher training school in India and learn spectacular asana for losing weight. 

Yoga Teacher Training India

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