YSEA Undergraduate Grants

Types of Undergraduate Grants

Individual and Group Grants
: YSEA Undergraduate Grants are intended to fund a finite project or project phase that has specific objectives and can be completed within a predetermined time-frame. Grant recipients are selected based on technical merit, learning potential and available funds. These grants may be awarded to individuals working on a single project or to groups working on a team project. In all cases, the work must be performed under the supervision of a member of the Yale faculty.

The Dean Kyle Vanderlick Research Grant: YSEA also has established the DEAN KYLE VANDERLICK RESEARCH GRANT in grateful recognition of her legacy in establishing the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science as a bridge between the sciences and the humanities on the Yale campus and beyond. This grant will be available annually to Yale science & engineering undergraduates who demonstrate the values that Dean Vanderlick has exemplified throughout her tenure at SEAS.

YSEA Grant Application Process

To apply for a YSEA grant (individual or group) please submit all materials to the YSEA undergraduate grants committee at Grants@YSEA.org.

The application process for all grants has four required elements:

  1. Abstract of proposed activities (typically 1-2 pages). The abstract should include detail on the specific deliverables associated with the project scope, the methods to be used in developing and validating project deliverables, and other goals for the scope of work to be funded. Each grant is intended to fund a single project with a clear indication of expenses for which the YSEA Grant funds will be used. The abstract should also provide an overview of project participants including students, advisors and any outside resources.
  2. Itemized budget. The budget contains an itemized bill of materials for required equipment, supplies and other expenses needed to complete the project or experiment prior to the start of the next academic year. Details on the source(s) of any additional funding needed to complete the project or experiment will allow the Grants Committee to confirm viability of project scope and deliverables. Note that YSEA grant funding is not provided for teaching, travel, living expenses or general purpose equipment like computers or software.
  3. Letter of support from a faculty advisor. The letter should demonstrate the commitment of the faculty advisor to support the student efforts as described in the abstract of proposed activities and to convey the faculty advisor's confidence that the proposed activities are practical and achievable by the student(s).
  4. Contact information for the department administrator to whom grant funds are to be sent. To facilitate correct allocation of YSEA Undergraduate Grant funds, YSEA generally coordinates disbursement through the faculty advisor's department administrator.

Grant Reports

Grant recipients are expected to submit a report to the YSEA Undergraduate Grants Committee at the conclusion of the project. We generally ask that these submittals be suitable for publication in the Yale Scientific Magazine or the YSEA web site. Note that eligibility for future grant funding is contingent on receipt of a summary at the conclusion of the project for each grant received.

2019-2020 Grant Recipients

Group Grants

  1. Engineers Without Borders: Restore rainwater catchment pond in Naitolia, Tanzania
  2. Yale space station (Shoot for the moon): Joint project between the Yale Undergraduate IEEE chapter and the Yale Amateur Radio Club to design, build, and test a radio transmitter capable of "Earth-Moon-Earth Bounce" communication in preparation for participating in the 2021 "Amateur Radio on the International Space Station" (ARISS) program.
  3. Bulldogs Racing Hybrid Car R&D: Design and construction of components of the Bulldogs Racing hybrid fuel race car.

Innovation Grants

  1. Y-IEEE: Yale Student Branch of the IEEE participation in the 10th IEEE Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference at Columbia University
  2. YHack: Support for Yale Hackathon programming

2018-2019 Grant Recipients

Individual Research Grants

  1. Elizabeth (Lilly) Scheibe: Using Genomic Tools for Captive Breeding in Giant Galápagos Tortoises
  2. Emily Xu: Improve the gene transfection efficiency of a validated gene delivery polymer system by complexing the PACE polymer with cell penetrating peptides
  3. Roxy Barahman: Restoring Antibiotic Resistance in Escherichia coli through Phage Therapy

Group Grants

  1. Will Polsky and the Bulldogs Racing Team: Complete and test Yale’s first ever all-electric race car: BR18.
  2. Keshav Raghavan and the YUAA CubeSat Team: Design, construct & launch a cosmic ray detector (CRD) into low Earth orbit
  3. Alex Briasco-Stewart, Alexander Hoganson, Warren Zhang: Design & construct a rocket with a payload to be launched at the 2019 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) in June 2019

2017-2018 Grant Recipients

Individual Research Grants

Student Description
Jee Won (Jennifer) Shin Transcriptome analysis of normal human lung fibroblasts to advance microvascular tissue engineering
Julia Wei Inducing superconductivity in indium-doped tin telluride nanowires
Valerie Chen (Winner of the Dean Kyle Vanderlick Research Grant) A Formal, Model-based Approach to Enhancing the Safety of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Group Grants

Group Description Web site
Kathan Roberts & Evan Hass CubeSat Project: Design, construct & launch a CubeSat (small satellite) into space containing a cosmic ray detection payload along with an earth imaging system http://yaleaerospace.com/past-projects/cubesat/
Clio Byrne-Gudding, Brian Beitler, Maxim Baranov  Design, construct, launch, and recover a high-power three-stage rocket yaleaerospace.com/advanced-three-stage-rocket/
Joyce Duan, Lauren Renee Chapey, Ethan O'Reilly Build a minimally invasive insole device capable of collecting biometric data used to prevent, diagnose and treat running-related injuries https://yalealumnimagazine.com/articles/4639-what-they-re-making-at-the-maker-space

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