2019-2020 Officers and Board

General inquiries to YSEA can be made by email to Info@YSEA.org.

Elissa Dunn Levy, B.S. 2009, President
Milton Young, M.S. 1984, Executive Vice President
James Lockman, B.S. 1989, Secretary
Joseph Cerro, B.S. 1989, Treasurer

BOARD MEMBERS AT-LARGE (terms expire in years indicated)
Robert Bettigole, B.S. 1976 (20)
Kristine Budill, B.S. 1989 (20)
Robert B. Cordova, B.S. 1984 (22)
Dan Delmar, B.S. 1973 (21)
John Frank, B.S. 1999 (20)
David Gonda, Ph.D. 1986 (21)
Jonathan Hartman, B.S. 2009 (21)
Sarah Huelin, B.A. 1997 (22)
Rick Koster, B.S. 1982 (20)
Andrew Reardon, B.S. 2021 (22)
Gail Kalison Reynolds, M.F.S. 1981 (22)
Michael Rosenberg, B.S. 1972 (20)
John Siemon, M.S. 1990 (22)
Elie Track, Ph.D. 1988 (21)
John L. Troutman, B.E. 1965 (21)

Connecticut District: Jeffrey Sherman Katz, GRD. 1989
East Asia & Southeast Asia: Hahn Chou, M.E.M. 2004
East Asia & Southeast Asia: Ming Jing, B.S. 1992
Empire District: Christopher Carosa, B.S. 1982
Metropolitan District: Anita Kishore, B.S. 1999
Mid-Atlantic District: Peter Oleske, B.S. 1982
Midwest District: Bob Kunkler, B.S. 1988
Mountain District: Alexandra Antonioli, B.S. 2007
New England District: Monica Wood, B.S. 2009
Pacific Central District: Patrick Chase, B.S. 2014
Pacific Central District: George Chen, B.S. 1977
Pacific Northwest District: Mark Hulak, B.S. 1987
Pacific South District: Jason Rabinovitch, B.S. 2008
South Central District: Milton Young, M.S. 1984
Southeast District: James Baird, B.S. 1963
Southeast District: Theresa Wang, B.S. 2001

William Cashman, M.S. 1965
Ralph France III, Ph.D. 1997
Steven Lasewicz Jr., B.E. 1960
Anthony Xu, B.S. 2006

Communication & Membership Committee & YSM Liaison: John Siemon
Activities Committee: Anita Kishore
Industry Committee: Milton Young
Nominations Committee: Gail Reynolds
Awards Committee: David Gonda
Science Fair Committee: Rick Koster
Grants Committee Co-Chair: Michael Rosenberg
Grants Committee Co-Chair: John Siemon

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The Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc.

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