Where should you go after YM-YWHA summer camp's session?

Friday, 28th July 2017 at TBD

Location: United States

So, your child ends the session at the YM-YWHA summer camp. Perhaps, you have chosen Kings Bay YMCA Brooklyn location for your child. How about new impressions?

Why don’t you consider a road trip across America? By the way, tours with children allow the family to unite and improve your relationships.

Where should you go after Kings Bay YM-YWHA summer camp?

Top Destinations for YM-YWHA Post-Camp Tour

There are many directions and roads where you can go after the YM-YWHA camp. So what to choose?


After your child’s stay at YM YWHA camp, you may want your family to relax at one of America’s beautiful beaches. Each beach is unique: New York or South Carolina? Oregon or Massachusetts? Maybe North Carolina? Here are just a few places worth visiting:

Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts

Soft and clean sand, cool sea water... What could be better? Besides, do you know that the Coast Guard Beach is included in the top 10 must-see American beaches?

The swimming season here is rather short. Nevertheless, you can think about one of the many hiking trails. On the beach, alcohol is allowed. For the tourists' convenience, shuttle buses run from the parkings.

Beachwalker Park, South Carolina

Immerse yourself in untouched nature at Beachwalker Park which is located in the south of the Kiawah Island. You may ride a bike, or go for kayaking or canoeing. The coastal zone abounds in marine life and fish. By the way, you can see dozens of thousands of seabirds at the Beachwalker Park.

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

The Hatteras Island is part of 200-miles sand barrier islands called the Outer Shoals. Infinite beaches, steady wind, and waves, historical fishing villages attract coastal fishing lovers and surfers.

Siesta Beach, Florida

The beach is located in the city of Sarasota, Florida. The Siesta beach is almost 99% composed of small quartz crystals. White quartz sand does not heat up even on sunny days.

One of the biggest beaches in Florida is very attractive as a place for leisure activities.  The Siesta Beach width reaches more than a hundred yards. The blue and transparent water attract everyone who is looking for their place under the sun. The flat coast and coast guard make the Siesta beach a perfect destination for relaxing with kids.

Coronado Beach, California

Coronado Beach is an oasis at the California's coast. Here you can find a subtropical climate, lush flora and sparkling sand. Do not forget to visit Hotel Del Coronado which built more than 100 years ago.

2. National Parks

Children at YM-YWHA are encouraged to a lot of activities. So why do not continue with family entertainment in one of the national parks of America?

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake is perfectly round and deepest lake in the USA. Its depth is more than 650 yards. The lake lays in the caldera of a former volcano. Crater Lake is famous for its blue color and pure water.

There are few hiking routes. Swimming, boating, and fishing are allowed.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Over the park rises the sleeping volcano Rainier. It is covered with coniferous forests, meadows, glaciers and eternal snow. At the top of the volcano, there are 40 glaciers with a total area of 33.5 square miles.

Every year more than 2 million people visit this park for hiking, skiing or camping.

Acadia National Park, Maine

In the Acadia National Park on the Atlantic coast, you will see granite peaks, pine forests and many lakes. The local attraction is the Cadillac Mountain of pink granite.

Here live about 340 species of birds, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, otters, virgin deer, and hares. In the coastal waters, you may see dolphins, seals, and even whales. Gravel roads and sandy beaches of the park are perfect for hiking and cycling.

3. Film Locations

Have you ever attended a Costume Day at YM-YWHA? If not, then you definitely should consider visiting film locations!


The State of Oregon carries the unspoken title of "the most greened region of the US" and is renowned for its landscapes' exceptional beauty. The first part of the "Twilight Saga", based on the novel by Stephanie Myers, was filmed in various parts of the state. In Portland, episodes were taken from the school, where the main characters met. By the way, the school is real and is called "Madison High School".

And in the city of Oregon City, located nearby, is situated the fascinating Cannon Beach, which involved in the movie "Twilight", as the beach of the Indian residence La Push.

The Truman Show

In Florida, you can find the city of Seahaven from "The Truman Show" movie. Perhaps, it looks too perfect and therefore unreal, but in fact, it is a Seaside, Florida. The city located on 80 acres along the coast of the Florida Bay. Seaside was recognized as the "Best Beach of the World" according to the Travel + Leisure magazine. Movie fans can also visit Universal Studios amusement park and ride themed attractions dedicated to Harry Potter and the Simpsons.

Back to Future

If you have not made a group selfie on the background of the famous Hollywood Sign, then grab your friends from YM-YWHA and go to Los Angeles. And don’t forget to visit Hill Valley, a small town from the "Back to the Future" trilogy.

Many scenes from the first two movies were filmed in the Los Angeles, including the famous dance Enchantment Under The Sea. Ride on a roller coaster in the Universal Studios park and take a trip to the famous Courthouse Square, where the filming took place.


The transport choice is one of the main points that you should consider when planning a trip. Of course, everything depends on your budget.

Maybe, you will want to share new experiences with YM-YWHA mates? This may reduce transportation expenses. Just join a group tour or organize your own!

Where to stay?

When you traveling with your family or YM-YWHA friends, you may choose outdoor camping, hostels or motels, or hotels. It depends on your preferences and budget. Needless to say, that nights spent in your tent among the picturesque places of national parks are less expensive than a 5-star hotel in LA.

Plan your budget

So, you have decided on your destination and accommodation. It's time to plan a daily budget. If you decide to invite friends to the YM-YWHA trip, be sure to discuss the food with them: especially if you are planning outdoor camping tours. Food cooked at the stake can be as tasty as in a restaurant. Or maybe you will prefer separate costs and everyone will be responsible for their meals.

In addition, do not forget to include tips, entrance tickets, and entertainment. And also put aside a certain amount for souvenirs.

It is not superfluous to add 10-15% to the daily expenses for an emergency case. Anything can happen on the road and it's better to be sure of having some extra money.

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