5 types of SEM campaigns for an eCommerce


SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing. To the point that when we talk about SEM we normally refer to paid search engine ad campaigns, although really, being purists , SEM refers to any marketing action within search engines, whether paid or not . And in any case, they serve as a powerful tool to develop from now on one of the many sem campaigns.

Such is the relevance to implement this strategy in digital marketing that to make known one of its most relevant contributions. Because in effect, do not forget that SEM is the use of tools and strategies that help us to optimize the visibility and increase the accessibility of the sites and web pages thanks to the search engines.

You will be able to verify that you can obtain many benefits in this kind of performances and of diverse nature. For example, due to the sponsored ads in these search engines (Google AdWords, Bing Ads or Yahoo! Search Marketing), quality traffic is generated to the web. And from where you can develop a campaign of these special characteristics from now on.

Sem campaigns: what can you get?

Of course, this is one of the objectives that many of those responsible for an online store or business set themselves. Because it can help them achieve their goals in a shorter time than through other different, more conventional or traditional systems. So that in this way, you are in complete disposition to achieve some of these wishes that we are going to expose you below:

In all cases, it allows to quickly publicize a product or service with a greater capacity in its dissemination. Among other reasons because it will be achieved, it will attract a greater number of users or clients.

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It allows you to compete on an equal basis with the rest of the competitors and thus with greater guarantees of success in your expansion as a business line.

From an economic point of view, there is no doubt that return on investment is faster than through other development systems. But as long as campaigns with these characteristics are really optimized from the beginning and that at the end of the day what is involved in these special cases.

And finally, it is a great opportunity to finally bring highly segmented traffic to the website of our store or digital commerce.

Carry out profitable actions

In any case, we cannot forget at this time that these kinds of strategies that we are talking about come to involve activities such as keyword search, ad creation and bid management. This is what refers to digital actions as well known to all as with PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPC (Cost Per Click).

Because within the types of SEM campaigns for an eCommerce they accommodate what is the monetization of the website of your company, store or online commerce. To the point that it can become a source of income for your professional activity. Although it is true that it is not low significant amounts of money. If not, on the contrary, to defray some other expenses in electronic commerce. Either way, it can become a profitable support if you know how to apply it correctly from now on.

Considering the keyword

From this specific strategy in modern marketing, it can be said without fear of being wrong that as a result of all the above, the keywords  that will be successful in the SEM strategy at hand can be configured  . The choice of these terms will determine when the ads will be shown, so no time should be spared in selecting them or in establishing the matches that will be applied to them.

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On the other hand, the web page is  going to be the destination of users who click on the ads, therefore it also deserves a prior analysis. If the ads in our SEM campaign take users to a website that does not convey reliability, does not have adequate loading speed, or does not have powerful text that encourages conversion, this strategy will have been useless. search engine marketing.

Learn how to optimize your AdWords campaign

Although the largest optimizations should be done when a representative amount of data is available, there are other actions that can be done on a daily basis.

For example, in early stage SEM campaigns, it is recommended to monitor the search terms that triggered the ads. Despite the fact that previous Keyword Research has given us many clues to develop a list of negative words, one has always been able to sneak in. By checking this and making negative the terms that we are not interested in, it will be possible to not waste budget on clicks that are not relevant for the company that carries out the SEM campaign.

This very special system will help you achieve some of your most relevant goals. Among those that stand out the following that we point out below:

It will help you to know the competition from this moment and they are restrictions of any kind.

Sales:  If your goal is to drive sales online, in the app, by phone or in the store.

Sales opportunities:  The ideal objective to encourage customers to take actions to generate sales opportunities and other conversions.

Traffic to the website:  This objective is the one you have to mark if your intention is to get the right users to visit your website.

As you may have seen, it will give you the great opportunity to launch a very effective campaign that helps you obtain more downloads of your application and get users to interact more with it, this is the correct objective.

Where you must take into account from now on that each business is unique, so it requires a SEM campaign strategy tailored to this characteristic. Because there is no magic formula for all of them, as you may think at some point in your professional life. On the other hand, do not forget that it will make you reach a large number of users and increase the notoriety of your product or service.

Remarketing campaign

This type of campaign allows you to show ads to users who have previously been to your website in general or in a specific section. But from a more commercial approach than derived from marketing itself. It is certainly one of the newest trends that can be found at the moment in the digital or online sector. Because it offers mechanisms to expand the scopes to get new customers or users for your organization.

On the other hand, it cannot be forgotten to understand a little better this class of campaigns in modern marketing that remarketing is very suitable for those advertisers who want to increase their sales by re-impacting their potential customers when they browse other websites, or when use certain applications of the latest technologies. Therefore, its effectiveness may be greater from its start-up, although not without certain difficulties.

Another aspect that must be assessed with the implementation of this unique strategy is that in the end the users themselves end up being our clients. Being, on the other hand, one of our most immediate objectives from this moment on. After all, many of our actions go up to these levels in the action undertaken.

Run video campaigns

The video campaign aims to promote and give visibility to your video ad, not only on the YouTube platform, but also on the Google Display Network and others that are not as well known to a large number of users. From this perspective, there is no doubt that its application will ultimately increase the preference of users for our products, articles or services. So that in this way our trademark is also better known and in a way the branding.

You can even go for less conventional systems on their results. As for example, the types of ads the interested party will be able to decide whether to see it or not and, therefore, the advertiser will only pay in case of click. In what constitutes an option for the web pages of online stores or businesses to satisfy their needs to attract a greater number of customers or users.

In this sense, the importance of what constitutes making video campaigns goes far beyond what are called traditional businesses. To the point that in the end this kind of ad has a reproduction format that may be superior to the rest.

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