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Tips for Writing a Successful Creative Thinking Essay

In academic writing, creativity is essential because it results in a composition that expresses a student’s viewpoint. Creativity also allows a learner to develop unique content that makes a lasting impression and showcases the writing skills and knowledge that the individual has.

Creativity makes use of vivid imagination and makes it easier for a scholar to tell their story in a way that makes an emotional impact. A creative thinking essay often allows free thinking and is not bound by the rules of academic style. Therefore, it can include fictional characters or setting that helps to communicate the intended message. If you encounter this type of essay for the first time, you may have a ton of questions. The most common is how to start writing it.

Start With Proper Planning

Just like any other academic paper, a high-scoring creative thinking essay must show organization and logic, which comes about due to proper planning essay writing services. A plan involves thinking about your audience and the appropriate language to deliver the intended message or story. Knowing your audience will also give you a clue on how to keep them interested.

Choose an Interesting Topic

Creative thinking essays come with a lot of freedom, especially when the instructor has not designated a specific topic. However, with the numerous topics available and which you can write about in most cases, it can be overwhelming choosing just one.

The trick to settling on one specific topic is to ensure you have enough material to cover the word count without going off-topic. Note that your ideal area of focus should be both entertaining, allow you to present facts, and share a memorable experience.

If you still can’t come up with a great topic after brainstorming for several days, consider getting writing help from a subject expert. Nowadays, there are numerous online writers who are highly experienced in writing creative thinking essays and will be willing to give you a few topics or point you in the right direction.

Use Creative Writing Techniques

Creative thinking means using the techniques that allow your content to be highly vivid and entertaining. Some of the methods that you can use to enhance your creative essay include:

  • Character development
  • Vivid setting
  • Description
  • Figures of speech
  • Emotional appeal.

Creative thinking essay also uses metaphors as it keeps the reader entertained while giving them room to visualize what you are saying. It also allows you, the writer, to convey concepts that the reader might find unfamiliar. Interesting details about the characters, setting, or locations might work in most creative writing but may fail for a scientific essay. So before writing, check how far you can take your creativity without sacrificing the usual academic writing style.

Have a Captivating Introductory Section

When you read any creative thinking essay, you will notice one unique element: it has an attention-grabbing first paragraph. This is to capture attention from the word go and motivate the instructor to read until the end. A short essay with a slow build-up leaves room for boredom. Avoid using the standard way of starting an essay as it can make you lose points for originality.


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