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Women For Action Members: A Legion For Supporting Women


Women For Action Membership is a legion for supporting women to increase participation and keep the conversation going about women.

♥ Memberships support the important work that we do to champion the voices of women and girls.

♥ Members receive both free and discounted access to local and online events consisting of discussions, film screenings, and lectures.

♥ Members have access to our network of both national and international like-minded nonprofit leaders, professionals, educators, and students.

♥ Members receive exclusive member updates and are the first to know about opportunities within our network.

Our Work

Women For Action is a 501(c)(3) organization which works to do public good by championing the voices of women and girls across the globe. Our platform strives to create compelling content to start a discussion, exchange a dialog, or even initiate a wave of action. Women For Action introduces ideas that promote gender equality and encourage inclusion.

There are many initiatives throughout the world that are attempting to enhance the status of women and girls, though our everyday media can only funnel a fragment of those stories. Women For Action curtails its audience by being a forum for these types of initiatives, and is attempting to increase its efforts to highlight women and girls in both developing and developed nations.

To fund these projects we are attempting to enlarge our support so that we can tell more stories and keep up with our growing base of women who reach out to our organization to support their handiwork, whether it’s their new book, film or some other compelling innovation. We ask that you help fulfill this mission of passing the bullhorn to these women. We are adamant about our mission of ensuring that women are visible so that we a part of the solution of creating an equal society for women and girls!

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"The Price of Honor" CHICAGO

  • Thursday, July 9th, 2015 at 6:30pm - 8pm
    Location: Ida Noyes Hall at the University of Chicago 1212 E 59th St, Chicago, Illinois 60637

    UNICEF in collaboration with Doc Films; United Nations Association-USA Greater Chicago Chapter;…


Posted by Julene Allen, Friday, February 13th, 2015 @ 6:23pm

  • Women For Action is a growing 501c3 organization. We realise the importance of volunteers to aid us in our mission to champion women and girls. Volunteers are needed in these areas: writing, editing, public relations, marketing and fundraising.

    If you are interested, we'd like to thank you for choosing Women For Action! Volunteers should be in good membership standing and must have a passion and willingness to help others.

    Please submit a bio and including details about how your experience can be used in any of the above areas.

    Email us at


Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution

  • Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 at 5:30pm - 7:15pm
    Location: TBA

    This event has been published to Facebook. Click to find out…

On Women For Action!

The Speak Truth Summit: October 20 - 21

The Impact Alliance, Chicago Foundation for Women, Chicago State University, Women Employed, Arab American Family Services, and Chicago Black Women in Tech invite you to attend the inaugural #SpeakTruth Summit on October 20 and 21, 2018, at Chicago State University. The #SpeakTruth Summit is a platform by and for women of color to identify, address, and heal from the issues affecting them in particular and disproportionate ways in the various systems they operate and live within. The #SpeakTruth panels, workshops, and plenary sessions are designed with a focus on empowering women and equipping them with the concrete action steps, connections, and knowledge to thrive, not just survive, in their day-to-day lives. For more information and/or purchase tickets, please visit ! No tickets will be sold at the door, all tickets must be purchased online prior to October 15, 2018. We hope to count you among us!"
on October 8th, 2018
August 7 is Black Women's Equal Pay Day
On average, women make just $.80 (cents) compared to white non-Hispanic men. The pay disparity widens for women of color. Black/African American women are making $.63 (cents) to the dollar. This means that a black woman must work 8 extra months in the 2018 calendar year to make up for what a white man made in just 2017. These extra days of work symbolize Black Women's Equal Pay Day which falls on August 7 this year.

Here are three things you can do as an advocate of fair pay.

1. Log onto and share campaign tools and resources with your organization and peers because #38PercentCounts.
2. Join the Twitter storm at 2pm eastern. Learn more at
3. Tune into Lean In Women of Color's Facebook livestream conversation with women leaders at 6pm central. Visit

on August 6th, 2018
Interview with Numa Perrier, Actor-Writer-Filmmaker

In a journey of vulnerability and self-exploration, Numa Perrier, actor-writer-filmmaker, and founder & creative director of House of Numa is debuting her first feature film, Jezebel, a true story which is expected to premiere this fall. Jezebel is a coming-out and coming-of-age tale that uniquely explores sexuality. Starring Tiffany Tenille and Numa Perrier who plays her sister in this film, Jezebel reveals a story about a special bond between siblings. While finding themselves in a predicament, having to support their family, two sisters work as a phone sex operator and internet fetish cam girl. A champion of Perrier’s work is American filmmaker, Ava DuVernay, creator of Selma, 13th and A Wrinkle in Time. In our interview, Perrier discusses how support from the filmmaking queen transpired, why good storytelling entails some level of risk and where feminism and sexual freedom intersect.

The following is a sample of our interview with Numa Perrier which is featured in Women For Action magazine's July -October 2018 Issue.

Women For Action: Where did the idea of producing Jezebel, (a true story about your life) stem from?

Perrier: I’ve been plucking true stories based on parts of my life the entire time I’ve been creating visual art and films. This specific story was one of those I knew I wanted to add to the volume.  It took a long time, 15 years — to gain the emotional distance and the courage to follow through with this particular story.  There was a lot of shame associated with not only the work but the poverty that I was in with my family at the time.  So far, I am happy that I am sharing it, but I still don’t feel entirely comfortable.  I think that’s part of the requirement of this work.  I’m way out of the safe zone with this one.

Women For Action: You play your sister in Jezebel and she also helps you with the seed money for the film. This is her story just as much as it is yours. She shares your vulnerability. Why do you think this story is just as important to her to tell?

Perrier: My sister and I have had a roller coaster relationship. It has stabilized and deepened now especially while working on this film together. Playing her in the film caused me to understand and love her beyond description. She has always encouraged me to explore and exploit my sexuality. In her view, we would not be born with something that wasn’t supposed to be of use to us. This story is very much hers as well, but she has let me tell it how I see fit which has been a tremendous vote of trust and confidence towards me. The story is important to both of us because it brought us closer and may do the same for others. We’re both excited about revealing a piece of a lifestyle and a black family in Vegas that just hasn’t been told before.

Women For Action: Not only did the queen, Ava DuVernay donate to your crowdfunding campaign, she made sure her audience caught glimpse of your fundraising initiative for Jezebel. How did she learn about the campaign and how did DuVernay’s support make you feel?

Perrier: I slid in Ava’s direct message’s and let her know that I had just finished filming my first feature. She wasn’t aware that I was even making one and she was so excited for me having got that far and immediately offered to help by contributing and boosting my GoFundMe campaign on her Twitter. It was very generous and more than I had anticipated in reaching out. The second she did that a wave of people donated including other prominent industry players. It wasn’t a blind reach out—I’ve known Ava since 2008 and been a witness to her hard work and courage in making her space very real and very known. It feels pretty great to know that she is proud of me and cheering me on.

Grab this issue!

on July 3rd, 2018
Coming Up In The July - October 2018 issue
Numa Perrier as Sabrina | Photo courtesy of House of Numa

♦ In our July - October 2018 issue, we are introducing an exciting interview with Numa Perrier, actor-writer-filmmaker and founder & creative director of House of Numa! Perrier is releasing her first feature film, Jezebel, a true story which is expected to premiere this fall. Jezebel is a coming-of-age- tale that explores feminine sexuality in a unique way. Starring Tiffany Tenille and Numa Perrier who plays her sister in this film, Jezebel tells a story about a special bond between siblings. While abruptly finding themselves having to support their family, two sisters work as a phone sex operator and internet fetish cam girl. One of Perrier's biggest champions is American filmmaker, Ava Duvernay, director of Selma13th and A Wrinkle in Time. In our interview, Perrier discusses how support from the filmmaking Queen transpired. 
 Also in this issue, in honor of Black Women's Equal Pay Day coming up on August 7th, 2018, ten black women's voices and causes you probably did not know about but you certainly should follow.
 Plus why commemoration days are important for women and how they help reshape a place of importance!

on June 19th, 2018
Equal Pay For All
Today is April 10th 2018, Equal Pay Day which represents how long it takes within the 2018 calendar year for the average woman to make what a white man made in 2017. This averages out to just 80 cents to a dollar. The fact is that all women regardless of background, race, ability or sexual orientation are impacted by the pay gap. The following video shows you how all women are predisposed to unequal pay.


on April 10th, 2018

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Women For Action Members: A Legion For Supporting Women

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