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  • What to Avoid in Installing a Safety Driveway and Traffic Convex Mirror?

What to Avoid in Installing a Safety Driveway and Traffic Convex Mirror?

Vehicle accidents happen all the time. According to the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States, at around 840 thousand of blind spots accidents occur annually; these accidents are a result of driving errors, failure to adjust mirrors and check blind spots.

These vehicle accidents do not only happen on the road. This might also occur near your driveway or property. Thus, if your home, office or business is located in a dangerous driving environment, make sure to learn how to avoid these accidents. 

One of the effective approaches to reducing vehicle accidents is to install the outdoor convex mirror. As a matter of fact, authorities highly advise individuals to purchase and use outdoor driveway and traffic mirrors especially establishments and public places. Installing a convex mirror will help to reduce the number of vehicle accidents in the area. Likewise, it enhances the security and safety of people.  

If you are searching for the best driveway and traffic convex mirror for road security, go here. After picking out a quality outdoor convex mirror, know how to install the mirror. Buying a high-grade convex mirror is useless without knowing how to use and install it; thus, as a guide for beginners, here are some common errors you must learn to avoid in installing a traffic convex mirror. 

Installing without Permission

For factories, warehouses, business establishments and public facilities, make sure to ask permission from the local authority that you plan to mount a traffic or driveway mirror. You might face legal problems if you install a traffic mirror without consulting the council planning office. Therefore, ask first for permission before making some actions. 

Placing on Obscure Locations

hidden mirror is of no use. The purpose of a traffic and driveway mirror is to protect and guarantee the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Thus, strategically install the mirror on a maximum of 20 feet distance from the drive. In addition, the mirror should be raised from the ground at least at the eye level of an adult. Likewise, avoid installing traffic and driveway mirrors in places where there are trees, posts, etc. that blocks the view. 

Ignoring Calculations

The best way to get the best of your outdoor convex mirror is to calculate the exact distance of a mounting location. The size of the mirror and area can affect its visibility. Use the 1.5 rule of mirror diameter in determining which convex mirror size is suitable for the area. For instance, if the mounting location is 23 feet from the sidewalk, multiply 23 by 1.5. Use the product as a tip on which mirror to select. If there are no available mirrors, choose the next size. You can view the website of convex mirror installation experts for additional details on installing driveway mirrors. 

In a nutshell, purchasing and installing convex mirror requires knowledge and strategy. A mirror won’t work properly if you neglect these guidelines. Thus, if you need more help about handpicking convex mirrors and installing tips, check it out on the most reliable source on the web. 

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