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All you need to know about the famous West Australian Octopus

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When it comes to enjoying sealife and seafood, the famous octopus is without doubt among the most celebrated. The octopus is a unique creature; one that offers a very satisfying, enjoyable taste. However, many people tend to just try any old octopus that they can get their hands on. Just as you haven’t tried ‘real’ beef until you get some wagyu beef, you haven’t tried octopus until you try the famous West Australian octopus!

This has become a bit of a name within the octopus world. Indeed, food experts believe that the West Australian octopus might be the best they have ever tasted. It’s a unique tasting kind of seafood: a product that has become a truly major part of Australian culinary export culture. People love to enjoy unique foods, and the immensely satisfying and truly enjoyable West Australian Octopus very much fits in with that mould.

It’s a unique kind of octopus, and one that has quickly become a major part of the seafood industry in the country.

What is the Western Australian Octopus?

This particular form of octopus, known as O. Tetricus, is the ‘finest and freshest’ octopus that you find in the world. Why? Because it’s living habitat is among the cleanest and most pristine in the world. The beautiful azure blue waters of the Abrolhos Islands are truly eye-catching, and the sealife there thrive due Otis amazing strength of nature. It’s also extremely enjoyable to eat because of what the octopus itself eats.

Gorging on a diet of high-quality shellfish, this is a well-fed breed of octopus that arrives in fine form. We are what we eat, after all, and the decadent diet enjoyed by the Western Australian octopus ensures it maintains that delicate, divine texture with every bite.

The fact that they roam in the warmer waters also makes sure that they are in the best living quality possible. Those within this particular part of Western Australia, though, tend to be very easy to appreciate. Their grandeur and charm is immediately apparent. The fact that they can use seaweed as camouflage means that they can easily blend in with the seabed, making it even easier for them to pick-up the food that makes them so tasty.

Facts about the Western Australian Octopus

·         Just as this creature can camouflage into the seabed, it has numerous wart-like features. This makes it appear spiky to a potential predator.

·         Capable of growing arms with a span as large as 6ft 6” in size, these are incredible creatures that can become massive.

·         Jervis Bay is a particular home of the Western Australian octopus, where as many as ten octopuses can meet up, mate and den.

·         Female members of the species are known to then cannibalize their male counterpart after the mating process ends.

·         They move through the water with grace, using a siphon to help propel them through the water with ease.

Want to try some of these amazing creatures? Then be sure to take a look at the famous West Australian Octopus company – home of the finest, freshest octopuses mentioned above. 

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West Australian Octopus

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