Updates - 2018

Any updates on whether Jafar or anyone else is creating a new WeeWar still?

Or has everything been abandoned? :P



I wish I new.
Has anyone heard any different?

I'm considering firing up some kind of plan. I miss the game and nothing has appeared in all the years that comes close enough for my liking.

Awesome Daithi! It would be great to see something happen. I cant do any computer work but if you needed a solar system installed.

I should have done this ages really. I've accumulated bits of code in various languages to do lots of parts of the process when Weewar was still running. I've been running it around in my mind for a few weeks now. I've got code in .NET, Javascript and php for drawing games and maps thanks to weewarspy and some bot work I did. I've got the teamchat server and interface from taking that over. I'm also pretty sure I've got Zapps code, weebots code and my own bot platforms. I've still got a copy of the entire weewar site and forum from just before it went down. A copy of the battle simulator from when I rehosted it after the original went down. I've got a copy of all the maps and I still have isowar.com to stick it at.

I've been looking for a project to tinker with Node.js and it seems like I already have all the building blocks. The current working theory is:
To gather up all those bits.
Gut the weewarspy site as a hosting platform because it has a lot of the website side of stuff already despite being a bit out of date.
Port a few other bits and pieces to javascript so I can use them in node on the server side and in the browser for the client.
Knock up a little game server in Node.
Duct tape the whole thing together and watch it all fall to pieces on me.
It all seems doable, I need to think a bit more and start gathering all the files to review what state everything is in.


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