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FFA Committee Meeting Jun 28, 2016.docxGary Parkert25.03KbDec 8th, 2016
Science Fair Project Proposal Form.docRandi Krieg25.5KbJul 28th, 2016
Science Fair Project Parent Verification.docRandi Krieg25.5KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project Interview Questions.docxRandi Krieg14.73KbJul 28th, 2016
Experimental SAE Project Timeline.docRandi Krieg34KbJul 28th, 2016
agsci_handbook.pdfRandi Krieg1.18MbJul 28th, 2016
Agriscience Project Report Template.docxRandi Krieg46.36KbJul 28th, 2016
Agriscience Project Description for Parents.docxRandi Krieg25.04KbJul 28th, 2016
Non-Traditional SAE Project Ideas.pptxRandi Krieg675.36KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Poster Example.pptxRandi Krieg40.66KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Visit Form.docRandi Krieg26KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project requirements for parents.docRandi Krieg62KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project Parent Verification.docRandi Krieg25.5KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project Plan Sheet 2015-16.docRandi Krieg31KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project Final.docRandi Krieg27.5KbJul 28th, 2016
Parent Groups and ASB - Marty Fortin.pdfAnnette Weeks6.38MbJul 6th, 2016
Hanford Reactor B Tour.pdfAnnette Weeks4.31MbJul 6th, 2016
Grant Writing Presentation.pdfAnnette Weeks2.24MbJul 6th, 2016
Grant Writing Handouts.pdfAnnette Weeks3.31MbJul 6th, 2016
Community Needs Activity.pdfAnnette Weeks167.42KbJul 6th, 2016
Advisory Committees.pdfAnnette Weeks1.05MbJul 6th, 2016
Washington FSA Information.pdfAnnette Weeks835.26KbJul 6th, 2016
Service Learning Presentation.pdfAnnette Weeks2.66MbJul 6th, 2016
Service Learning Handouts.pdfAnnette Weeks3.7MbJul 6th, 2016
Ideas Unlimited - Goldendale.pdfAnnette Weeks474.16KbJul 6th, 2016
CTE Funding.pdfAnnette Weeks699.43KbJul 6th, 2016
Tissue Culture Workshop.pdfAnnette Weeks1.14MbJul 3rd, 2016
Volunteer Resource Inventory - EDITABLE.pdfAnnette Weeks333.56KbJul 3rd, 2016
Summer Conference Print Update from Ben Meyer.pdfAnnette Weeks763.61KbJul 3rd, 2016
Steps to Obtaining Tax-Exempt Status.pdfAnnette Weeks465.23KbJul 3rd, 2016
How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate.pdfAnnette Weeks321.39KbJul 3rd, 2016
D is for Delegation.pptxAnnette Weeks456.89KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Framework Resources from Becky Wallace.docxAnnette Weeks11.21KbJul 2nd, 2016
Floral CDE Workshop.pptxAnnette Weeks656.12KbJul 2nd, 2016
Floral CDE Workshop.pptxTamara Whitcomb660.75KbJul 2nd, 2016
National Chapter App Workshop.pptxTamara Whitcomb82.19KbJun 27th, 2015
designmatrix.rtfDusti Nash51.71KbJun 26th, 2015
designmatexp.rtfDusti Nash65.93KbJun 26th, 2015
checkpointoverview.rtfDusti Nash85.3KbJun 26th, 2015
HomecomingMums.docxDusti Nash741.29KbJun 26th, 2015
WAAE 2015 meeting R2.pptxDusti Nash14.92MbJun 26th, 2015
IMG_0156.JPG - Artificial InseminationDusti Nash1.57MbJun 26th, 2015
IMG_0152.JPGDusti Nash1.14MbJun 26th, 2015
Metal Rose Template.docxDusti Nash418.27KbJun 26th, 2015
finished rose.jpgDusti Nash41.92KbJun 26th, 2015
InquiryWorkshop Powerpoint.pptxDusti Nash5.15MbJun 26th, 2015
Volunteer Resource Inventory.pdfDusti Nash178.93KbJun 26th, 2015
Affiliate Impact Form.pdfDusti Nash49.62KbJun 26th, 2015
Affiliate Impact Excel Form.xlsxDusti Nash59.43KbJun 26th, 2015
Student Tracking- Blank Document.xlsDusti Nash32KbJun 26th, 2015
Excel Tracking- Example Document.docDusti Nash276KbJun 26th, 2015
WAAE Conference 2015 Group Activity (1).docxDusti Nash13.83KbJun 26th, 2015
WAAE Conference 2015 Cow to Cougar Gold.docxDusti Nash77.57KbJun 26th, 2015
Steps to Obtaining Tax-Emempt Status.pdfDusti Nash1.06MbJun 26th, 2015
New Alumni Chartering Form.xlsxDusti Nash47.82KbJun 26th, 2015
How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate.pdfDusti Nash321.39KbJun 26th, 2015
Steps to Obtaining Tax-Emempt Status.pdfDusti Nash1.06MbJun 26th, 2015
New Alumni Chartering Form.xlsxDusti Nash47.82KbJun 26th, 2015
How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate.pdfDusti Nash321.39KbJun 26th, 2015
Proficiency_App_Worksheet.pdfDusti Nash895.62KbJun 26th, 2015
prof_app_bestpractices.pdfDusti Nash137.63KbJun 26th, 2015
Proficiency Award Application Tips 2015-Revised.pptxDusti Nash189.55KbJun 26th, 2015
Entr_and_Placement_Proficiency_Final_Rubrics.pdfDusti Nash519.68KbJun 26th, 2015
Combined_Proficiency_Final_Rubrics.pdfDusti Nash510.52KbJun 26th, 2015
WAAE Precision Exams.pptxDusti Nash1015.99KbJun 26th, 2015
Scoring Rubric.pdfDusti Nash477.76KbJun 26th, 2015
Presentation Tips FAQs.pdfDusti Nash20.24KbJun 26th, 2015
Presentation Information.pdfDusti Nash261.64KbJun 26th, 2015
nca_rubric.pdfDusti Nash106.95KbJun 26th, 2015
NC Scantron.pdfDusti Nash157.39KbJun 26th, 2015
Nationals Judging Tips.pdfDusti Nash303.53KbJun 26th, 2015
Mt. Baker NCA Example Activities.pdfDusti Nash2.93MbJun 26th, 2015
FFA National Chapter Application Review Process.pdfDusti Nash185.92KbJun 26th, 2015
MAKE YOUR OWN GMO.docxDusti Nash14.66KbJun 26th, 2015
WhatDoYouKnow.docxDusti Nash38.81KbJun 26th, 2015
GMOsLookUp.docxDusti Nash16.12KbJun 26th, 2015
GMOPerceptionsSurvey.docxDusti Nash37.09KbJun 26th, 2015
GMO Video Resources.docxDusti Nash13.66KbJun 26th, 2015
GMO Informational Pamphlet.docxDusti Nash103.91KbJun 26th, 2015
GMO Graphic Org.docxDusti Nash47.33KbJun 26th, 2015
Franken Food or the Future.docDusti Nash90KbJun 26th, 2015
BioTechTimeline.docxDusti Nash196.9KbJun 26th, 2015
Aseptic Technique.pptxDusti Nash122.14KbJun 26th, 2015
Review Activity Resources.pdfLori Sanderson2.25MbJun 22nd, 2015
2015 Conference Flyer - WAAE.pubMike Sheppard579.5KbFeb 5th, 2015
2015 Conference Flyer - WAAE.pdfMike Sheppard346.24KbFeb 5th, 2015
2014 Summer Conference Session Minutes.docLiz Graaff68.5KbOct 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 PL Assignment 2.docxLiz Graaff18.38KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 PL Assignment 1.docxLiz Graaff18.01KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 Pesticide Labels Quiz.pdfLiz Graaff1.94MbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 Area Measurement Lab.pptLiz Graaff251KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 - PL.pptxLiz Graaff342.04KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 IRT Assignment 1.docLiz Graaff31.5KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 Irrigation Scheduling.docLiz Graaff40.5KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 - Water Scheduling.pptLiz Graaff3.54MbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 ACE.pptxLiz Graaff3.03MbJul 2nd, 2014

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