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Expert List 2012.xlsHolly Cahow36.5KbJun 23rd, 2020
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WAAE Owls Gazette February 2020.pdfJoshua Krieg919.34KbJun 23rd, 2020
WAAEConfRegForm_2020_Pasco.docGary Parkert32KbOct 24th, 2019
WAAEConstitutionUpdateRev-6-25-2019.rtfAdam Corum214.25KbAug 22nd, 2019
WAAEduesMembershipForm19-20.docxGary Parkert16.6KbJul 25th, 2019
Officer MOU.docxAdam Corum19.71KbJun 24th, 2019
Officer Brocure.docxAdam Corum1.81MbJun 24th, 2019
waae logo.jpgAdam Corum102.89KbMay 27th, 2019
2019 Metal Art Contest Results and Pictures.docxDenise Senor38.99MbApr 12th, 2019
WAAE Summer Conference minutes June 25.docxAdam Corum18.41KbSep 25th, 2018
District 4 Meeting Minutes for 6-25-18 & 6-26-18.docxRenee Johnson21.11KbAug 14th, 2018
Genetics PPT w Inquiry Chart Final.pptxEmily Wamsley4.45MbAug 1st, 2018
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IMG_0726.JPGAnnette Weeks2.49MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0725.JPGAnnette Weeks2.6MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0724.JPGAnnette Weeks2.43MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0723.JPGAnnette Weeks2.5MbJul 17th, 2018
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IMG_0714.JPGAnnette Weeks2.43MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0713.JPGAnnette Weeks2.43MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0712.JPGAnnette Weeks2.56MbJul 17th, 2018
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IMG_0707.JPGAnnette Weeks2.59MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0703.JPGAnnette Weeks1.07MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0694.JPGAnnette Weeks3.14MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0693.JPGAnnette Weeks2.79MbJul 17th, 2018
IMG_0692.JPGAnnette Weeks2.84MbJul 17th, 2018
NGSS 3-D Assignments and assessments.pptxAustin Baker71.89KbJun 29th, 2018
Accountability Survey.docxAustin Baker20.96KbJun 29th, 2018
Water Study Guide .docxAustin Baker701.89KbJun 29th, 2018
Water Issues Reflection Sheet.docxAustin Baker18.26KbJun 29th, 2018
Water Issues Project multiple representations chart.docxAustin Baker21.04KbJun 29th, 2018
Water Issues Presentation.docxAustin Baker19.31KbJun 29th, 2018
Water Issue Roles.docxAustin Baker16.76KbJun 29th, 2018
Starfish Wasting Syndrome.pptxAustin Baker427.14KbJun 29th, 2018
Starfish Wasting Syndrome Exit Ticket.docxAustin Baker18.89KbJun 29th, 2018
Issue Sign Up.docxAustin Baker13.73KbJun 29th, 2018
Activity3_2_4Running_Watersheds.docxAustin Baker106.33KbJun 29th, 2018
Water Quality Webquest .docAustin Baker41KbJun 29th, 2018
Watershed Lab.pptxAustin Baker11.5MbJun 29th, 2018
acmp_k4_WaterCycle_WaterCycleGame.pdfAustin Baker7.06MbJun 29th, 2018
Exploring the Water Cycle Pre-Post Assessment.pdfAustin Baker218.07KbJun 29th, 2018
Exploring the Water Cycle SCS.pdfAustin Baker445.1KbJun 29th, 2018
Exploring the Water Cycle TG v2.pdfAustin Baker760.82KbJun 29th, 2018
ExploringtheWaterCycle_LessonPP.pptAustin Baker6.49MbJun 29th, 2018
Water Quality Role Assessment.docxAustin Baker13.37KbJun 29th, 2018
Salmon Extension.pptxAustin Baker63.6KbJun 29th, 2018
Salmon Vocabulary.pptxAustin Baker1015.7KbJun 29th, 2018
USFWS_SalmonFactsheet2009.pdfAustin Baker222.15KbJun 29th, 2018
SalmonFacts.pdfAustin Baker180.42KbJun 29th, 2018
Salmon Workbook.docxAustin Baker188.22KbJun 29th, 2018
Formal Lab write up.pptxAustin Baker213.15KbJun 29th, 2018
Coho Salmon Release Rubric.docxAustin Baker28.79KbJun 29th, 2018
Coho Salmon Lab Write Up.docxAustin Baker16KbJun 29th, 2018
Water Quality Cards.docxAustin Baker14.46KbJun 29th, 2018
Salmon water testing lab.docxAustin Baker62KbJun 29th, 2018
Salmon Species Notes.docxAustin Baker188.32KbJun 29th, 2018
Water Quality Cards.docxAustin Baker14.46KbJun 29th, 2018
Salmon water testing lab.docxAustin Baker62KbJun 29th, 2018
Salmon Species Notes.docxAustin Baker188.32KbJun 29th, 2018
Planet Earth - Freshwater.docxAustin Baker21.95KbJun 29th, 2018
Water on earth.pptmAustin Baker15.4MbJun 29th, 2018
Cornell Notes- Water on Earth.docxAustin Baker90.34KbJun 29th, 2018
WAAE Membership Services Committee Minutes 2018.docx.gdocBecky Carollo0 BJun 28th, 2018
Yield Grid.pdfLisa Baser42.44KbJun 28th, 2018
Yield Grading pp.pptLisa Baser556KbJun 28th, 2018
Yield Grade Sheet.xlsLisa Baser20.5KbJun 28th, 2018
Yield Grade HW Spread Sheet.xlsLisa Baser21.5KbJun 28th, 2018
Meats Evaluation and Technology CDE Resources - Leez.docxLisa Baser115.24KbJun 28th, 2018
Bacon Lab Worksheet.xlsLisa Baser18.5KbJun 28th, 2018
2018 metal art pict from contest.docxDenise Senor69.58MbMar 19th, 2018
FFAcde2018CoordinatorList.xlsGary Parkert40.5KbFeb 21st, 2018
Flower Basket Rubric.docAnnette Weeks31.5KbFeb 6th, 2018
Flower Basket Lesson Plan.docAnnette Weeks27KbFeb 6th, 2018
Flower Basket.pptxAnnette Weeks1.05MbFeb 6th, 2018
Flower Basket Drawing.docAnnette Weeks22KbFeb 6th, 2018
Flower Basket Notes.docAnnette Weeks25KbFeb 6th, 2018
WaaeCaseATPinstitute7-2018info.docxGary Parkert141.13KbFeb 1st, 2018
CASEinstitute2018APTMIni-Grant.docxGary Parkert58.05KbFeb 1st, 2018
WAAEVendorShowRegForm2018.docGary Parkert219.5KbOct 23rd, 2017
Conference Flyer 2018 (1).pdfAnnette Weeks693.79KbOct 5th, 2017
WAAEConfRegForm_2018_Vancouver.docGary Parkert31KbSep 29th, 2017
ProgramDevelopmentMinutes62917 afternoon report.docxAdam Corum42.07KbJul 20th, 2017
Quarter Century List.docxAdam Corum11.79KbJul 20th, 2017
ProgramDevelopmentMinutes6 29 17.docxAdam Corum45.33KbJul 20th, 2017
Program Development Minutes First Meeting 6-27-17.docxAdam Corum43.09KbJul 20th, 2017
2017 - 3 year Plan Program Development Update.docxAdam Corum17.54KbJul 20th, 2017
2017 Planning and Policy Committee Minutes 6-29.docxAdam Corum52.02KbJul 20th, 2017
2017 Planning and Policy Committee Minutes 6-27.docxAdam Corum55.45KbJul 20th, 2017
2017 Planning & Policy 3-year Plan Update.docAdam Corum37.5KbJul 20th, 2017
2017- WAAE Member Services 3-year Plan.docAdam Corum34KbJul 20th, 2017
2017 Membership Services Minutes 6-29-2017.docxAdam Corum15.58KbJul 20th, 2017
WAAE Legislative 3-year Plan.docxAdam Corum18.65KbJul 20th, 2017
WAAE Committee Minutes Legislative 2017.docxAdam Corum51.63KbJul 20th, 2017
WAAE Budget&Finance 3-year Plan.docAdam Corum33.5KbJul 20th, 2017
2017 Budget and Finance Committee Minutes.docxAdam Corum45.99KbJul 20th, 2017
FFA Committee minutes 6.2017.docxAdam Corum23.48KbJul 20th, 2017
WAAE Handbook 2017-18.docxAdam Corum86.46KbJul 20th, 2017
Educator_Resources_PPT (5).pdfAnnette Weeks123.13KbJul 16th, 2017
2017 Renz, Outstanding Young Member Application, Narrative.pdfAnnette Weeks202.34KbJul 9th, 2017
2017 Renz, OYM Application, Supporting Documents (1).pdfAnnette Weeks5.64MbJul 9th, 2017
Business Session 3 Summer Conference 2017.docxHolly Cahow14.02KbJul 2nd, 2017
Business Session 4 Summer Conference 2017.docxHolly Cahow14.96KbJul 2nd, 2017
Business Session 2 Summer Conference 2017.docxHolly Cahow14.39KbJul 2nd, 2017
Business Session 1 - Summer Conferece 2017.docxHolly Cahow17.1KbJul 2nd, 2017
15 Minute Update Rotations 2017 Conference.docxHolly Cahow16.59KbJul 2nd, 2017
Equilateral Triangle Arrangement from Textbook.pptTerra Smith622.5KbJun 28th, 2017
Equilateral Triangle Arrangement for Teachers.pptTerra Smith14.21MbJun 28th, 2017
Equilateral Triangle Arrangement for Students.pptxTerra Smith17.48MbJun 28th, 2017
2.1 asymmetrical triangle arrangement cornell notes.docTerra Smith70KbJun 28th, 2017
2 Equilateral Triangle Lesson Plan.docxTerra Smith133.28KbJun 28th, 2017
1.2 Venn Diagram - Symm and Assym Triangle.docxTerra Smith94.36KbJun 28th, 2017
1 Overview Lesson Plan.docxTerra Smith125.16KbJun 28th, 2017
1.1 Triangle Overview Cornell Notes.docTerra Smith49KbJun 28th, 2017
Duties of WAAE Committee Chair and Secretary.docxAnnette Weeks14.04KbJun 24th, 2017
Committee Sign In.docxAnnette Weeks13.43KbJun 24th, 2017
CDE Review Report.docxAnnette Weeks12.57KbJun 24th, 2017
WAAE State Calendar 2016-2017 (Updated 1-13-17).xlsAdam Corum171.5KbJan 13th, 2017
FFA Committee Meeting Jun 28, 2016.docxGary Parkert25.03KbDec 8th, 2016
WAAE Partyline Volume.docxHolly Cahow237.92KbOct 31st, 2016
Science Fair Project Proposal Form.docRandi Krieg25.5KbJul 28th, 2016
Science Fair Project Parent Verification.docRandi Krieg25.5KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project Interview Questions.docxRandi Krieg14.73KbJul 28th, 2016
Experimental SAE Project Timeline.docRandi Krieg34KbJul 28th, 2016
agsci_handbook.pdfRandi Krieg1.18MbJul 28th, 2016
Agriscience Project Report Template.docxRandi Krieg46.36KbJul 28th, 2016
Agriscience Project Description for Parents.docxRandi Krieg25.04KbJul 28th, 2016
Non-Traditional SAE Project Ideas.pptxRandi Krieg675.36KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Poster Example.pptxRandi Krieg40.66KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Visit Form.docRandi Krieg26KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project requirements for parents.docRandi Krieg62KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project Parent Verification.docRandi Krieg25.5KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project Plan Sheet 2015-16.docRandi Krieg31KbJul 28th, 2016
SAE Project Final.docRandi Krieg27.5KbJul 28th, 2016
ProgramDevelopmentMinutes6-30-16.docxKristina Knebel44.27KbJul 8th, 2016
June 27 2016.docxCheryl Thonney19.8KbJul 7th, 2016
6-28-16.docxCheryl Thonney15.89KbJul 7th, 2016
Parent Groups and ASB - Marty Fortin.pdfAnnette Weeks6.38MbJul 6th, 2016
Hanford Reactor B Tour.pdfAnnette Weeks4.31MbJul 6th, 2016
Grant Writing Presentation.pdfAnnette Weeks2.24MbJul 6th, 2016
Grant Writing Handouts.pdfAnnette Weeks3.31MbJul 6th, 2016
Community Needs Activity.pdfAnnette Weeks167.42KbJul 6th, 2016
Advisory Committees.pdfAnnette Weeks1.05MbJul 6th, 2016
Washington FSA Information.pdfAnnette Weeks835.26KbJul 6th, 2016
Service Learning Presentation.pdfAnnette Weeks2.66MbJul 6th, 2016
Service Learning Handouts.pdfAnnette Weeks3.7MbJul 6th, 2016
Ideas Unlimited - Goldendale.pdfAnnette Weeks474.16KbJul 6th, 2016
CTE Funding.pdfAnnette Weeks699.43KbJul 6th, 2016
2016 Planning & Policy 3-year Plan Update.docAnnette Weeks37.5KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Planning Policy Minutes 6-30-16.docxAnnette Weeks50.02KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Planning Policy Minutes 6-28-16.docxAnnette Weeks51.37KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Planning and Policy Committee Agenda.docxAnnette Weeks13.11KbJul 3rd, 2016
2015 Planning Policy Minutes 6-23-15.docAnnette Weeks119.5KbJul 3rd, 2016
WAAEConstitutionUpdateRev2013.draft.docAnnette Weeks21.45KbJul 3rd, 2016
2014 Planning Policy Minutes 7-2-14.docAnnette Weeks105KbJul 3rd, 2016
2014 Planning Policy Minutes 6-30-14.docxAnnette Weeks53.5KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Program Development Minutes 6-28-16.docxAnnette Weeks58.2KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Program Development Agenda.docxAnnette Weeks14.21KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 - 3 year Plan Program Development Update.docxAnnette Weeks19.88KbJul 3rd, 2016
2015 WAAE Program Development Committee Minutes June 25th.docxAnnette Weeks126.15KbJul 3rd, 2016
2015 WAAE Program Development Committee Minutes June 23rd.docxAnnette Weeks130.63KbJul 3rd, 2016
2014 Prog Dev Minutes 7-2-14.docAnnette Weeks49.94KbJul 3rd, 2016
2014 Prog Dev Minutes 6-30-14.docAnnette Weeks55.97KbJul 3rd, 2016
WAAE Budget&Finance 3-year Plan.docAnnette Weeks35KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Budget and Finance Committee Minutes.docxAnnette Weeks44.93KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Finance Committee Agenda.docxAnnette Weeks13.29KbJul 3rd, 2016
2014 Budget Finance Minutes 7-2-14.docAnnette Weeks117KbJul 3rd, 2016
2014 Budget Finance Minutes 6-30-14.docAnnette Weeks115.5KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 WAAE Member Services Committee Minutes.docxAnnette Weeks52.6KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016- WAAE Member Services 3-year Plan Update.docAnnette Weeks34KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Membership Services Agenda.docxAnnette Weeks13.04KbJul 3rd, 2016
2015 Member Services Minutes 6-23-15.docAnnette Weeks130.5KbJul 3rd, 2016
2014 Member Services Minutes 7-2-14.docAnnette Weeks111.5KbJul 3rd, 2016
2014 Member Services Minutes 6-30-14.docAnnette Weeks132KbJul 3rd, 2016
FFA Committee Minutes Jun 2014.docAnnette Weeks36.5KbJul 3rd, 2016
FFA Committee Meeting Jun 16 2016.docxAnnette Weeks25.05KbJul 3rd, 2016
WAAE Summer Conference Legislative Minutes 7-2-14.docxAnnette Weeks47.28KbJul 3rd, 2016
WAAE Summer Conference Legislative Minutes 6-30-14.docxAnnette Weeks48.23KbJul 3rd, 2016
WAAE Summer Conference Legislative Minutes 6-25-15.docxAnnette Weeks43.89KbJul 3rd, 2016
WAAE Summer Conference Legislative Minutes 6-23-15.docxAnnette Weeks43.43KbJul 3rd, 2016
WAAE Legislative 3-year Plan 2016 Update.docxAnnette Weeks16KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Legislative Committee Minutes.docxAnnette Weeks51.76KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Legislative Committee Agenda.docxAnnette Weeks13.22KbJul 3rd, 2016
Tissue Culture Workshop.pdfAnnette Weeks1.14MbJul 3rd, 2016
Volunteer Resource Inventory - EDITABLE.pdfAnnette Weeks333.56KbJul 3rd, 2016
Summer Conference Print Update from Ben Meyer.pdfAnnette Weeks763.61KbJul 3rd, 2016
Steps to Obtaining Tax-Exempt Status.pdfAnnette Weeks465.23KbJul 3rd, 2016
How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate.pdfAnnette Weeks321.39KbJul 3rd, 2016
D is for Delegation.pptxAnnette Weeks456.89KbJul 3rd, 2016
2016 Framework Resources from Becky Wallace.docxAnnette Weeks11.21KbJul 2nd, 2016
WSSLS - NGSS 7-12 Standards.docxAnnette Weeks769.25KbJul 2nd, 2016
Washington Career and Technical Education.docxAnnette Weeks22.26KbJul 2nd, 2016
Template 2016.docAnnette Weeks275KbJul 2nd, 2016
Performance Assessment Alignment.docxAnnette Weeks51.14KbJul 2nd, 2016
P21_Framework_Definitions.pdfAnnette Weeks131.87KbJul 2nd, 2016
OSPI-CTEBlankCourseFrameworkTemplate (1).docAnnette Weeks275KbJul 2nd, 2016
NGSS in Frameworks.docAnnette Weeks76KbJul 2nd, 2016
NGSS breakdown.docxAnnette Weeks1.22MbJul 2nd, 2016
Leadership Equivalency Template.docxAnnette Weeks78.39KbJul 2nd, 2016
Leadership Alignment Resource.docxAnnette Weeks51.39KbJul 2nd, 2016
FRAMEWORKS.pptxAnnette Weeks8.78MbJul 2nd, 2016
Framework Resource Document (2).docAnnette Weeks287KbJul 2nd, 2016
Framework Resource Companion.docxAnnette Weeks46.84KbJul 2nd, 2016
Framework FAQ.docxAnnette Weeks46.78KbJul 2nd, 2016
Ed Tech Standards 9-12.docAnnette Weeks485.5KbJul 2nd, 2016
EALRandCommonCoreforFramework.docxAnnette Weeks41.12KbJul 2nd, 2016
2016-17 CIP Code Chart.xlsxAnnette Weeks98.06KbJul 2nd, 2016
2016 AFNR Standards.pdfAnnette Weeks1.66MbJul 2nd, 2016
Floral CDE Workshop.pptxAnnette Weeks656.12KbJul 2nd, 2016
Floral CDE Workshop.pptxTamara Whitcomb660.75KbJul 2nd, 2016
Dist IV Calendar 16-17.xlsxCarol Travis17.24KbJun 30th, 2016
Proficiency Application Tips 2016.pptxAdam Corum78.36KbJun 20th, 2016
WAAE Spring Exec Minutes 2016-Corrected.docxAdam Corum87.12KbMar 7th, 2016
pasco2015.jpgRainey McKeirnan503.76KbOct 19th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_29_09_Pro - Copy.jpgRainey McKeirnan442.88KbOct 17th, 2015
pasco floral cde results october 17 2015.xlsxRainey McKeirnan39.14KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_26_23_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan379.92KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_16_44_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan369.95KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_28_35_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan372.64KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_16_39_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan320.8KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_28_33_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan368.53KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_27_49_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan395.08KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_27_47_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan406.93KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_27_38_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan358.25KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_27_37_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan399.32KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_27_01_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan396.73KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_27_00_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan370.88KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_26_24_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan379.14KbOct 17th, 2015
WP_20151017_13_29_09_Pro.jpgRainey McKeirnan442.88KbOct 17th, 2015
WAAE Fall Exec 2015 Minutes.docxAdam Corum17.99KbOct 6th, 2015
Floriculture Operations Manual 2015-16.xlsxRainey McKeirnan389.09KbOct 5th, 2015
Washington State Agriculture Teacher Mentor Handbook.pdfTamara Whitcomb844.5KbSep 1st, 2015
2015 WAAE Conference Thursday Minutes.docxAnnette Weeks15.17KbJul 12th, 2015
2015 WAAE Conference Tuesday Minutes.docxAnnette Weeks16.15KbJul 12th, 2015
2015 WAAE Conference Monday Minutes.docxAnnette Weeks14.9KbJul 12th, 2015
National Chapter App Workshop.pptxTamara Whitcomb82.19KbJun 27th, 2015
designmatrix.rtfDusti Nash51.71KbJun 26th, 2015
designmatexp.rtfDusti Nash65.93KbJun 26th, 2015
checkpointoverview.rtfDusti Nash85.3KbJun 26th, 2015
HomecomingMums.docxDusti Nash741.29KbJun 26th, 2015
WAAE 2015 meeting R2.pptxDusti Nash14.92MbJun 26th, 2015
IMG_0156.JPG - Artificial InseminationDusti Nash1.57MbJun 26th, 2015
IMG_0152.JPGDusti Nash1.14MbJun 26th, 2015
Metal Rose Template.docxDusti Nash418.27KbJun 26th, 2015
finished rose.jpgDusti Nash41.92KbJun 26th, 2015
InquiryWorkshop Powerpoint.pptxDusti Nash5.15MbJun 26th, 2015
Volunteer Resource Inventory.pdfDusti Nash178.93KbJun 26th, 2015
Affiliate Impact Form.pdfDusti Nash49.62KbJun 26th, 2015
Affiliate Impact Excel Form.xlsxDusti Nash59.43KbJun 26th, 2015
Student Tracking- Blank Document.xlsDusti Nash32KbJun 26th, 2015
Excel Tracking- Example Document.docDusti Nash276KbJun 26th, 2015
WAAE Conference 2015 Group Activity (1).docxDusti Nash13.83KbJun 26th, 2015
WAAE Conference 2015 Cow to Cougar Gold.docxDusti Nash77.57KbJun 26th, 2015
Steps to Obtaining Tax-Emempt Status.pdfDusti Nash1.06MbJun 26th, 2015
New Alumni Chartering Form.xlsxDusti Nash47.82KbJun 26th, 2015
How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate.pdfDusti Nash321.39KbJun 26th, 2015
Steps to Obtaining Tax-Emempt Status.pdfDusti Nash1.06MbJun 26th, 2015
How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate.pdfDusti Nash321.39KbJun 26th, 2015
New Alumni Chartering Form.xlsxDusti Nash47.82KbJun 26th, 2015
Proficiency_App_Worksheet.pdfDusti Nash895.62KbJun 26th, 2015
prof_app_bestpractices.pdfDusti Nash137.63KbJun 26th, 2015
Proficiency Award Application Tips 2015-Revised.pptxDusti Nash189.55KbJun 26th, 2015
Entr_and_Placement_Proficiency_Final_Rubrics.pdfDusti Nash519.68KbJun 26th, 2015
Combined_Proficiency_Final_Rubrics.pdfDusti Nash510.52KbJun 26th, 2015
WAAE Precision Exams.pptxDusti Nash1015.99KbJun 26th, 2015
Scoring Rubric.pdfDusti Nash477.76KbJun 26th, 2015
Presentation Tips FAQs.pdfDusti Nash20.24KbJun 26th, 2015
Presentation Information.pdfDusti Nash261.64KbJun 26th, 2015
NC Scantron.pdfDusti Nash157.39KbJun 26th, 2015
nca_rubric.pdfDusti Nash106.95KbJun 26th, 2015
Nationals Judging Tips.pdfDusti Nash303.53KbJun 26th, 2015
Mt. Baker NCA Example Activities.pdfDusti Nash2.93MbJun 26th, 2015
FFA National Chapter Application Review Process.pdfDusti Nash185.92KbJun 26th, 2015
WhatDoYouKnow.docxDusti Nash38.81KbJun 26th, 2015
MAKE YOUR OWN GMO.docxDusti Nash14.66KbJun 26th, 2015
GMOsLookUp.docxDusti Nash16.12KbJun 26th, 2015
GMOPerceptionsSurvey.docxDusti Nash37.09KbJun 26th, 2015
GMO Video Resources.docxDusti Nash13.66KbJun 26th, 2015
GMO Informational Pamphlet.docxDusti Nash103.91KbJun 26th, 2015
GMO Graphic Org.docxDusti Nash47.33KbJun 26th, 2015
Franken Food or the Future.docDusti Nash90KbJun 26th, 2015
Aseptic Technique.pptxDusti Nash122.14KbJun 26th, 2015
BioTechTimeline.docxDusti Nash196.9KbJun 26th, 2015
Review Activity Resources.pdfLori Sanderson2.25MbJun 22nd, 2015
CASE_Lab_Quest_Cart_Holder.dxfMatt Kline3.55KbJun 22nd, 2015
What is CTE.pdfDan Tedor396.3KbJun 22nd, 2015
WAAE Leg Com SC.docxDan Tedor14.69KbJun 22nd, 2015
Recruitment Packet.pdfDan Tedor2.57MbJun 22nd, 2015
Getting Involved in the Leg Process.pdfDan Tedor16.32MbJun 22nd, 2015
CTE Funding 6-4-15.pdfDan Tedor442.21KbJun 22nd, 2015
2015 Legislative Focus.pdfDan Tedor372.88KbJun 22nd, 2015
Organizing Your CASE Materials.pptxMatt Asplund9.25MbJun 19th, 2015
CASE Supply lists.xlsxMatt Asplund125.98KbJun 18th, 2015
Proficiency Pin Tracking Sheet.docMatt Asplund29KbJun 18th, 2015
CDE Pin Tracking Sheet.docMatt Asplund28.5KbJun 18th, 2015
Certificates Template.pptxMatt Asplund174.79KbJun 18th, 2015
Making Paperwork Easier.pptxMatt Asplund1.11MbJun 18th, 2015
Website Favorites.docxTamara Whitcomb13.07KbMay 23rd, 2015
Mount Baker FFA Const.pdfTamara Whitcomb202.43KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA DUE DATES 2013.xlsxTamara Whitcomb9.37KbMay 23rd, 2015
Year in Review 2011-12.pdfTamara Whitcomb5.04MbMay 23rd, 2015
New Member Postcard.pubTamara Whitcomb136KbMay 23rd, 2015
Mt. Baker POA 2012-2013.docxTamara Whitcomb65.52KbMay 23rd, 2015
Chapter Activity Chart 2012-2013.docTamara Whitcomb53KbMay 23rd, 2015
Work Schedule.xlsTamara Whitcomb27KbMay 23rd, 2015
Table Numbers.docTamara Whitcomb22KbMay 23rd, 2015
Plant Sale Receipt.docTamara Whitcomb26.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Plant Sale Press Release.docTamara Whitcomb25KbMay 23rd, 2015
Plant Sale Hours.docTamara Whitcomb81KbMay 23rd, 2015
Plant Sale Flyer.pubTamara Whitcomb150KbMay 23rd, 2015
Not for Sale.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Gift Certificate.pubTamara Whitcomb121KbMay 23rd, 2015
Gift Certificate.pdfTamara Whitcomb316.32KbMay 23rd, 2015
District Newsletter Article.docTamara Whitcomb25KbMay 23rd, 2015
Custom Planting Order Form.docTamara Whitcomb32KbMay 23rd, 2015
Custom Container Invoice.docTamara Whitcomb39KbMay 23rd, 2015
Your FFA Interests.docTamara Whitcomb24KbMay 23rd, 2015
Why did you want to be an officer.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
What are you passionate about.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Time Management.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Strengths and Weaknesses.docTamara Whitcomb24KbMay 23rd, 2015
Specific Duties_Officers.docTamara Whitcomb35.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Speaking at a Meeting.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Quote Reflection Activity.docTamara Whitcomb24KbMay 23rd, 2015
Possible Additions to Program of Activities.docTamara Whitcomb25.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Officer Strengths and Weaknesses.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Officer Retreat Schedule.docTamara Whitcomb29KbMay 23rd, 2015
Officer Retreat Reflection.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Officer Retreat Agenda 2012.docTamara Whitcomb28KbMay 23rd, 2015
Mt. Baker Code of Conduct.docTamara Whitcomb26KbMay 23rd, 2015
Mount Baker Chapter Goals.docTamara Whitcomb24.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Individual Goals.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
If my FFA jacket could talk.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
How Do You Deal With Stress.docTamara Whitcomb26.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
How can we improve our chapter.docTamara Whitcomb22KbMay 23rd, 2015
Golden Rules of Giving Criticism.docTamara Whitcomb29.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Contributions to chapter.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Communicating Effectively.docTamara Whitcomb24KbMay 23rd, 2015
Chapter Officer Contract.docTamara Whitcomb24KbMay 23rd, 2015
Chapter Goals.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Being a Role Model.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Being a Role Model - FFA.docTamara Whitcomb23.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Young Member.pdfTamara Whitcomb100.05KbMay 23rd, 2015
Teacher Turn the Key.pdfTamara Whitcomb82.89KbMay 23rd, 2015
Oustanding Teacher 2013.pdfTamara Whitcomb4.92MbMay 23rd, 2015
Ziegler Scholarship.pdfTamara Whitcomb16.02KbMay 23rd, 2015
webpermissionform.pdfTamara Whitcomb45.19KbMay 23rd, 2015
Trapshooting Information.pdfTamara Whitcomb14.35KbMay 23rd, 2015
Summer_2006_Letter.pdfTamara Whitcomb208.04KbMay 23rd, 2015
Student Medical Consent Form for State Convention.pdfTamara Whitcomb14.36KbMay 23rd, 2015
State FFA Degree Eligibility Req Form.pdfTamara Whitcomb21.69KbMay 23rd, 2015
Sponsorship Brochure.pdfTamara Whitcomb61.71KbMay 23rd, 2015
Sponsor Information for Lynden.pdfTamara Whitcomb20.63KbMay 23rd, 2015
Specific Duties_Officers.pdfTamara Whitcomb30.64KbMay 23rd, 2015
Sample Thank you letter to supporters.pdfTamara Whitcomb11.07KbMay 23rd, 2015
sae_expbrochure.pdfTamara Whitcomb1.26MbMay 23rd, 2015
Rotation Application.pdfTamara Whitcomb11.05KbMay 23rd, 2015
Rotation Agreement.pdfTamara Whitcomb17.2KbMay 23rd, 2015
QASwine.pdfTamara Whitcomb1.03MbMay 23rd, 2015
Puget Sound Junior Livestock Show and Sale.pdfTamara Whitcomb209.62KbMay 23rd, 2015
Personal Conduct Agreement for State Convention.pdfTamara Whitcomb17.23KbMay 23rd, 2015
Parly Meeting Handbook.pdfTamara Whitcomb28.77KbMay 23rd, 2015
parent letter.pdfTamara Whitcomb196.99KbMay 23rd, 2015
Mount Baker FFA Const.pdfTamara Whitcomb33.41KbMay 23rd, 2015
Jacket instructions.pdfTamara Whitcomb11.92KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA_About FFA_Ag and FFA Statistics.pdfTamara Whitcomb135.2KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Transportation.pdfTamara Whitcomb62.31KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Points system.pdfTamara Whitcomb12.05KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Permission and Liability Waiver Version 2.0.pdfTamara Whitcomb86.85KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Officers_06.pdfTamara Whitcomb15.44KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Jacket Ordering Instructions.pdfTamara Whitcomb762.45KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Interest Survey.pdfTamara Whitcomb30.76KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Info.pdfTamara Whitcomb48.67KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Creed.pdfTamara Whitcomb19.56KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Barn Agreement.pdfTamara Whitcomb11.44KbMay 23rd, 2015
Fair parent pig letter.pdfTamara Whitcomb198.42KbMay 23rd, 2015
Fair Overnight Agreement.pdfTamara Whitcomb9.33KbMay 23rd, 2015
deg_greenhand_app.pdfTamara Whitcomb21.24KbMay 23rd, 2015
deg_chapterapp.pdfTamara Whitcomb23.83KbMay 23rd, 2015
Cover.pdfTamara Whitcomb69.57KbMay 23rd, 2015
Contract for Fair.pdfTamara Whitcomb381.28KbMay 23rd, 2015
ChptOfficerApp2.pdfTamara Whitcomb14.62KbMay 23rd, 2015
Career Development Events.pdfTamara Whitcomb67.46KbMay 23rd, 2015
Brochure.pdfTamara Whitcomb132.73KbMay 23rd, 2015
Booster Scholarship.pdfTamara Whitcomb15.88KbMay 23rd, 2015
Ag Teacher Responsibilities.pdfTamara Whitcomb14.36KbMay 23rd, 2015
2006-2007 Calendar.pdfTamara Whitcomb101.3KbMay 23rd, 2015
2006 State Officer Application.pdfTamara Whitcomb145.65KbMay 23rd, 2015
Items to Bring to State-2013.docTamara Whitcomb22.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Floral in State Permission Slip.docTamara Whitcomb31.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA State Convention Schedule.docxTamara Whitcomb10.89KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA State Convention Information -2013.docTamara Whitcomb31.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
FFA Medical&Transp Release 2013.pdfTamara Whitcomb89.57KbMay 23rd, 2015
Convention Conduct Agreement.pdfTamara Whitcomb567.97KbMay 23rd, 2015
Officer Installation Ceremony.docTamara Whitcomb25.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Invitation -2013.docTamara Whitcomb73.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Honorary Degree Ceremony.docTamara Whitcomb24KbMay 23rd, 2015
Banquet Sign-in Sheet.xlsTamara Whitcomb36KbMay 23rd, 2015
Banquet Program 2013.pubTamara Whitcomb115.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Why are we here.docxTamara Whitcomb9.86KbMay 23rd, 2015
Jacket Check-out.docTamara Whitcomb51KbMay 23rd, 2015
Ag Teacher Responsibilities - 2012-2013.xlsxTamara Whitcomb11.12KbMay 23rd, 2015
Guidelines for Vocational Extended Day Contracts.docTamara Whitcomb27.5KbMay 23rd, 2015
Final Blank Form.xlsTamara Whitcomb119KbMay 23rd, 2015
Biology EOC Study Guide.pdfTamara Whitcomb983.93KbMay 23rd, 2015
Biology EOC Study Guide.docxTamara Whitcomb69.48KbMay 23rd, 2015
Biology EOC Letter.docxTamara Whitcomb12.8KbMay 23rd, 2015
March 2015 Meeting Written Reports.pdfAnnette Weeks247.25KbMar 9th, 2015
WAAE Spring Exec Meeting Minutes - 2015.docxAnnette Weeks28.3KbMar 9th, 2015
AG UPDATE Feb 2015.pdfMatt Asplund1.5MbMar 6th, 2015
2015 Conference Flyer - WAAE.pubMike Sheppard579.5KbFeb 5th, 2015
2015 Conference Flyer - WAAE.pdfMike Sheppard346.24KbFeb 5th, 2015
AG UPDATE Jan 2015.pdfMatt Asplund902.76KbJan 23rd, 2015
AG UPDATE December 2014.pdfMatt Asplund1.27MbJan 23rd, 2015
December 2014 Partyline.pdfAnnette Weeks1.45MbDec 31st, 2014
WA_ACTE Report.pdfAnnette Weeks1.43MbOct 18th, 2014
OSPI Report.pdfAnnette Weeks329.95KbOct 18th, 2014
FFA Executive Director Report.pdfAnnette Weeks207.31KbOct 18th, 2014
Committee Reports.pdfAnnette Weeks63.09KbOct 18th, 2014
Fall 2014 WAAE Exec Minutes.docxAnnette Weeks27.2KbOct 18th, 2014
AG UPDATE October 2014.pdfMatt Asplund1.23MbOct 7th, 2014
Partyline Oct_2014.pdfAnnette Weeks2.19MbOct 5th, 2014
2014 Summer Conference Session Minutes.docLiz Graaff68.5KbOct 2nd, 2014
AG UPDATE-Sept 2014.pdfMatt Asplund2.2MbSep 2nd, 2014
AG UPDATE-August 2014.pdfMatt Asplund1.41MbAug 4th, 2014
WAAE 2014 PL Assignment 2.docxLiz Graaff18.38KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 PL Assignment 1.docxLiz Graaff18.01KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 Pesticide Labels Quiz.pdfLiz Graaff1.94MbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 Area Measurement Lab.pptLiz Graaff251KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 - PL.pptxLiz Graaff342.04KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 IRT Assignment 1.docLiz Graaff31.5KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 Irrigation Scheduling.docLiz Graaff40.5KbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 - Water Scheduling.pptLiz Graaff3.54MbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE 2014 ACE.pptxLiz Graaff3.03MbJul 2nd, 2014
WAAE Legislative Advocacy Group.docxTodd Rightmire14.24KbFeb 28th, 2014
Ag Day Spring 2013_04 25 13_1576.jpgLiz Graaff88.9KbFeb 24th, 2014
IMG_0095.jpgTravis DeVore35.88KbFeb 12th, 2014
FFA Committee Minutes Oct 2013.docLiz Graaff44KbOct 28th, 2013
2013 Fall Exec Minutes.docxLiz Graaff41.22KbOct 28th, 2013
FloricultureOperationsManual13-14.xlsxGary Parkert225.38KbSep 23rd, 2013
NurseryLandscapeOperationsManual13-14.xlsGary Parkert922KbSep 23rd, 2013
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Expert List 2012.xlsRainey McKeirnan36.5KbJun 25th, 2013
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image.jpgLloyd Thompson89.93KbJun 23rd, 2013
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CS Field Trip- macros.jpgAmy Carpenter838.05KbJun 17th, 2013
May 2013 - Gardens & Sunflowers.jpgAmy Carpenter2.34MbJun 17th, 2013
Plant Sale 2013.jpgAmy Carpenter940.93KbJun 17th, 2013
ENVIROTHON 2013 Testing.jpgAmy Carpenter1.75MbJun 17th, 2013
ENVIROTHON 2013 Funny.jpgAmy Carpenter1.65MbJun 17th, 2013
BLS1.jpgAmy Carpenter737.01KbJun 17th, 2013
Flyer photo- March 2013.jpgAmy Carpenter897.9KbJun 17th, 2013
Open House 2012.jpgAmy Carpenter117.15KbJun 17th, 2013
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Sow Griz Nursing.JPGAllen Skoog2.92MbJun 10th, 2013
Sign-post Forest.JPGAllen Skoog2.97MbJun 10th, 2013
At the Arctic Circle.jpgAllen Skoog2.55MbJun 10th, 2013
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Rightmire college.jpgTodd Rightmire32.61KbJun 10th, 2013
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IMG_9189.JPGErica Whitmore5.6MbJun 7th, 2013
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